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Monday, August 15, 2022
HomeNewsPoliticsDonald Trump: “Crooked” Hillary Clinton as “Crooked as They Come”

Donald Trump: “Crooked” Hillary Clinton as “Crooked as They Come”


Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee, speaks at the Faith & Freedom summit on Friday June 10, 2016. (Photo: Facebook/Faith and Freedom Coalition)

Speaking at the Faith and Freedom summit Friday, Donald Trump ripped Hillary Clinton, calling her “as crooked as they come” and “unfit to be president.” He also slammed her for refusing to use the term “radical Islam” and handled multiple Code Pink hecklers before they were removed.

“Keeping people of faith safe from threats like radical Islam whether protecting them here, all of it needs to be confronted together, the threat of radical Islam. We have to do it,” Mr. Trump said to applause in Washington, D.C. “Now Hillary Clinton, or as I call her crooked Hillary Clinton, she’s crooked as they come. Refuses to say the words ‘radical islam.’ This alone makes her unfit to be president.”

As PPD just reported, recently obtained emails reveal Mrs. Clinton apparently appointed an unqualified major Clinton Foundation donor to the board of a sensitive national security advisory panel. It is the latest revelation that reenforces the appearance and belief that the Clintons use public service for personal financial and professional gain.

Trump was then interrupted and heckled several times by members of the radical group Code Pink protestors.

“A little freedom of speech please. Very rude, but what are you going to do? Thank you, darling, I appreciate it,” he said before they were escorted out. “Very, very sad. What’s happening in our country right now is very sad. It’s such a shame. And by the way these are professional agitators, folks. They come in. They’re sent here by the other party.”

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Latest comment

  • Dear Donald: Stop acting stupid. I follow the polls very closely. In August of last year prior to your rant against Megyn Kelly, a fairly innocent female Fox news reporter, some national polls were showing you at 2 points behind Hillary Clinton. Within a month of your disgusting rant against Megyn Kelly, those same polls were showing you then at 16 points behind Hillary Clinton. Yes, you survived those Republican primaries because your Republican opponents were essentially politically anemic. Those Republican opponents, even with the good credentials they had, were correctly perceived as want-to-bees by the world and not really being Presidential material ready to take on the job. You are Presidential material and everybody on this planet from Vladimir Putin knows it.

    Hillary Clinton despite her lies, despite her corruption, despite the fact that she should be indicted and found guild of violating the nation’s Espionage Act as well as a consistent pattern of violating other laws and other criminal acts compromising the rights, lives, and liberty of many other human beings in our society for decades now is also correctly perceived as Presidential material. Laws for us are for Hillary Clinton an annoyance that she just can’t be bothered with. She too can lead this nation.

    Millions of dollars and votes later, here at the beginning of 2016 June FINALLY Donald Trump was leading in those same polls nationally AGAIN against Hillary Clinton by two points. Then stupid, foolish, idiotic Donald Trump blows it, has yet another tantrum this time against a sitting Federal Judge, and suddenly Donald Trump is AGAIN two to three points behind Hillary Clinton in the Presidential race. All those votes, all that money, and all that time appears to have been completely wasted.

    What a surprise? No, Donald this was no surprise at all. Donald, for a wise guy, you appear at the same time to be a complete idiot. You’re not getting this. The Bible clearly states this (Matthew 15:11) “Not what goes into the mouth defiles a man, but what comes out of the mouth, this defiles a man.” You, no one else, defiles Donald Trump. Maybe the American people will forget and forgive you yet another time. But Donald, you are running out of chances and running out of time. Try to at least to learn something into that thick head of yours. For God’s sake, use a teleprompter. You have all the answers and that which is needed for our country. But otherwise, keep your foolish mouth shut and stay on message. The country does not need your opinions, but rather your leadership.

    If you don’t, not only will you loose the Presidency, but you will be condemning our entire country and the world yet again to living yet through another 8 more years of incompetent, corrupt Democratic leadership in our Presidency, and thus causing the continued decay of American civilization and leadership. Your success or failure as well as this nation’s success or failure is entirely in your hands.

    Love Pastor Burt.

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