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Monday, June 24, 2024
HomeNewsElectionsHillary Clinton Cancels Event in California, Campaign Says Pneumonia is Back

Hillary Clinton Cancels Event in California, Campaign Says Pneumonia is Back

Hillary Clinton gave a press conference on her campaign airplane in response to the terror attacks in Minnesota, New Jersey and New York. She appeared to be heavily sedated, which kicked off the hashtag #ZombieHillary
Hillary Clinton gave a press conference on her campaign airplane in response to the terror attacks in Minnesota, New Jersey and New York. She appeared to be heavily sedated, which kicked off the hashtag #ZombieHillary

Hillary Clinton gave a press conference on her campaign airplane in response to the terror attacks in Minnesota, New Jersey and New York. She appeared to be heavily sedated, which kicked off the hashtag #ZombieHillary

Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton has again cancelled an event in California as a result of her health and the campaign is claiming she is being treated for pneumonia. The cancelation marks the third day–following Monday and Tuesday of last week–that the candidate’s health has pulled her from the campaign trail.

Questions surrounding her health ramped up after she collapsed at the 15th memorial service for the September 11, 2001 terror attacks.

On Sunday, Mrs. Clinton held a brief presser and spoke to reporters on her campaign airplane to respond to her rival Donald Trump regarding his comments after the terror attacks in Minnesota, New Jersey and New York. Critics claim she appeared to be heavily sedated, or at least extremely fatigue, which kicked off the hashtag #ZombieHillary on Twitter [previously read spoke].

The development comes after a new [content_tooltip id=”39935″ title=”YouGov”] conducted for the Huffington Post finds just 39% of Americans currently believe that Clinton is in good enough physical condition to effectively serve as president for the next four years. According to the poll, an almost equal 38% say she isn’t in good enough condition and 23% say they are unsure.

Hillary's Health Poll YouGov

The results represent a significant shift in the numbers from just over a week ago, when the same survey found that 52% of Americans believed Clinton was in good enough shape, 33% didn’t think she was and 16% didn’t know.

The campaign did not say for certain if she would be able to return to the campaign trail on Tuesday.

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Latest comments

  • a prelude to her debate cancellation. we knew this was comming. #HillarysHealth #ClintonCollapse

    • I’ve been saying that since the ‘pneumonia’ was announced. She is scared sh*&less of being on the debate stage with Trump.

      • There’s no way she can stand up for the entire length of the debate without collapsing. Watch them change the format to a sit-down debate.

  • Thanks for the news, but somebody really needs to proofread and correct this article.

    Mrs. Clinton gave spoke to reporters on her campaign airplane to
    response to her rival Donald Trump regarding the terror attacks in
    Minnesota, New Jersey and New York.

    Sounds like somebody might’ve been “heavily sedated” when they wrote the above. ;-P

    • No, just really early after an all-nighter. But thx!

      • Any more information on this story? What was the event, for example? I haven’t heard anything else about it. Thanks.

      • We understand!

  • Hillary’s presence on the campaign trail tends to drive her numbers down. Her absence from the campaign trail tends to drive her numbers down. Tomato/Tomahto.

  • More stars ……


    • THey forgot the shoe!

  • Is she dead, yet?

  • This woman is dying.

  • First debate getting cancelled?

    • I really think, this is where she is trying to take this.

  • After today, Hillary is not scheduled to speak at any of her events until the first debate.

  • You know it wasn’t a fundraiser she cancelled.


  • #zombiehillary needs to have her detail load her into Zplane (like a side of beef) and hightail it back to daughter Chelsea’s NY clinic – I mean apartment for some R&R with the grandkids.


  • This article is a lie and your organization is dishonest for pushing it.

    • Feel free to share your notion of the truth then.

    • says you?

    • Relax zombie, it’s over. Just breath and let all the brain washing flow out.

  • Honestly, she makes her extremely poor health sound even worse than most people already think it is.

  • Whoo Hooo,…come on Pneumonia, you can do it.!

  • There isn’t a cure for this type of “Pneumonia”.

    • I think they just found one 16 months ago, TRUMP!

  • Yeah, those debates are beginning to look tenuous…

    • At best, the “pneumonia” keeps cropping up. Hmmmmmm, just in time.

  • Don’t worry Hillary, they have ObamaCare in prison, you will get the best care there is.

    • she can even have an “Addadicktome” in prison, which we will all pay for!

  • Is this for real? Don’t be fucking with us, PPD.

  • Next January, a President who hates the United States with every Fiber of his body, will be replaced by a man who LOVES the United States with every Fiber of HIS body.

    • Ohhhhhhhh, I am going to have to use that, sorry.

      • The Truth belongs to all of us, Richard! I was just speaking my mind, and figured that was the simplest way to describe the choice we face.

        • That about sums it up for me, and my whole family.

          • if you are speaking to Euroweenies, you can substitute “Fibre” for “Fiber”

  • Pneumonia my butt crack ! She is not going to make it to November.

    • She won’t even make it to the debates. But, this is all they have.

