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Tuesday, August 9, 2022
HomePollsGravis: Donald Trump Soars to 40% in National Republican Nomination Poll

Gravis: Donald Trump Soars to 40% in National Republican Nomination Poll


Trump Now Way Out in Front in 2016 Republican Nomination Polls


Mobile, Alabama: Donald Trump meets with some 30,000 fans wearing shirts printed with his smiling face and holding ‘Mobile for Trump’ signs printed in red, white, and blue. (PHOTO: MARK WALLHEISER/GETTY IMAGES)

In the latest national Republican nomination poll conducted by Gravis Marking for One America News Network, frontrunner Donald Trump has hit the 40% mark. The survey marks the first time since any candidate–let alone the real estate mogul–has broken above the so-called 30% ceiling pundits have pegged him at.

“It’s surprising to see how fast Donald Trump has moved up in the polls since the debate,” Robert Herring, Sr., CEO of One America News Network said in a statement. “Claims by media that Trump peaked in July have proven to be false.”

The Donald’s support has increased nearly 10 percentage points in the crowded GOP field since the previous survey released July 31. Dr. Ben Carson, another political outsider in the race who won the Post GOP Debate Poll conducted by Gravis/OANN, as reported by PPD, has increased 7 points and moved into second with 13.0%.


Source: Gravis/OANN

Rounding out the top five and capturing a higher percentage of the GOP vote is Texas Sen. Ted Cruz at 7.0% and former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina with 5.2%. Fiorina has experienced the biggest jump moving from a previous 12th place, non-main stage debate position, into the top five. Three of the top five, namely Trump, Carson, and Fiorina, have never held office. In the latest poll, the top five candidates accounted for 75.3% of the vote, compared to 68.3% in the July 31 poll. Six candidates enhanced their result percentage (shown in green) while nine candidates dropped in their poll performance (shown in red).

When the Gravis/OANN survey is included, Trump now holds a commanding 16-point lead in the PPD average of Republican nomination polls with 26.5%.

“We’re seeing consolidation as the voters get more familiar with the candidates. Carson, Cruz, and especially Fiorina have some strong post-debate momentum,” Herring added. “Yet, we’re still very early in the process and history has proven that early leaders can fall.”

Gravis Marketing, a nonpartisan research firm, conducted a random survey of 3,567 registered voters across the U.S. regarding the presidential election. The poll has a margin of error of +/- 2%. The total may not equal exactly 100% due to rounding. The polls were conducted on August 21-22 using interactive voice response, IVR, technology and weighted separately for each population in the question presented.

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Written by
Data Journalism Editor

Rich, the People's Pundit, is the Data Journalism Editor at PPD and Director of the PPD Election Projection Model. He is also the Director of Big Data Poll, and author of "Our Virtuous Republic: The Forgotten Clause in the American Social Contract."

Latest comments

  • Trump’s support is on the rise! The embedded establishment are stroking out.

    • Long past time to shake it up. They’ve come to see this as just a money making operation like the NFL and NBA. They really don’t care who wins. They’re guaranteed to make money.

      • Good way to analogize your point. Thumbs up.

    • The more the media tries to tear him apart, the higher he goes in the polls! If I were in the media, I would start looking at myself. People simply do not have any faith, or trust, i

  • President Trump is a President to be proud of. It’s been a LONG time. Thank you President Trump.

    • It is still a long road to 2016 Victory.
      Trump can do it.
      Trump can do it.

      • Better said IS WE CAN DO IT!

  • Pretty sure I took this poll….yeah it was robo but well done. They had to test Hillary against every GOP candidate. LOL what a pain in the ass. So there was no time for poor ol Col Sanders.

    • Hildabeast is toast.

  • Go Trump. It is your election to lose.
    Trump/Carson 2016
    Take all the negative, personalized Big Media garbage as a training experience.

    • Again, not Carson. He is not ready for the big time. Nice guy, a great doctor, but not in the WH. As I stated above Surgeon General a good place for him to start and being in the Cabinet will be his learning lesson.

      • The VEEP needs to be Cruz. He is, by far, the most intelligent candidate left in the group. I think Trump can trust Cruz to be his right-hand man and Cruz will be “coming into his prime” – he will only be 53, should Trump serve two terms.

