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Tuesday, June 18, 2019
HomeShotgun Republic
Shotgun Republic
Genre: Politics & Government
Publisher: CreateSpace
Publication Year: 2013
ASIN: 1482055856
ISBN: 9781482055856

What is the Second Amendment, and what role does it play in a civilized society? These questions and more are discussed by author Thomas Purcell.

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About the Book

Shotgun Republic deconstructs both the Second amendment, the legal reasons behind it and carefully examines the issues of the current gun control debate. The issues of gun control, universal background checks, restrictions and taxation on bullets and magazines as well as a short history of the 2nd Amendment’s reasons are in this thumbnail debate of the right to keep and bear arms. Why are restrictions being placed on arms when crime is at an all time low? How does the restrictions placed on magazine size infringe our rights to defend oneself? Why does a universal background check place our rights at risk? These questions and more are answered in this thumbnail guide to the 2nd Amendment.

Tom Purcell — host of Liberty Never Sleeps radio show — was born in Yonkers, NY and in 1968 was the youngest member of Mensa in the country at that time- and is to date, the highest tested individual in Mensa at that age. Educated at the University of California, Tom moved to Arizona after college in 1994, and went into the insurance business. After being a top agent for NY Life Insurance, he decided to become an independent broker in 2005 ( and is now a successful enterpreneur and author of the book, “The Conservative Chronicles”. He calls Surprise, AZ his home, where he does volunteer work for conservative issues around the state. Objective, funny and a candidly frank speaker, Tom is available for consultation and speaking engagements on subjects from politics to marketing.

About the Author
Thomas Purcell

Thomas Purcell is a syndicated columnist and the host of the popular radio show Liberty Never Sleeps. He is latest book "Shotgun Republic," is a discussion of the current gun control debate, covering the little-known history of the 2nd Amendment.

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