  • When you defrauded suffering people of Haiti of millions and pocketed them with your Clinton Foundation that’s what you get – Illness as a punishment for your corruption.

  • She has crackitus, she has sniffed too much crack.

  • Why doesn’t she just stay home & recuperate once & for all this woman is very sick just look at her eyes she cannot keep them oopen.

  • Every time she tries to hit the campaign trail and keep up with Trump she goes ill. She is in no shape to run or be POTUS. I’m surprised the DNC hasn’t stepped in. At this point maybe they will. Time is running out!…TRUMP/PENCE 2016!

  • Huh? Kaine is the one doing the San Francisco fundraiser, Clinton cancelled one last week. This is major news and somehow PPD is the only one that knows it, and the author of the article is just “PPD ELECTIONS STAFF”? I don’t buy it. You didn’t even bother to proof read FFS: “On Sunday, Mrs. Clinton gave spoke to reporters….”

  • She should probably just cancel her campaign to be on the safeside

  • this will not come up for me to read??????

    • I was able to read it and it is an article dated 9/19/12. Says she again is cancelling California like she did last week because her pneumonia is back. Now I can’t get it to come up either. Suspicious?

    • Unable to bring up ?

  • Pneumonia new code for Binge Drinking now?

  • Well, we’ve heard flu, pneumonia, allergies, dehydration, and sheer exhaustion. What’s next, Huma gave her AIDS?

    • The article is dated today and it stated her pneumonia is back.

  • Was that picture taken in a morgue?

  • Where did you get this info. ? Not finding anything to back this up.

  • I’ve been looking for confirmation of this but so far can’t find it. When did the campaign say the pneumonia was back?

  • Link goes nowhere for me. Damn iPhone.

  • Will she actually go to a hospital this time, or once again leave for someone’s apartment?

  • @mark_slusher2 @PPDNews just keep her fogging a mirror till nov 8…

  • proTrump bloggers make crap up and his minions believe it…how do you think he made it this far?

  • Right she thinks she has California in the bag. So she wants to save money. Plus no one would show up. LyingCrookedHillary.com xoxo

    • she does have cali in the bag.

      • Yeah, you hold onto that fantasy. She is going to lose Cal-mexico, and lose it big. The blacks and Caucasian people have had it with the illegal aliens. It won’t even be close out there Most of my old Navy friends still live out there, their entire communities are voting for Trump. Good luck anyway.

        • well rich you read me wrong i am voting for trump i hope yyou are correct and that would be a turnaround for california but the armed forces numbers there do not make a majority but i would bet you 100 bucks she wins cali.

        • Unlikely, but I guess we’ll find out.

    • The only way she can win is if she CHEATS, like she in the Primaries. And that’s what will happen. She’s a CHEATER!

  • Why was the sick bitch on one of the late night jew “comedy” shows [Jimmy Kimmel] 09-19-2016 ?

    • That show was taped last week.

    • I am a deplorable but your comment is really like deplorable.

  • she is building up to duck the debate.

  • maybe she is using this as an excuses for why she losses the election. Save face Hillary. Oh I was sick with pneumonia, just couldn’t campaign. Trump 2016

  • Well, I guess Trump crushing, and embarrassing her is now the new term for “pneumonia”. Can’t the dnc just let this poor lady rest in peace. This is all they have, she has to stand in for them. It will take them a generation, to rebuild this hippie commune.

  • (1) The woman is REALLY Sick…….OR…..(2) She knows more TRUTH is coming her way from Wikileaks and will use her “health issues” to leave the campaign as her EGO is way too HUGE to lose in November. She did look very “drugged” on that airplane interview this past weekend for sure. If she has pneumonia, she would be taking an antibiotic. Antibiotics do NOT make you look the way she did on the plane…..

    • Maybe she knows whats coming or was told whats coming from Wikileaks. And it seems zanex would be my bet

  • I’m expecting this to segue into a cancellation of the debate.

  • face down or tits up either way is fine with me

  • #StoneTear Look it up.

  • Did she land under “Sniper Fire” again? Liar!

  • Just in time for the debate…She is afraid of going head to head with Trump

    • She wants to bait him. What could she do? Wear dreadlocks or that green hornet number she wore to Chelsea’s wedding? Google search HC green outfit Chelsea’s wedding if you want to see her in something other than the regular pantsuits she wears. The cherry red one she wore to the wedding was something to see as well.

      • I can’t wait until she is wearing orange..

  • She needs to be sedated so she doesn’t hyper ventilate and cough up blood just thinking about going up against Trump! What a #ucking mess this zombie is.

  • Home come I can’t find anything about this anywhere??? Especially since they are saying it’s because of pneumonia again!!

  • I’d like to say i’m sorry but i’m not

    • Me either!

  • Pneumonia is just one of the diseases common in someone that has Parkinson’s. The length of time that she has had these “coughing” spells tells me it is NOT just pneumonia and she has all the classic symptoms of Parkinson’s. I have seen it dozens of times. Also, take a really close look at the Hillary that left the memorial service and the Hillary that a few hours later presented herself on the street outside her daughter’s apartment. THEY ARE NOT THE SAME PERSON! You can’t rest for a few hours and come back looking 20 years younger and 30 pounds lighter. Every woman on the planet wishes you could but it just does not happen.

