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Thursday, April 27, 2017
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2016 Maryland Republican Primary

38 Delegates: Winner-Take-All Closed Primary (April 26, 2016)

Total delegates include 10 base at-large, 24 for the 8 congressional districts, 3 party and 1 bonus. Read delegate allocation rules below polling table.


Old Line State Polling Data

PPD Average4/10 - 4/21----47.726.721.7Trump +21.0
Gravis4/21 - 4/21782 LV-- +29
PPP (D)4/15 - 4/17310 LV5.743.029.024.0Trump +14
Monmouth4/10 - 4/12301 LV5.747.027.019.0Trump +20
NBC 4/Marist4/5 - 4/9368 LV5. +12
Wash Post/Univ. of Maryland3/30 - 4/3283 LV7.541.031.022.0Trump +10
Baltimore Sun/Univ. of Baltimore3/4 - 3/8400 LV4.934.018.025.0Trump +9
Gonzales Research1/11 - 1/16301 RV5.832.00.015.0Trump +17
Baltimore Sun/Univ. of Baltimore11/13 - 11/17307 LV5.623.04.010.0Carson +4

Latest 2016 Maryland Republican Primary polls and aggregate average. All 38 delegates in The Old Line State sent to the Republican National Convention are allocated to presidential candidates based on the results of the winner-take-all Maryland Republican Primary. [Resolutions 2., 3., and 4.]

  • 24 district delegates are to be allocated to presidential contenders based on the primary results in each of the 8 congressional districts: each congressional district is assigned 3 National Convention delegates and the presidential contender receiving the greatest number of votes in that district will receive all 3 of that district’s National Convention delegates. The National Convention District delegates are directly elected on the primary ballot. Each voter chooses up to 3 delegates and the 3 highest vote getters are elected.
  • 14 at-large delegates (10 base at-large delegates plus 1 bonus delegates plus 3 RNC delegates) are to be allocated to the presidential contender receiving the greatest number of votes in the primary statewide.