PPD Study: 145 Million Americans Will Lose Health Insurance Plans

The number of Americans who will lose their health insurance plans, according to the media reports, is wrong. Two articles in Forbes predicted health insurance cancellations for 93 million and 130 million (at least), respectively. People’s Pundit Daily has been predicting big numbers for weeks and, according to our numbers, the current media figures are
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Richard D. Baris

About Richard D. Baris

Richard D. Baris is the Senior Political Analyst at People's Pundit Daily, and the author of the must-read book on American political philosophy, Our Virtuous Republic: The Forgotten Clause in the American Social Contract. He is married to his beautiful wife, Laura Lee Baris, Producer and Assistant Editor at People's Pundit Daily, and they have two beautiful children. Blessed with both a boy and a girl, Rich is a former bad guy-turned-good only by the grace of the Almighty Creator.