    • Carson has no business experience.
      What do you see in Carson ???
      I am going to let Trump pick his V.P.
      he doesn’t need my advice.

  • Trump is no more than a stalking horse for the Clintons, sent in to destroy the neo-con Cuckservative Republiscam Party. That’s all good. The Supreme Irony is that Obama is, once again, taking down Mrs. Clinton. Chaos impends. In the still-unlikely circumstance that Trump actually becomes Prez, do not expect him to him to fulfill any of his promises to control the border or get the illegals off our back. He belongs to Zionist Wall Street. Same as all the rest

    • Trump bought for? You are so wrong

      • Donald Trump is the first candidate who is being himself – like it or not !!! you see what
        you get…he’s brutally honest – but he’s a good guy – he knows what’s wrong (broken) with our system – if anyone can fix it – he will I hope for us and our country that he wins !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • Troll else where!

      • you can usually judge a man by the way he raised his kids. they never smoked. they never drank alcohol and never done drugs and they all work. go Trump

        • Yeah! sounds great but it sure can be boring.

    • you are big time WRONG on this buba. TRUMP ALL THE WAY TO THE WHITE HOUSE

  • I would have never believe it…but so far, the ONLY candidate that seems ruthless, cunning and…good to oppose PUTIN, is Donald Trump. I could not care less if he actually does the ‘good things’ in politics (who EVER does than anyway? They all promise it…they all fail to deliver). Trump deserves the presidency, because he’s simply too much of a sly fox to give in to somebody else (by the way, it will be a treat seeing him negotiating with Angela Merkel, ’cause she’s LIKE HIM…the others like Cameron, or Hollande…better send envoys if you still want to keep your shirts on boys :). And with Putin? They’re almost complete Antipodes with having two major things in common : both CORRUPT and both of them WANT TO WIN. This is what my country needs in order to survive in today’s economy, when the bull takes a 2.3 trillion $ [email protected] inside…6 days!
    And so far, Trump is the only candidate that has what it takes!

  • (1) “Illegal immigrants are thieves, rapists, murderers, they’re not good people . . . ”
    Mainstream media and RINO establishment: “Trump is finished!” . . . Polls: +5
    (2) “McCain is a “hero” because he was captured; I like the guys who were not captured!”
    Mainstream media and RINO establishment: “Trump is finished!” . . . Polls: +6
    (3) “Megyn Kelly had blood coming out of her eyes; out of her whereever!”
    Mainstream media and RINO establishment: “Trump is finished!” . . . Polls: +5
    (4) “Anchor Babies are NOT US Citizens; many legal experts agree.”
    Mainstream media and RINO establishment: “Trump is finished!” . . . Polls: +4
    (5) “Glad to have you back with us, Jorge! Now are you ready to have a respectful dialogue on illegal immigration?”

    Mainstream media and RINO establishment: “Trump is finished!” . . . Polls: +9

    • Love it !

    • BRian9999….Bullcrap, I hope he takes all 50 sataes in 2016. First one to admit the truth and let the people know as well, Go Trump Go

      • I believe Brian9999 is being sarcastic. The more the pundents try to attack Trump, the more obvious it is that they are full of lying crap. Americans are sick of that, and Trump is the ONLY one that can & WILL make our Country great again!

        • exactly paulyz, this is pure irony, he says these statements and the media say he’s finished……..NOT SO!!!!

      • Think that you misunderstood!! He showed that Trump GAINED not “finished”!!

      • Well look Mary, 8 up votes. 8 people with less reading comprehension than even you. You apparently didn’t realize that Brian is pro-Trump

      • Every time they attack Trump he goes up in the polls this is Brians point.

      • Sorry you did not comprehend my post, Mary. Trump 2016!

      • Now you should apologize. I”m am sure you will be forgiven.

    • Time to crawl back to the cave you came from. Wake up! The public is pissed at returning
      Politicians to serve.

      • Brian is pro-Trump

      • Sorry you did not comprehend my post, Bob. I’ll spare you a return-fire insult. Trump 2016!

      • You should apologize.

        • Truly sorry Brian.

          • You are forgiven and we still love you. I bet hearing that out of me made your day. If it actually did, you did not have much of a

          • Thanks Bob, I thought I would never see a heart felt apology on the internet.

