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Thursday, April 19, 2018
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West Virginia Republican Primary

34 Delegates Selection Primary Allocation: Tuesday 10 May 2016

Total total delegates – 10 base at-large / 9 re: 3 congressional districts / 3 party / 12 bonus.


wMountain State Polling Data

Poll Date Sample Trump Cruz Kasich Spread
PPD Average 4/22 - 5/2 -- 59.0 23.5 14.0 Trump +35.5
MetroNews 4/22 - 5/2 228 LV 57.0 25.0 14.0 Trump +32
PPP (D) 4/29 - 5/1 549 LV 61.0 22.0 14.0 Trump +39
MetroNews 2/11 - 2/16 159 LV 40.0 20.0 6.0 Trump +20
Poll Date Sample Trump Cruz Kasich Spread

(H/T GreenPapers) Tuesday 10 May 2016: All 34 of West Virginia’s delegates to the Republican National Convention are bound in today’s Presidential Primary. Each delegate candidate is individually listed on the ballot along with their presidential preference. The delegate candidate receiving the most votes in each contest is elected.

9 district delegates are directly elected on the primary ballot (3 delegates are elected in each of the state’s 3 Congressional Districts).

22 at-large delegates (10 at-large plus 12 bonus) are directly elected statewide. Of these 22 At-Large delegates that will be selected on the statewide ballot not more than 2 may come from the same county and only the 7 top vote-getters from each Congressional District that have been voted on by all Republican primary voters in the state, are elected as Delegates- among the 21 of these 22 not including the delegate-candidate with the most votes statewide; since the top vote-getting At-Large Delegate is immune to geographic restrictions (that is: the delegate-candidate with the most votes is elected outright in any event), he/she will not factor into the geographically-determined counts restricting the other 21 At Large Delegates. Please note that, despite these geographical restrictions, this system does allow, say, a voter in CD 3 to cast his/her vote for At-Large delegate-candidates in CD 1 or CD 2 and vice versa.

The 3 party leaders, the National Committeeman, the National Committeewoman, and the chairman of the West Virginia’s Republican Party, will attend the convention, by virtue of their position, bound to the candidate receiving the most votes statewide.

If any of the directly elected Delegates are unable to attend the convention, for any reason, then the next highest vote getter on the ballot shall be designated as the alternate.
The table below shows the raw election night vote only.

Worthing noting, delegates committed to candidates who have suspended their campaigns are free to support another candidate. These delegates to the Republican National Convention are under no obligation to vote for that candidate at the National Convention.