    • ITA but the one at the apt. spoke to reported and it sounded like the real one. Could body double also imitate voice? Wonder if double was at ceremony and could have faked whole thing and then the real one come out at apt.?

  • I cannot independently verify the facts of this story as to new campaign cancellations. Can someone give us a link, or do we distrust this site.

  • Guido911, wondering the same thing, it will come out in the open sooner or later, hoping she never makes it…………….

  • How can you Liberals vote for this near dead woman. I just don’t get it!

  • “Hillary Clinton Cancels Event in California”
    –I bet she’s just busy getting her POTTY PODIUM ready for the debate

  • She’s “shovel ready”! Champagne is chilling for when she strokes out on live TV.

  • Keep pushing, Hillary. When the going gets tough the tough get going. Push, push, push, pay no attention to what anyone says…………………got to go,……..the Hillary goons are at my d…….o…….o………………..





  • Hillary Campaign Manager: Trump’s Path to Presidency Is Clear and it is Real

    Hillary Clinton campaign manager Robbie Mook is growing concerned about Hillary’s chances of winning in November.

    In his latest email Mook told Hillary supporters Donald Trump’s path to the presidency is clear and real.

    Read more: http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2016/09/mook-spooked-hillary-campaign-manager-trumps-path-presidency-clear-real/






    Hillary Clinton Campaign Steals Money from Her Poorest Donors! ( 4 minutes )


  • What if.
    What if she is in the ICU after her original neurological collapse on 9/11?
    What if she is in a coma?
    What if they can’t find the right body double?
    What if she is dead?

    Then what?

    • What if the body double was the one at the 911 ceremony and the real Hellory came out at Chelsea’s apt.? I was struck by the no secret-service there and photo op with the little girl and would believe that was a double BUT that one spoke and it sounded like Hillary when she said it was a nice day in N.Y. in response to reporter asking how she was feeling! Wouldn’t put anything past the conniving liar who calls Trump’s supporters “deplorables” when that is what she should have called the terrorists.

  • Poor thing. I’d like to go by the house and kick her bedroom door to see if she’s all right.

    • LOL@OldCoot

  • Here are five VERY informative videos about Hillary’s Parkinson’s disease. She’s got it, and it is advanced, and there is no way she can do the job of president. Please don’t vote for her.

    (one) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zr1IDQ2V1eM&sns=em

    (two) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a60kchXkiAI

    (three) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q5mYx5oCxEg

    (four) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OezFQluUVS0

    (five) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9E6PlCLCYg


    Video number three shows her collapse in New York. All the videos have medical comments by Dr. Ted Noel, MD. They are very very credible.

    Please share these videos widely with your family and friends. People NEED to see them.

    If Hillary is elected she will absolutely destroy whatever is left of the Democratic Party.

    Please watch the videos.

    Thank you.

  • Its that new wandering eye pneumonia. I hear it is really hitting the East coast bad. Bill will announce the wandering eye pneumonia initiative soon hoping to raise Billions on the news….

  • I personally find it entertaining that here in Utah they use the Hillary logo, the one with the arrow in the H, as a sign to direct you to the hospital….

  • Gin induced pneumonia.

  • You mean pneumonia doesn’t clear up in a couple days? Jimmy Fallon was right to use a mask around her.

  • She will float the idea of putting Bill and/or Obama in her place in the debates soon. Of course CNN et al will cheer and say there’s nothing wrong or unusual about that.

  • You’re the ONLY publication claiming the Hillary campaign said it was pneumonia and you provide NO evidence.

    “…the campaign is claiming she is being treated for pneumonia.” WHERE did they say this? Do you have any official statement release? A video or audio interview? What can you provide to prove this is what they said, let alone this is why she canceled?

    Fuck, Hillary is already corrupt, you don’t need to muddy the waters with this bullshit fake news. Just let her ruin herself, you’re making it more difficult for legit fact checkers oh Hillary to be taken seriously. We’re already pinned as sexist because we’re fairly critiquing a woman.

  • At her age Pneumonia is more likely to kill than to simply disable you, there’s no way this is “just’ pneumonia.

  • During this particular video which was done early in the evening, her speech was slow and her eyes looked like she was drugged. There is something very wrong with this woman and it is not pneumonia.

  • Her pneumonia never left. She may have what is called pseudomonas pneumonia. A serious type of pneumonia affecting those who are immune compromised. If she has an underlying condition, pseudomonas could find a forever home in her lungs. Eradicating it is nearly impossible. I do not wish her ill with that or with anything. Trying to fight off pneumonia while campaigning with all the stressors must be terribly hard for her.

  • Corrupt and sick. What a candidate!

  • Why havent we seen this reported on CNN or MSNBC?

  • Pneumonia my derrière! This is simply another ploy to get sympathy votes.


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