        • I was out of line.

    • ok people what brian is saying is LOOK Trump said such and such and look at the polls results. Americans are not buying the Mass Media crapola. Yes, love it.

    • LOL! Looks like the Media is out of the Foretelling The Future Business. They could always go back to just reporting the news. Which is what they’re supposed to be doing.

    • Thanks for this Brian! Sharing on FB 🙂


  • Looks like a new culture in America, the old guard seems to be running on empty, the people don’t want these Political Rinos anymore.

    • Nor ANY democrat neither!!!

      • Right, not ANY Democrat/Socialist. At least the GOP still has a decent number of Conservatives. Trump would ensure a Conservative, Constitutional Leadership. Coukd even be the end of the Democrat Party when Americans see just how great we can be when we do the OPPOSITE of their BS.

      • We are sick and tired of the CLINTONS AND THE BUSHES. NO MORE CLINTONS, NO MORE BUSHES is now the people’s battle cry.

      • A Rino is a democrate in republican clothing

  • Trump 2016……0bama for prison.

    • Amen 100X

      • Obama deserves to be hung together with Hillary, they both have blood on there hands and had plans to slave the middle class population; Please vote no on Iran’s deal.

        • Preferably in the rain then we can all sing “Swinging in the Rain”!

    • I remember seeing a picture of Bibi in Israel during the 1967 war in uniform
      The picture next to that showed Obama sitting and smoking a joint.
      Yes send Obama to prison for lying and ruining this country.

    • Don’t forget Hillary…….

    • obama/hillary = handcuffs= traitors/treason. prison and no more tax payer dollars in their pockets. Make obama repay all monies he has given away and stuffed into his pockets, the let freedom kick his rear end out of our country.

  • Trump is the exact opposite of the phony POTUS that currently has hijacked our Wh. with the support of the looney left and welfare leeches.

  • With this percentage, there has GOT to be lefties for him, too. This couldn’t be just conservatives.

    • This percentage could be misleading. I assume that the Polls being talked about represent the Conservatives, some but not all Republicans, and most discouraging: almost no Democrats.
      Obama and his henchmen have carved out a voting block of immigrants that will out number all in favor of a non-Democratic Party led government.

      • NEVER Ass-u-me!!! I learned that a long time ago.

      • Illegals are not allowed to VOTE. ONLY US citizens are allowed and registered to vote. Green card holders, those with work permits are not allowed to vote.
        E-Verify all before giving a voter’s registration number. Count military votes first. NO early voting. All vote the same day. Make election day a holiday. Vote time is from 6am to 6pm. Start counting votes only when California or the west coast, completes their voting.

        Ban voting machines that could be rigged. Use paper ballots only with printed voter’s name and signature, verified and signed by voting clerk.
        Write-IN allowed in all primaries and the election day itself and for all positions.
        After voting, dip finger in Gentian Violet Ink to assure, the voter voted only once. Arrest those non-voters who intimidates would-be voters who are within 10 feet of the entrance or the voting place.
        No voting results announced before all states completed voting.
        The counting should be witnessed by all political parties and ballots signed off by voting clerk. Then record, manually.

        • Sounds good, however your writing DOES NOT represent the reality of our voting system because Fraud is present in many if not all states.
          Further, Obama has made it possible for many illegals to vote and our IDIOT Supreme Court judges prevented States from requiring a Voter ID (like all other countries in the western world).

        • you think all of that is going to happen?

    • I am an Independent for the last 6 years. I am also a 70 year old lady.
      I am for Trump. I was one of the first people to point out we finally
      need a businessperson in the White House and Congress instead of
      Career Politicians.

      • Good for you unique201, I’m 77 and I love Trump. We need him, he won’t take any crap from anyone. I know he’ll get this great country great again! God Bless America and God Bless Donald Trump.

        • will he save our social security, or housing? I have yet to hear him say anything about seniors and there retirement.

          • I’m curious Paul. How can you save a ponzi scheme that is on the brink of imploding? lol. However, Social Security will go on for years, all they have to do is keep jacking up the maximum taxable earnings limit for when it gets cut off. Back when I worked, it used to be that money you made after $82K no longer was taxed for SSI. Now the figure is $118,500, and it will keep getting higher until it includes salaries of millionaires and billionaires finally. Then it will implode once they are tapped out as well. Why such a limit exists is beyond me. And what about housing? What’s wrong with housing?

