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Thursday, December 7, 2023
HomePollsPost Debate Poll: Clinton Won on Performance, Trump Won Votes

Post Debate Poll: Clinton Won on Performance, Trump Won Votes

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump shakes hands with Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton after the presidential debate at Hofstra University. (Photo: Associated Press/AP)
Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump shakes hands with Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton after the presidential debate at Hofstra University. (Photo: Associated Press/AP)

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump shakes hands with Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton after the presidential debate at Hofstra University. (Photo: Associated Press/AP)

A Post Debate Poll conducted after the presidential showdown at Hofstra University finds Hillary Clinton put on the best performance, but Donald Trump won votes. While voters 47% to 44% think that Mrs. Clinton “won the first presidential debate,” Mr. Trump won over undecided voters who changed their mind by nearly a 3 to 1 margin.

Nine percent (9%) were undecided on the question of who won the debate.

Among those who were undecided (5%) before the debate, 31% changed their mind and now say they’ll support the New York businessman. By comparison, only 11% of previously undecided voters said they will now vote for the former secretary of state.

The results were noteworthy, considering more voters than not thought Mrs. Clinton gave a better debate performance. Authenticity, honesty and trustworthiness played and will continue to play a big role in voters’ preferences ahead of November.

“Voters are looking for Donald Trump to basically give them permission to vote for him, fair or not,” says PPD’s senior analyst Richard Baris. “If he improves in the next two debates, which he did during the primary, things could get really ugly really fast for Hillary Clinton.”

Regarding the debate, which most mainstream pundits gave to Mrs. Clinton, most voters expected her to be polished on stage. But they were watching to see if Mr. Trump could pass the presidential bar.

“He was restrained, He came off much more natural,” said Shaun Ellis, an independent voter from Hopington, New Hampshire. “Hillary looked weak on the economy,” adding he decided “we need new blood.”

Of course, not everyone agreed he met that bar. The good news for Mr. Trump and his supporters: the vast majority of those who don’t think he met that threshold are Democratic partisans.

“I’m supporting Hillary because of her history and experience,” said Dr. Joseph S. Johnson, an African-American Democrat from Centerville, Ohio, a key battleground state. “Hillary won the debate. Her grade was a B+ and Donald Trump’s temperament was awful. His grade–F.”

Mr. Trump has made a major play for black voters juxtaposed to previous GOP nominees and, while the PPP U.S. Presidential Election Daily Tracking Poll finds his support has increased from 5% in August to roughly 11% by the end of September, other public polls have shown he continues to struggle.

“Trump showed obvious passion and concern for the individual Americans he’s heard from in his rallies and campaigning,” said Tawonya L. Johnson, an African-American voter of Snohomish, Washington. “And this solidified my decision to vote Trump for President.”

Still, both candidates scored a high retention rate among their voters. Only 2% of Mrs. Clinton’s previous supporters and 1% of Mr. Trump’s supporters said they are now undecided after the debate. Among Mrs. Clinton’s supporters, 3% changed their mind to Mr. Trump and, among his supporters, 2% changed their mind to his Democratic rival.

“Having to choose a lesser evil, Donald is genuine,” said Kathleen Downing, an independent from Lincoln Park, Michigan. Ms. Downing describes herself as a moderate liberal, but she believes Mrs. Clinton “is a well-rehearsed performer” who “will say anything” to get elected.

The PPD Post Debate Poll surveyed 829 likely voters nationwide participating in the People’s Pundit Daily Internet Polling Panel. Responses were gathered from September 26 to September 27 outside of the U.S. Presidential Election Daily Tracking Poll. The survey has a 95% CI (confidence interval).

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Staff Writing Group

Led by R. D. Baris, the People's Pundit, the PPD Elections Staff conducts polling and covers news about latest polls, election results and election data.

Latest comments

  • @occdissent bullshit

  • @occdissent for strange reasons i found Trump a lot better looking last night than previously.

  • So, that’s two post debate polls that show the same thing – Hillary won the debate, but people trusted Trump more. And in both polls, the undecided’s are splitting for Trump. That makes sense with this being a change election, and Hillary the stand-in incumbent.

    • If you give Trump a “handicap” for how badly Lester the Molester rigged the debate, Trump won hands down.

  • Hillary for prison now!

