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Monday, July 15, 2024
HomeOpinionNo Justice No Peace – A Tragic Story of Rational Ignorance in American Society

No Justice No Peace – A Tragic Story of Rational Ignorance in American Society

The single most concerning element to the George Zimmerman case was, and still is, the depth of public ignorance to the relationship between freedom and the rule of law, specifically the ideological origins of our uniquely American culture of self-defense, and indeed, the definition of justice itself.

For the past few days following the verdict, numerous trends displaying dissatisfaction exemplified my prior statement. Sadly, there was not one supporter in the collection of trends i.e., #NoJustice – #NoJusticeNoPeace – #NoJusticeForTrayvon, that could even define justice for me when prompted.

The assault from those who cannot respect our nation’s judicial system of laws is more than the usual “move the goalpost” political tactic, it is wholly anti-American, and its presence is very dangerous in a body politic supposedly filled with freedom loving sovereign people. Jasmine Rand, another so-called civil rights lawyer, made her ignorance evident in the interview during “On The Record” with Greta Van Susteren.


It is difficult to tell whether or not Rand intentionally misleads those she claims to be representing the best interests of. Greta, for good reason, was deeply disturbed by this woman’s inability to comprehend “justice” anymore than the “useful idiot” masses her and her bosses are using to push their agenda of social unrest. Rand did not accept the verdict, the rule of law, and blatantly told Greta that it wasn’t about justice, it was about “social justice” – which is code for social retribution.

Yet, it was even more disturbing, even if not terribly surprising, to hear Angela Corey double-down on her lack of reverence for the rule of law and the oath she is sworn to uphold.

Angela Corey, when asked to describe Zimmerman in one word, outrageously chose the word “murderer.” Again, another example that Angela Corey believes she is above the ultimate authority of the jury and of the law. Just as Rand, compromising the rule of law to meet their own ends simply justifies the means.

Unfortunately, the progressive plantation relies upon ignorance for survival, and those enslaved on it are unable to see the dire consequences for this tyranny, because they do not understand “justice” or the need for a separation of powers. However, it is a danger to everyone’s freedom to have such a large percent of the population ignorant and blinded by hate.

We must take some responsibility for such widespread “rational ignorance,” as I refer to it in “Our Virtuous Republic,” because we can only expect the worst intentions from politicians and race-mongers. We the People, alone, have a duty to combat the tyranny of ignorance, and I intend to start now by laying out the current political dynamic in our country using the Zimmerman trial as a reference.

Let us start with President Obama’s comment back in March of 2012, when he said, “if I had a son he would look like Trayvon.” Gun control, if you remember, had fallen flat on its face regardless of Obama parading out children after the tragedy in Newtown. Obama, as well as other politicians – bureaucrats – oligarchs – guilds – cartels, all are members of what we can appropriately refer to as the arrogant elites. The nature of their motivation is tyrannical – in this case abolish or severely restrict the Second Amendment – with the end result more power, wealth, and a general hubris that inspires them to pursue despotism over the people.

The orange glow around the border represents the resulting spoils (power, wealth, and other authorities) from the relationship and current status quo. The degree of vibrance dictates the quantitative value – in layman brighter equals more.

The objective of the arrogant elites is to utilize Tier 1 and Tier 2 “useful idiots” to manipulate the masses into legitimizing their regime. A classic Tier 1 “useful idiot” – for instance – would be the so-called Rev. Al Sharpton, who in return, is allowed to pursue their own selfish ambition, i.e., financial gain and political influence. Ultimately, if they hope to continue to enjoy their position, they must remain relevant in order to preserve the status quo that serves the arrogant elites. Tier 1 is civil in nature, as they have the logistical ability to be in and around the masses in civil society.

In terms of importance, a point that cannot be understated, is that the arrogant elites will provide support for Tier 1 “useful idiots” through the arbitrary treatment of groups within taxing and other government authorities. An example of this is on full display now with the IRS targeting of Tea Party and other conservative groups. We have yet to hear of one pastor, such as Father Pflager or any of the NAACP card-carrying pastors who are opposed to “stand your ground” being targeted for violating 501(c) restrictions.

Tier 2 – largely made up of the Fourth Estate media – shares all the motivations and objectives of Tier 1, but they have the added task of targeting fringe elements within another demographic. For perspective, the progressive plantation has convinced black communities throughout the nation to forfeit their right of self-protection, as urban centers vote Democratic and they live with war-zones like Chicago without any chance to defend themselves. Big government attempting to disarm the black community is nothing new, but white Americans – even Democrats – have thus far refused to forfeit the Second Amendment, and they are empowered for it.

Nevertheless, there are always ignorant white liberals who drink the Kool-Aid with no consideration to consequence, and the media plays an enormous role in their public opinion.

Rational ignorance bleeds into both Tier 1 and Tier 2 “useful idiots” from time to time, but we must always remain skeptical. It is difficult to tell, for instance, whether or not Rand intentionally misleads those she claims to be representing the best interests of. Of course, during my days in academia I witnessed many educations that were completely overwhelmed by the progressive agenda, but I am always inclined to think along the lines of a more sinister motivation.

Notice that the spoils of this status quo is weakest among the people. They support Tier 1 “useful idiots” and the arrogant elite, ironically, because they believe that they are on their side. They believe that they will affect the change that will, ultimately, lead to the betterment of their people and community. They could not be more wrong, and the exact opposite is the end result.

no justice no peace

The death of Trayvon Martin was tragic, but there is no such thing as justice for any one individual. Lady Justice is blind for a reason. All that she cares about is equality under the law, not equality of result. The disproportionate amount of prosecutions and convictions among black Americans in our justice system is a result of the status quo, and the fact that they commit a disproportionate amount of crime. Black communities are intentionally kept downtrodden and rationally ignorant, because they need them to remain in power, or keep the status quo; however, that unfortunately, requires a comfortable level of poverty, which leads to violence. It’s Sociology 101, or the Natural Law.

Are black Americans unable, or doomed to the progressive plantation? Absolutely not, so says the ultimate authority on “justice” in western philosophy.

Cicero called the Natural Law – God’s Law – “right reason.” The ability to understand such a law he referred to as “wisdom,” and when applied to the commonwealth regulation of human affairs – “justice.” The “True Law” he described, was “right reason in agreement with nature,” and “Justice is the crowning glory of the virtues.” On the question of humankind’s understanding of justice:

In fact, there is no human being of any race who, if he finds a guide, cannot attain to virtue.

Let us, true conservatives, be that guide to all Americans who are in need. Our very liberty depends upon it.

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Rich, the People's Pundit, is the Data Journalism Editor at PPD and Director of the PPD Election Projection Model. He is also the Director of Big Data Poll, and author of "Our Virtuous Republic: The Forgotten Clause in the American Social Contract."

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