          • Stop the Ponzi scam. Grandfather those who are currently receiving benefits. Impose a private pension plan, an account in your name alone. Privately managed. Optional employer matching. This is similar to the Canadian Pension plan, 401k or 403b plans.

          • I don’t think that is the answer Paul was looking for. I agree. You know if the government hadn’t used the money that was supposed to be in the fund it might not be such a mess. Plus now there are a hundred different reasons that people can get SSI, which was not the original intention of the fund. The fund was to pay back to people who paid in after they retired (a little nest egg). I know a 23 year old freaky girl my daughter hangs with that thinks she’s a boy, is lesbian, is bi-polar, etc – collecting SSI. That’s not what it was for

          • The limits exists because the rich do not want to pay their fair share.

          • Paul Dragotto,
            First we need to see what the IMF is going to do about the Reserve Currency.
            Trump is not a mind reader. He is waiting to see what is happening in this
            country, China and the rest of the world.

          • And after you see all this whatever what are you going to do about it???????????

          • The Yuan was being considered for a place as a world currency, but IMF put off the decision for a year.

        • Thank you Toni..

        • I have no idea what he will do but I am sure it will be fun.

      • So many, SO MANY, are thinking the way you think unique201, including myself.

        • Thank you Bob.

      • Yeah. Did you notice, the recent poll shows the top two, TRUMP and CARSON are non-politico, meaning they have not held public office. Fiorina, another non-politico is catching up with JEB BUSH.

        This shows that the people are sick and tired with the establishment and the old polytics. (Definition of polytics: poly, =many; tics= blood sucking insects)

    • I actually know a few people that voted for Obama TWICE that like Trump. And people I know tell me the same thing.

    • Yeah, there are lefties and liberals who are now questioning their own ideology. And that includes Hillary and Obama.
      I hope the Dems wake up and vote TRUMP

    • Trump is from nyc the place is lousy with Lefties. HE knows the right words to sooth their fevered brows. 🙂

  • Voters that have two or more functioning brain cells should pray that God helps elect Mr. Donald Trump to position of GOP Nominee running for POTUS & then pray that God helps Mr. Trump win while helping him to garner a larger majority in the House of Representatives & in the Senate so it becomes possible for President Trump to undo the majority of actions B.H.O. the present fraud in office at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, DC has done to destroy the U.S.A. I look forward to Mr. Trump garnering 70% or more of the political polls so he may silence the leftist press & all the rinos in the GOP. It would be a pleasure to see Mr. Trump win the GOP primary on the first ballot.

    • As long as a large enough in both house grow a pair and remove Boner and Mc Bitchy

  • Carson is nice but not ready for the WH except as Surgeon General. Cruz, however, is ready for the WH so I would like prez Trump and VP Cruz covering business and Constitution! So, stale GOP, wake up and make Trump the candidate or you are dead while we bring in the NEW GOP. Note in this article the people attending are YOUNG mostly, which pleases me that they understand we need mover with testicles in the WH and a VP who knows the laws and a great buffer for Trump. Carson, Palin, Walker, Levin, Jindal in the Cabinet and Mike Lee as Chief of Staff. Now that’s a winning combo for OUR America and not the sale out of date establishment GOP, Rove, RINOS, moderates, and the brain dead. I am an Independent and am excited about Trump and Cruz!

    • all trump cares about is money. he lost a million dollars when the stock market crashed last week. that’s chump change. he wants to own America, like a car sales men, he may sell us out .

      • Obama is in the act of selling us out!! iran treaty, etc…..wake up!

      • BS, he’s spending up to a Billion of his own money because he couldn’t sit back anymore watching our Country decline rapidly. If this continues much longer, we won’t ever get it back again.

      • BS!!!

      • Booo or is that a boo hu hu, or possibly a huh?.
        TRUMP could build his own white house, bigger and better. He does not need your money or my money. He is not indebted to anybody. That is why he will not become a puppet, just like the one we have now.

