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Saturday, February 24, 2018

I am inclined to agree with at least some of Daniel Henninger’s argument for a GOP spokesman. Regardless of the lame-stream media’s attempt to focus on Rubio’s desire to quench his thirst, main-stream Americans responded to his message following the State of the Union address. In Constructed Delusions and the Eradication of Liberty, I argued that Democrats play by a different set of rules than Republicans. Our political playbook needs to updated so Democrats stop running circles around us. I don’t like the idea of reconciling the same gutter politics found in the Democratic National Committee either but, the Constitution can’t defend itself.

As President Obama is set to give his State of the Union address, conservatives pundits are kicking around whether or not he will give the left another wink and a nod as he did with his inaugural address. They have good reason to suspect that considering his track record. In past SOTU speeches, the president was called a liar in the middle of his sentence, and let’s not forget Justice Alito mouthing “not true.” There are two major considerations that conservatives are ignoring.

The devil is in the details. At least that is what I keep hearing. The announcement from the Senate that the bi–partisan coalition reached a principled agreement on immigration reform sparked a reaction that I must admit, puzzled me.

Ann Coulter wrote a column in which she described the proposal as a “Path to Oblivion” for the GOP. Ann and others claim this proposal is nothing less than total amnesty and cautioned conservatives that we will be sealing our electoral fate. Her alternative is, in essence, to wait until the political pendulum “swings” back to the right.