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Tuesday, July 16, 2024
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Stand Up And Stand Your Ground Against Rev. Al Sharpton

Petition: Stand Up And Stand Your Ground Against Rev. Al Sharpton!

July 22 UPDATE: You may have noticed that the organized “rallies” in the name of “No Justice” did not turn out the way Rev. Al Sharpton & Co. had planned. In fact, it is a safe bet to declare the rallies a complete and utter failure. Still, we have more work to do. Today, I received an email from the Speaker of the House in Florida. I am encouraged to hear that the Florida House is in no rush, but certain language makes me a bit nervous. It was far from the pro-Second Amendment response that I heard from the Senate President. It reads as follows:

Mr. Richard Baris,
Thank you for your email regarding Florida’s Stand Your Ground law.  I appreciate hearing from you on this important subject.We all grieve that a tragedy has taken place and a Florida family lost their 17 year old son.  First and foremost, our prayers are with them.There’s no question that passions are strong right now as we try to understand what happened and why. As we respond, it is important we do not let our emotions force us to overreach legislatively.  We must learn the lessons of this tragic event and, with time for reflection, thoughtfully consider what should be done going forward.Know that the Florida House has shown a willingness to look at the laws governing the possession of firearms, and make adjustments when necessary.  Just this past session, the House addressed a better way to keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill.  The bill was signed by the Governor and it is now the law of the land.

As we have in the past, we will continue to review our laws and make any changes when necessary.

Thank you again for sharing your concerns.

Will Weatherford

July 20 UPDATE: Today I will be shadowing the rallies organized by Rev. Al Sharpton, which became violent last year in my city, to ensure that any further violence or denigration is documented and sent to Eric Holder, along with Florida officials. Please continue to share this petition with your friends and family. They are far more organized, have a great deal of money, and we must pick up the pace.

If you have any evidence of violence in your hometown, please send it to me through the Contact page.

UPDATE: While we garner more support as the days go on, we are not nearly far enough in our endeavor. Eric Holder has lawlessly ordered private property to remain under lock and key, despite Zimmerman being acquitted, and President Obama’s statements today were a slap in the face to federalism and American race relations. Today, during a surprise press conference, Obama said, “the outcome would have been different if he [Trayvon] was white.” The President of the United States has implied that Florida – a state that he won TWICE – is not beyond the era of Jim Crow. It was outrageous that the likes of Rev. Al Sharpton was influential enough to “demand” a circus trial that was aimed at convicting an innocent man. Nevertheless, they are unhappy with the verdict and now have move the goal post toward their ultimate goal: the persecution of an innocent man and the complete disarmament of law-abiding – liberty-loving – Americans.

Thank you for your support and I ask you to please share this petition!

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Why Gov. Rick Scott Did Not Change ‘Stand Your Ground’ Law

EARLIER UPDATES: Gov. Rick Scott and Senate President Dan Gaetz have assured us that “stand your ground” laws are not on the future legislative agenda in the state. However, it has been conceded that they are under a tremendous amount of pressure from the NAACP and local treacherous anti-Second Amendment groups. Please sign and share this petition with your family and friends to send a message to Eric Holder: We Will Stand Our Ground!

Original Post: I have been sounding the trumpet throughout the trial of George Zimmerman, and for the past few days been viciously attacked for defending Geraldo Rivera and the evidence of the case. The circus that was created by Rev. Al Sharpton, with the help of our own government, was a typical game plan out of the race-mongering playbook.

As I predicted, this was always about gun control, not the death of a young black American. Rev. Al Sharpton recently stated that “we always had a plan B,” but those who know “Al” know that was always his plan A. He is the middle man in a trilogy of “useful idiots” whose job is to keep the black community angry and downtrodden. In return, the despots – elitist black and white – allow him to amass wealth greater than 3 inner-city communities combined. They get to restrict the Constitution, he gets paid, and the black community gets bondage.

I have contacted the Florida Speaker of the House’s Office, the Senate President’s Office and Governor Rick Scott’s Office, all of which are now under tremendous political pressure to change a culture of laws that empower the individual citizen against their governments and each other. Rev. Al Sharpton is attacking a law that was wholly irrelevant in the case, and has incited violence all across the nation.

The progressive plantation has once again angered the black community to the point that they cannot see how they are being used. We must preach our message of freedom to everyone, but never can we allow the fear of labels to back us in to the neat little corner that the despotic left has trained the right to go whenever there is an issue of race.

They are well-funded, and have already amassed thousands of signatures. It is now time to Stand Your Ground!

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Petition: Stand Up And Stand Your Ground Against Rev. Al Sharpton!

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The Petition reads as follows:

The Rev. Al Sharpton & Co. have destroyed their last American life for profit and ambition. Those who participated in either the facilitation of or capitulation to political pressure have made clear that they have no moral objection to disgracing the memory of those who have died to establish and protect our nation of laws and liberties. It is unfortunate that our judicial system was infected by political forces who believe they are not bound by our constitutional system of government, but Lady Justice has spoken through the ultimate judicial authority of the people – the jury.

We the People will not allow one more corrupt prosecution – not one more assault on our rights of protection couched in false civil rights rhetoric – to undermine the rule of law that lays at the foundation of self-governance. No one person, party, or class of citizens shall ever be allowed to usurp the authority of a citizen jury, either directly or indirectly.

There is, without a doubt, a disproportionate amount of prosecution among minority American populations. However, we rightfully acknowledge that this is the natural result of the disproportionate unnatural suppression of economic opportunity and education by those, such as Rev. Al Sharpton and his political allies, who for too long have profited by keeping our fellow-Americans downtrodden.

We the People demand that the Justice Department be consistent with the rule of law, as well as their own previous investigation conducted in 2012 clearing George Zimmerman of any and all accusations of racial profiling.

We further demand that no action be taken by the State of Florida that can be construed as an assault on our Second Amendment liberties as protected by the federal and state Constitutions. An attempt to rewrite and restrict the current self-defense laws, to include “Stand Your Ground,” will be construed as such an assault and is unacceptable to the people.

E. Pluribus Unum,

We the People

Petition: Stand Up And Stand Your Ground Against Rev. Al Sharpton!

No Financial Contribution Necessary To Sign Petition

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Rich, the People's Pundit, is the Data Journalism Editor at PPD and Director of the PPD Election Projection Model. He is also the Director of Big Data Poll, and author of "Our Virtuous Republic: The Forgotten Clause in the American Social Contract."

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