        • remember it is only after they are elected that they become puppets which is after they get the initiation from the CIA, banksters (the fed), and corporations. Trump is perfect for dealing with the corporations since he speaks their language Money and money is not bad nor good it is whom is using it and for what purpose. I think Trump will use it for the good of this country. At least we don’t have to worry about Trump trying to scam the system like his predecessors all have done to get rich he’s already there. But we have to get rid of the FED because a currency collapse is imminent. I would like to see how he deals with that…

      • Granted you have a valid reason for your skeptism just look at how many people Obama betrayed. BUT Trump is going against the NWO and that tells me he may be genuine and that would be nice but history is not in our favor.

      • you are a FANATIC < Paul

  • Hey GOP….take note…you all suck. Everyone is waking up to your reindeer games you all play. We’re all sick of it.

    • I like your screen name, Explain’s it all. Have a blessed day. Trump/Cruz 2016

      • Agreed.


        • wrong, Cruz and Ben Carson are the only candidates that said positive things about Trump and they would make a fabulous team

        • CRUZ is NOT eligible for POTUS. He was born in Canada, with only his mother as us citizen. His father is a Cuban citizen who worked for FIDEL CASTRO..

          TRUMP/ CARSON is the better team.


      • Now don’t throw a tantrum, talk it out like a big boy 🙂

    • Their Leadership and about 40% of them suck, while 100% of the Democrats suck.

  • MAN…..TRUMP IS GREAT …especially when you compare him to the other group of professional absolutely do nothing candidates…and those other losers never leave …hell they can’t find a real job ..they are too stupid.

    • They keep coming back and the people keep voting for them.

      • usually its a choice between 2 evils – or a choice between the evil you know and the evil you don’t know (we had both varieties during the last two election cycles)

      • Term limits is the answer.

    • Actually the NWO recycles their criminals by design to keep the evil ones loyal to their cause of destroying America.

  • TEXAS for TRUMP !

  • Here’s an idea:
    Trump for President
    John Kasich – VP (to get Ohio Vote & also because he’d make a good VP)
    Chris Christie – Secretary of State
    Ben Carson – Secretary of Health & Human Services or Surgeon General
    Carly Fiorina – Secretary of Commerce
    Alan West – Secretary of Defense
    Ted Cruz – Secretary of Interior
    Scott Walker – Secretary of Labor (!!!)
    Rand Paul & Lindsay Graham – Court Jesters!!!

    Other thoughts welcome.

    • Trump President
      Cruz VP
      West Defence
      Palin Secretary of State
      Carson Veterans Administration
      Walker Labor
      Paul Head of Justice
      Huckabee IRS
      Fiorina Commerce

      Bush Ambassador to Mexico
      Rubio Ambassador to Cuba
      Christie Ambassador to China
      Kasich Ambassador to Russia

      Lindsay Graham retired to old folks home in Greece

      • I actually like your idea of Rand Paul as Attorney General (Justice Department), and Huckabee at IRS. Also Carson would be excellent at the VA!!! I think Sarah Palin might just surprise people at Secretary of State, and she follows rules!!! I take it you don’t care for John Kasich and Lindsay Graham!!!

        • I think all RINO’s should change parties. Illegal lovers are RINO’s.

      • Even better!!

    • Nice!!

    • Trey Gowdy as Attorney General.
      Ted Cruz as VP.
      Sen. Jeff Sessions head of Homeland Security.

      • OOOOOOoooooo!!! I like the idea of Trey Gowdy as Attorney General even better than Rand Paul!!! (Rand Paul is too petulant and cocky. I’d like to have seen Chris Christie get his hands on Rand during the debate!!!) Jeff Sessions would also be great at Homeland Security.

  • TRUMP ! All the other Rhino candidates have been castrated by the demoncraps.They are useless double crossing back stabbing sellouts ! 2010 elections, rep. landslide, 2014 election rep. landslide and what did they do? They stabbed us in the freaking back !

    • I think Boeaner was the problem for non working Congress, he blocked everything a sises with O’boomerang


      • Quit hollirn’ and get a life loser!!

      • then you are not paying attention. He said she committed a horrible crime and should pay for it. You are planted in the dirt with the democrats, so take a nap

      • If you mean Trump donated to the Clinton foundation for political favors – yeah we know that he admitted it on TV. Unfortunately that’s how business is done in this country. Trump has said he actually wants to put an end to that kind of crap.

