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Saturday, July 20, 2019
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Why am I not surprised? Normally, I would conclude that this is nothing more than an overblown book launch, but I am familiar with Ed Klein and even more importantly, I know some of the earlier claims to be true. Thus, it does not surprise me in the least to hear the revelation that Obama and Bill Clinton struck a deal, which included Bill Clinton saving Obama from election defeat and Obama making a promise that he did not intend to keep.

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Commentary From The Blogger: President Obama, in an effort to distract from the recent trifecta of scandal, delivered a foreign policy speech just one day after a British soldier was just about decapitated a few yards from his post in broad daylight. In passing, the soldier leaves a young wife alone with their 2 year-old son; however, President Obama denies a War on Terror – if that is even a proper understanding – so there is no wonder that the American people felt much safer from Islam under President Bush than they do Barack Obama.

Last quarter GDP revisions are in, and they are not good. The economy grew at an anemic 0.1% as opposed to earlier estimates of -.01%. As President Obama campaigns around the country with his message of “scarequestration,” he has been warning that the economy could experience losses totaling over 700,000 jobs. Curiously, that figure is strikingly similar to the Ernst & Young study warning Obama’s tax hikes would cause approximately 710,000 Americans to lose their jobs. Hmm?

I am inclined to agree with at least some of Daniel Henninger’s argument for a GOP spokesman. Regardless of the lame-stream media’s attempt to focus on Rubio’s desire to quench his thirst, main-stream Americans responded to his message following the State of the Union address. In Constructed Delusions and the Eradication of Liberty, I argued that Democrats play by a different set of rules than Republicans. Our political playbook needs to updated so Democrats stop running circles around us. I don’t like the idea of reconciling the same gutter politics found in the Democratic National Committee either but, the Constitution can’t defend itself.