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Thursday, June 20, 2024
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Neighbor: Cory Booker ‘Is A Liar’ Who ‘Lives In New York’

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People’s Pundit Daily had previously reported on the giant hole in the story that is the Democratic candidate Cory Booker. However, in light of the recent report by the Daily Caller and considering New Jersey is just about to send one of two men to the Senate, we thought it worthwhile for the people of New Jersey to know what a big fat lie this whole story truly is.

Booker’s neighbor, Tashay Thomas said, “he never did live there,” referring to the house at 435 Hawthorne Avenue. If that address sounds familiar, it should. Hawthorne Avenue is where Cory Booker claimed he was the night of the fire, which the mainstream media used to depict him as a “superhero” mayor. Thomas told reporters, “His security guards live here.” And when asked why Cory Booker claimed that he did she replied, “Because he is a liar.” Now the video below makes a lot of sense.

As if the joke was on the reporter, as well as the rest of New Jersey, Thomas yelled out to James Sharp, “They’re looking for that fake mayor who says he live here. He does not live here!”

Sharp. another one of Booker’s supposed neighbors said, “Cory Booker don’t live here. Only his bodyguards live here.” When asked about the motive for perpetuating the lie about Cory Booker, Sharp responded, “So that he could keep telling people he did stuff but he is not doing anything. A lot of people getting killed and he’s supposed to stop the violence but he don’t.”

It is one thing — albeit filthy — to lie about your address to be eligible for an office you see as an easy win, but another thing entirely to fabricate a story about yourself. In the video below, the rest of New Jersey can see the real day-to-day of the neighborhood, and it isn’t with Cory Booker acting as a local Batman for Gotham City.

“He comes over here once in a blue moon,” she said. “I saw that man over there once and that was like in 2009. I come here every day,” Tashay Thomas said. She also joked, as it relates to the superhero fire story, she thinks Cory Booker listens in on a police scanner to find opportunities to make himself a hero. Meanwhile, he is nowhere to be found, unless of course, you were to travel to New York.

A visit from reporters showed both of his claimed resident homes — 435 Hawthorne Avenue and 19 Longworth Street — were empty. A community activist, Cassandra Dock, told reporters that Cory Booker lives in New York, and that Cory Booker’s supposed home is actually a police station.

“I know he don’t live on Hawthorne because when I did the 2010 census I knocked on the door and asked and introduced myself as the census taker and asked the person that lived there and was told by the officer — cause that house is always filled with officers — that that was a police station so he can’t possibly live in a police station. I really do believe he lives in New York,” Dock told the Daily Caller. Her friend, Donna Jackson, corroborated Dock’s story.

Newark Police refused to give People’s Pundit Daily a statement.

As you can see below, Booker’s supposed Longworth property was never listed on Booker’s Senate ethics disclosure. In fact, no real estate is listed in his actual name, except for those properties hidden inside “Cory Booker Management Trust,” which according to his documentation below draws him zero income.

cory booker

As far as the story about Cory Booker running into a burning building to save Zina Hodge, the story is the laughing stock of Newark. Cassandra Dock said that Hodge was “laughing” when she confronted her about the holes in their story. Hodge has a terrible reputation as a liar in her neighborhood and has a criminal record. Residents believe that Hodge was paid to play the part by Booker himself, as depicted in the video below, and logistically speaking is impossible for Booker to have even done what he claimed.

“I don’t believe he saved her. I don’t believe he put her over his back and brought her out. First of all, the hallway is too narrow for both of them to fit through that hallway so I don’t believe none of that,” Dock said.

This is the filthy garbage that Americans have come to really despise. The voters of New Jersey should have all of the information before they make an uninformed vote based on a lie. The mainstream media should be ashamed of themselves.

No one from the Booker camp has called us back, and we won’t be holding our breathe.

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Rich, the People's Pundit, is the Data Journalism Editor at PPD and Director of the PPD Election Projection Model. He is also the Director of Big Data Poll, and author of "Our Virtuous Republic: The Forgotten Clause in the American Social Contract."

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