      • Paul have you heard or seen ANY person from EITHER party address a fence on our borders? I’ll make it easy for you…NON of them have. Trump is the ONLY one to even bring it up.Go support which ever puppet you want. NONE have the balls to say what Trump is saying.

  • All we need to know is that Bush is not acceptable. The other RINOs are not a threat.

    • I want to know WHY Bush is ranked 3rd in this poll?? I know absolutely no one who thinks Jeb Bush should even run, and would never vote for another Bush nor Clinton. And yes, that goes for both my republican AND democrat friends and acquaintances.



  • These percentages could be misleading. I assume that the Polls being talked about represent the Conservatives, some but not all Republicans, and most discouraging: almost no Democrats.

    Obama and his henchmen have carved out a voting block of immigrants that will out number all in favor of a non-Democratic Party led government.

  • Could someone explain why has candidates Webb, Pataki, Graham or Jindal went through the trouble to enter and even bother to continue in this race at this point?

    Give’em the business, Mr. T!

    • The greater question is how did they get the money to begin their campaigns, in the first place.

      • Ahh yes….as the plot thickens, of course!

  • How fitting: Lindsay Graham, “is bringing up the rear”.

    • Isn’t that one of his favorites??????????

  • If Trump pulls this off, and dosn’t lie,
    and pulls America back from political
    and financial destruction, he will be,
    a national hero.
    Mr. Trump, God speed.

  • Brian9999 Nothing is more aggravating then a person who lay’s out a bunch of statistics and then sits back to boast as you have done. Well your message as far as I’m concerned belongs in the toilet for just being plain stupid and uninformative, no time in history has ant potential candidate ever had 40% of the vote before the final nomination of parties. Mr. Trump is going to be president in spite of what the Billdeburgers say, or any other organization who have appointed presidents in the past.
    obuma was elected because we the people were sleeping and took many things for granted not once but twice, the second time we thought Congress would listen to us and we were wrong, as a matter of fact they got worse and continued siding with the treasonous fraud obuma, who was also getting support from J. Boehner.
    obuma has hidden his personal records because he is an illegal himself and G. Soro’s is hoping know one will find out, obuma also got the Black vote because black’s thought they had a savior, now they like 70% of the population can’t stand obuma. We The People want whats best for America, and right now Donald Trump is the guy to get the job done, with or with out the support of the GOP because we the people run this country not the government, and we are going to come out swinging, and NO not swinging like the LGBT or obuma like to believe. George, Hillary, Billy, obuma, Bill ayers and 81 communist in Congress need to get the Hell out of the way, because we do not want their Communism for America in no way shape or form, so brian9999 your either with us or against us you decide.

    • You do realize that Brian’s post is PRO-Trump right?? He is pointing out that even with the media pulling out all stops to derail him he keeps getting stronger. You might want to brush up on your reading comprehension. Good day patriot

      • Thanks, ill keep that in mind,

      • Anyone with a functioning brain can read Brian999’s comments & understand that he IS “Pro-Trump”. One can only pray to God that We-The-People + the 96+% of black voters that voted for traitor B.H.O. will remove the scales from their eyes & plugs in their ears & then vote for Mr. Donald Trump while they vote a larger majority to House of Representatives & Senate so Mr. trump can undo the actions taken by fraud B.H.O. in the past two terms in office. While we’re at it we can pray that B.H.O. is convicted of being a traitor & punished as a traitor.


  • The funny thing is that he owes his success to the captured liberal media who has been giving him all the air time in an attempt to hurt him while they have blacked out coverage for the rest of the pack.

  • My family and I will never vote for Bush…if he is the candidate we will Not vote at all

    • Same here. GOP you better take notice.

  • Trump & Santorium for 2016 Cruz dont qualified he was born in Canada.

  • Hitlery and Obama for prison 2016

  • it is truly a joy to watch all of the Trump naysayers choke on their own words. Trump is gonna win this election by a landslide. I guess you could call me a Trumpeter. Go Donald tear them a new bunghole!!

  • No more Clintons, No more Bushes, No more Obamas and No Biden and no nutcase like Bernie Sanders for president. All these politicians are New World Order Freaks pushing UN Agenda 21. Trump For President.

