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Wednesday, October 16, 2019
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In a recent survey, Gallup found that Americans still rate the Republican Party – 39% – less favorably than the Democratic Party – 46%. However, both parties’ favorability ratings are down from November 2012, just after the presidential election. The Democrats’ favorability rating dropped more, down from 51%, which was a post-election bump just after President Barack Obama won re-election. Even though Americans’ ratings of the Democratic Party clearly show that bump is over, their views of the GOP are the lowest since May of 2010.

Rasmussen aside, many pollsters attempt to measure Americans’ views on economic fairness. Not only is it the case that they are usually wrong, but they are incredibly misleading because the measurements are simply too superficial. This has been a phenomena that the Democrats have long been able to capitalize on, and the GOP consistently underestimates; only to find on election day – much to their surprise – that they have been thumped.