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Thursday, April 27, 2017
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2016 Louisiana Republican Primary

46 Delegates: Proportional (March 5, 2016)

Total delegates include 10 base at-large, 18 for 6 congressional districts, 3 party and 15 bonus.


Polling Data

PPD Average3/1 - 3/3----43.327.713.75.3Trump +15.6
Gravis3/3 - 3/31356 LV348. +17
University of New Orleans3/2 - 3/21874 LV2.338. +12
Trafalgar Group (R)3/1 - 3/21509 LV2.744. +18
Magellan Strategies (R)3/1 - 3/1609 LV3.941. +20

All 46 delegates to the Republican National Convention are allocated to presidential contenders on the day of the Louisiana Republican Primary. Of those, 18 District delegates, which breaks down to 3 from each of the state’s 6 Congressional Districts, are proportionally allocated to candidates according to the primary vote in each Congressional District.

Another 28 delegates–including 10 base at-large delegates, 15 bonus delegates and 3 party delegates–statewide are proportionally allocated to those candidates who receive 20% or more of the total statewide vote. The allocation is in proportion to the total statewide vote NOT the total vote of those candidates receiving 20% or more of statewide vote. The remaining delegates are unbound.