    • Trump’s not my first choice, but if he were the nominee I’d take him over all of those nutjobs in a heartbeat….

      • i agree. He cannot make America more unsafe than obama has and he certainly would never apologize for America being exceptional and free and the greatest country on the planet

        • So true! At least let’s hope not… after all the times we’ve been stung recently including with the Senate & the House majority…it’s getting harder & harder to trust anyone anymore…..

      • Hi Katie, long time no see. Trump is not my first choice either but he would be better than Cackle Cankles or Joe Biden who is just the senile version of Bill Clinton. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/efaaf9647003369ebb490ad6f3c39f9a37d34096b9b907f4592878fc25bfad6f.jpg

        • Reagan with Alzheimer’s would do better than those two… 😉

          • https://youtu.be/qPvuYxUxEto Well.. there you go again.

          • Excellent! There’s a book out there somewhere, I need to get the name of it–which has all of Reagan’s speeches & quotes while in office….I need to get ahold of it.. I think most Americans would wake up a bit if they bothered to read it…..

          • Absolute perfection.

        • Look at the two guys. One is giving him the look of death because Biden is getting too familiar with his woman, and the other is taking his cue from the other guy and ready to help destroy this dumb old fart if the other guy makes a move. They are only tolerating this crap because of the Secret Service and the cameras, or Biden would be in a landfill right now.

          • I know and he’s quite creepy isn’t he?

          • He is very creepy. I see how he acts around women, and I want to smack him.

          • So do the women!

          • How about him walking around naked in front of his security detail? This guy, so far, has avoid capture.

          • That was my take exactly. He wouldn’t have lasted long in some of the dives I visited when I was young. Biden and other political elites have taken on undeniable aspects of believing themselves to be entirely above the law and morality at all levels. How can anyone watch Biden’s exploits and not feel shame that this scumbag is our Vice President?

          • Poor Joe. He can’t help himself!


          • A whole lot of uninvited women and little girl grabbing from behind and nuzzling. This sort of creepy behavior is perv MO. They try to pass it off as innocent interaction, but it’s generally only with pretty women, female teens and little girls. These kind of guys are multiple offenders, and again, only with people that they are attracted to. Biden is just an ALL female offender. When confronted, they act offended and try to turn the table and say it’s your dirty mind that is making their innocent affection into something bad. I know better, because I’m a people watcher and when someone is on my radar, I take note of their behavior. I’ve had to get physical a few times with pervs trying this crap with my wife and daughters.

            I had an ex-brother in-law, that married into the family, that would have a few drinks, and would get real touchy with my wife. I gave him a come to Jesus warning, but he did that crap with my daughter (he embraced her from behind, closed his eyes, stuck his face in her hair and took a big whiff like he was smelling flowers), and I had to do very bad things to him. He was never allowed in my house again. He’s gone now, thank God, and I don’t have to deal with him anymore. I really dislike these creeps.

            He was an optometrist and got arrested for having cameras installed in the woman’s bathroom at his practice.

          • It can be passed off as innocent …. ONCE. Maybe.
            Joe has a habitual and practiced manner of how he “handles” women. Nose nuzzling, hands just under, but way too close to the breasts, and a big, big smile.

            Without knowing why, even the young girls know it’s wrong.

            The guy needs to be out out to pasture.

          • Dream on…..

        • Where do you think those hands are????????? I bet the guy on the right knows where they are. One is probably on his leg.

  • And if you Brian was up against the False world news machine? What would you do be nice? Hardly you must speak out whatever you would say would be bad in their eyes. We have to brace for what is coming that is the lying onslaught of the perverse Mass Media. For example during Katrina all I heard was, FEMA was at fault now I find IT WAS A LIE. Just like what Mass Media is doing to Mr. Trump, Cutting his answers in half, innocent facts he says are made to sound extremely criminal. When these things should be talked about and Mass Media is criminal how they use their power to persuade not inform of the true facts. It is amazing how much Mass Media leaves out.

  • I don’t think they realise how irritating it is when they start talking about what their fathers and grandfathers did for a living. It’s that American Idol syndrome where the sobbier the story, the greater their chances and in reality it is NOT so.

  • Trump is For THE People…not FOR the party….Trump builds STUFF….talkers build image….

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