    • Bill too … For anyone who wants to know HOW FRAUDULANT the Clinton Foundation really is, study here: http://charlesortel.com/

  • I thought Hillary came across staged, scripted and memorized. With that big phony clown smile plastered on her face, and that idiotic shoulder jiggle. Trump’s authentic….flaws and all.

    • Hillary lies better than anyone you’ll ever meet again.

  • Hillary Clinton looked like a scripted globalist puppet that she is, she lost the debate and votes……….good grief the media will never learn,,,,,,,,,,

    • The media are no longer reporting anything resembling “facts”. They are cheerleaders for the democrats.

  • This debate showed how rigged the system is for Hillary and I suspect a lot of people will vote for Trump because wants fix the rigged system. That’s why I will vote for Trump!

  • Nearly every poll showed the people thought Trump won the debate, big time. So Trump won the debate AND the voters . . .

  • he missed a lot of opportunities to bring up Crooked Hitlerys crimes but I think he was overwhelmed by the partisan moderator who asked him 15 questions and Crooked Hatlery only 2

    • Not to mention he interrupted Trump 41 times and HRC only 7.

    • ..he had to establish himself as a nice guy and not the second coming of Satan as the press has been defining him. He did that.

      You will NOT see him leave anything on the table in the subsequent debates, believe me.

  • What gets me angry is the media keeps bringing up how Trump talked bad about this person or that person. They don’t want to talk about what really matters. Tax plans, immigration plans, and so on. They know it will hurt Hillary to talk about her politics. Her tax plan is just like obamas. The middle class will have to carry everyone and be taxed to death. Trump is going to give us some much needed relief! I’m just so sick of the corrupt MSM and the agenda to continue the ruin of this country. I’m female and the mom of two daughters. I don’t care Trump called some female fat or ugly! I care about my finances and being able to see my children grow up in a safe country of law and order! I care about being able to keep more of my hard earned money to keep food on the table! I care about the dramatic increase of illegals living in my state of NC that nobody is doing anything about! I care about the safety of my daughters in school when they change their clothes for P.E. and want to be assured no male student is in there watching my daughter! I want to know why Obamacare has increased health insurance costs for me and my family and why Hillary thinks it’s so great!!! The media and Hillary are so out of touch with what the majority of Americans are dealing with!! The only one talking about the issues I struggle with daily is Trump! But the media wants to tell me Hillary is for women?! Ha! I’m a mom and I can see through the lies! Don’t use my gender to make political points! Hillary doesn’t care about me or mine! She’s for getting more of my money while taking up for criminals at the cost of our police officers and safety! Rant over!

    • Indeed, and I am a woman, too. Hillary is just out for herself and how she and the government can accumulate more power. Trump is for American citizens. George Soros owns Hillary and that should be enough to scare the cr@p out of anyone.

      • Amen!

  • Was a completely biased debate with Hillary knowing the questions beforehand and getting a pass on everything, and Trump being interrupted and framed and put on the defensive. Still Hillary performed better than I expected (she didnt faint), and Trump worse (missed so many opportunities to set things right, direct the discourse, bring up important themes, and make Hillary look bad). So all things consider I hand the debate to Hillary, and the presidency to Trump.

    • Lester Holt said at the beginning, “We’ll explore three topic areas tonight: Achieving prosperity; America’s direction; and securing America”. So why does he beat the dead horse of the birther and asked him about his tax returns and how does that fit into the topics they were supposed to cover? And then leave out the elephant in the room, The Clinton Foundation pay to play, email cover-up and wipe, leaks, and Benghazi?

      • Dont bite the hand that feeds you.

  • There were a few times where he could of put her away. Especially during the last question: Will you support whoever wins this election? Hillary responded with “Yes – I resect what the people have to say”. Trump NEEDED to respond with if she cared so much, I wonder why they rigged the primary against Bernie Sanders.

    He would of won a lot of Bernie supporters over whom are not even going to show up at the polls. Most Bernie people that are voting for Clinton plan on going out and doing so. The other half plan on just staying home and not voting at all. Trump could of tapped into those people big league.

  • Hillary blew her load at the first debate, she’s out of ammo….Trump will school her going forward!

  • Hillary…some women are pigs….think Rosie..and of course…yourself!

  • @PPDNews and votes are what count

  • @PPDNews Is that based on your poll? Most every poll I saw had Trump winning. Can’t consider CNNs, who said 41~% were Dems.

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