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Tuesday, June 6, 2023
HomeOpinionIs There Anything Kamala Harris Won’t Exploit for Political Gain?

Is There Anything Kamala Harris Won’t Exploit for Political Gain?

California Senator Kamala Harris, D-Calif., speaks during a committee hearing.
California Senator Kamala Harris, D-Calif., speaks during a committee hearing.
California Senator Kamala Harris, D-Calif., speaks during a committee hearing.

Please, spare us the fabricated tales of when you smoked weed in college, while listening to rappers who didn’t even record an album yet. Defenders, I’m sure she was replying to another interviewer who was not asking about her taste in music.

Nobody cares about youthful indiscretions involving weed use, and haven’t cared since Bill Clinton claimed he “didn’t inhale,” and then-candidate Barack Obama admitted he was a member of the “choom gang.”

It is more troubling for a candidate to demonstrate a complete lack of understanding of basic economics, or a propensity to obfuscate and prevaricate in the pursuit of political gain.

Claiming tax cuts and refunds are lower than in the previous years, is one such example. Ryan Ellis at the Washington Examiner explained without misdirection:

People may have gotten their tax cut in their weekly paychecks, and not as much from their usual tax refund. People who e-file this early (which means they have nothing more than wage income and simple financial and family setups) have received the bulk of their tax cut already in the form of higher take-home pay throughout the course of last year.

Kamala Harris’ blatant appeal to identity politics, specifically lighting a fire under black’s sensitivities, has no place in the Office of President of the United States.

Clearly, Team Harris has determined being a person of color will alone earn her the black vote in Southern primaries, and that she can pivot to whatever passes for a center among the radical progressive left.

For the record, she is not an African American with roots in the nation’s slavery history, but rather a woman of mixed East Indian and Jamaican heritage.

Her plan may very well succeed, as some polls suggest she is now in second place behind former Vice President Joe Biden. She is clearly the favorite among progressives in the media blogosphere and Twittersphere, and more importantly among leftwing opinion purveyors in Big Media.

If the exploitation of sectionalism, balkanization and racial animus were not enough to cause them to reconsider Senator Harris for the presidency, consider her repeated rush to judgements for blatant racial appeal.

When the alleged “attack” on Jussie Smollet was initially reported, she tweeted the following:

It was initially claimed and reported the “Empire” actor was attacked by people wearing MAGA hats who taunted him with racist and homophobic slurs, before putting a “lynching rope” around his neck and dousing him with a chemical agent “which may have been bleach.”

UPDATE: Jussie Smollet appears to have staged the attack. The Chicago Police Department has pushed back on elements of the report, though they raided the home of two actors of two Nigerian descent. At least one appeared on the show “Empire” as a stand-in.

Lynching is a dark and despicable part of our nation’s history, yet it is still not a federal hate crime. Passing a federal anti-lynching law must be a priority for this new Congress.

Surveillance cameras have shown no such attack.

But they did show Mr. Smollett eating a Subway sandwich subsequent to this alleged hate crime. He still refuses to turn over his cell phone to the police, after claiming he was using it during the attack.

Now, it may be that Mr. Smollet made the whole thing up, or it may turn out that his statements about what allegedly happened to him were correct.

But that is not the point.

The point is that a leading candidate for President of the United States used a totally unverified and racially-charged story for blatant political purposes, without first waiting for police confirmation.

That such a person could take this sort of rush-to-judgement attitude to the office of the presidency, is frightening. That such a person could use race to divide the nation when there has been a period of slow and steady healing, is morally criminal.

Kamala Harris must not win the presidency for the betterment of all races.

Written by
Contributing Columnist

M. Joseph Sheppard is an author and columnist who writes on politics and economics. Called "A Leading Pundit" by Newsmax, his articles have appeared and been cited on American Thinker, The Federalist, Time Out U.K. and numerous other venues.

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  • “Kamala Harris’ blatant appeal to identity politics, specifically lighting a fire under black’s sensitivities, has no place in the Office of President of the United States.” Maybe so but she would be in good company. That was Obama’s favorite political card: flaming so-called racial sensitivities. They are so-called because the vast majority of America is past the racial divide. It is only the lefties who keep it alive.
    Regarding the lynching law- why is that needed? I was not aware that lynching have been happening lately. I suppose some want it as a means of demonstrating, for the record, how they could not abide with this happening. Just more feel good gestures that really accomplish nothing.

  • Well CumAllah is a sl*t so no

    • Senator KamalaToe proudly slept her way into CA (D) politics, and leveraged her oral skills to get the open US Senate seat.

      She now thinks that she, like Oblamer, can skip out on her 1st term in the Senate and campaign to be President.

      America’s not ready to elect a s1ut to be President.

  • We’ve established what she is, she’s just negotiating the price…

  • She’s a female Obama. Wait…can I say “she” and “female?” I mean, they is a theymale Obama.

  • The more hateful, divisive, and corrupt the Democrat…the better the odds the whole party will embrace them.

  • Tell me more about this “period of slow and steady healing”.

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