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Saturday, July 13, 2024
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Democratic Group HarrisonburgVOTES Registering Dead Voters in Virginia


Terry McAuliffe gestures as he talks with members of the House and Senate adjournment committee at the Capitol in Richmond. (Steve Helber/AP)

Rockingham County officials confirmed the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is looking into voter fraud after a Democratic group registered dead people in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Andrew Spieles, a James Madison University student and Democrat working for HarrisonburgVotes, confessed earlier this month that he submitted some 19 applications for deceased individuals.

The story was originally reported by The Breeze, a student newspaper. “He turned in 19 voters to the registrar [of] folks that were deceased,” a a source with HarrisonburgVOTES to The Breeze.

HarrisonburgVotes is run by Joe Fitzgerald, a prominent local Democrat and the chairman of his congressional district’s Democratic Committee.

“On August 15 I found out and on the 16 [the suspect] confessed to me,” said Mr. Fitzgerald, who is also the technology coordinator for the dean’s office of the College of Arts and Letters. “I contacted the police immediately to let them know what I knew.”

Republican lawmakers held a news conference call Thursday in an attempt to shed light on the fraud, which they said warrants their push for strong voter ID laws. People’s Pundit Daily has now reported on several instances of fraud, including in the battleground state of Colorado, which are appearing to be the tip of a potentially large iceberg.

“Often times we hear our Democrat colleagues suggest that voter fraud doesn’t exist in Virginia or is a myth,” said House Speaker William H. Howell, R-Stafford. “Well it does indisputably exist.”

The group’s Facebook page, which served as an indicator for their ideology and identified their party affiliation, was deleted Friday and their Twitter account feed was put on “protected” status, meaning it is now hidden from public view. The group’s blog is now marked private to hide the content.

Why are on Earth would a public voter registration effort be impossible to reach? Doesn’t that, well, defeat the point?

“If it hadn’t been for the vigilance of a citizen, this fraud effort may never have been uncovered until it was too late,” said Del. Mark L. Cole, R-Spotsylvania, who chairs the House Privileges and Elections Committee.

Technically, the fraudulent voters will remain registered as the investigation is carried out, but if her office receives an absentee ballot from one of the dead voters, it would react appropriately. Logan said she expects the State Board of Elections and her local electoral board will allow her to cancel the registrations before the Nov. 8 election.

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Led by R. D. Baris, the People's Pundit, the PPD Elections Staff conducts polling and covers news about latest polls, election results and election data.

Latest comments

  • @Ricky_Vaughn99 Corrupt FBI will likely make the fraud even worse.

  • Hmm… I thought Hillary had that state locked up though?

    • Va. is very regional. The”northern Virginia” area within commuting distance of DC is VERY extreme left. (In the past Arlington Va. has actually seen genuine American Socialist Party candidates pull double digit percentages of votes cast). And northern Virginia is very densely populated so it has a lot of votes. The rest of the state leans conservative.

  • The FBI is no longer trustworthy enough to investigate anything to do with politics, after letting the criminal Hillary off with no prison time.

    • Kentucky ,you are exactly right, This is not the FBI of Eliot Ness or Mr. Hoover fame. Now they are just as corrupt as the rest of the Washington Cartel and that will be James Comey’s legacy he has brought shame on his family and will be embarassed for the rest of his life and rightfully so. Hopefully when Mr. Trump takes office ,his Attorney General (Rudy Guiliani ) will prosecute and all who have cheated and lied and commited crimes against the Citizens of this Country will be held accountable and only then will we be on the road to recovery.

  • @Ricky_Vaughn99 @PPDNews That’s home of James Madison U. Maybe leftists professors. Sad if true.

  • certainly dont need ID cards to vote.. not at all.

  • I always wondered who great grandpa Willson would have voted for.

  • How many Democrat voter groups like HarrisonburgVotes,are out there doing this ALL over the USA?

    and when we see that the FBI is on this..we know that NOTHING will be done..they will say that there was NO intent of wrong doing

    Trump is right…it is a rigged system ..never more so than 2016

    and I see why..when Hillary loses in November …she will be prosecuted ..along with MANY Democrats ..her aides ..they have a lot to lose ..mainly their freedom

    I hope President Trump starts his witch hunt on his 1st day in office …burn them all down

  • Democratic party line (lie) – Voter fraud is a myth.

    Reality – There is a tremendous amount of voter fraud which Democrats are committing and covering up.

  • @Ricky_Vaughn99 @PPDNews throw those bastards in jail- trying to steal the election

  • Cue the democrat/liberal media complex to start shrieking that we must ignore yet another case of election fraud and to pretend it doesn’t exist.

  • Important relevant information omitted from the article; (and since this is the World Wide Web, and some readers may not know much about Virginia elections)

    Virginia does in fact have a voter ID law, though it is very weak. (“Weak” in that it is overly permissive as to what constitutes an “ID”, including many things that could easily be faked. There is a massive illegal alien population in Va. and a massive fake ID industry that serves it. (Several 9/11 hijackers obtained fake IDs through Virginian “fake ID for illegals” mills located in a “sanctuary county”))

    So, obviously, the guy submitting the fraudulent registration forms must have had a scheme for that.

  •   It has never been any secret why it is that Democrats oppose any measures to protect the integrity of the electoral process.  They have long been the side that expects and intends to benefit from voter fraud.

  • gee what a surprise….how anyone could ever vote Democrat is beyond me.

  • “I am not afraid of dying, as it is unfortunately inevitable. However, I am afraid of dying and coming back to vote Democrat”.


  • Thousands of fake votes for Hillary just found in a Columbus Ohio warehouse by janitor:

  • #2016TrumpPence To:Josh Lederman & Steve Peoples. About The Roanoke Times. front page. You people really make me mad! What in the Hell is up with the Media Bias, Help TRUMP Defeat Media Bias
    ,story in the paper today. ” Democratic Group” HarrisonburgVOTES
    Registering Dead Voters in Virginia…type All of that in your flipping
    headlines. PLEASE RESPOND – I WOULD LOVE IT. However, you won’t as I do
    not subscribe to this piece of crap paper. The Roanoke Times printed a
    small story in the paper today and not once did they say it was a
    democratic group. Here is the WHOLE story . https://www.peoplespunditdaily.com/…/democratic…/

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