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Monday, December 4, 2023
HomeOpinionBuilding A New And Unbeatable Conservative Republican Party Coalition

Building A New And Unbeatable Conservative Republican Party Coalition

This is the fifth and last article in a series culminating with a plan to build a new and unbeatable conservative Republican Party coalition. Before we get into the nuts and bolts of the plan the GOP must implement, let’s take a second to do a recap.

In the first article we combed through the new Census data from the 2012 presidential election, which demolished the prevailing theory in the Washington Beltway that holds the Hispanic vote was decisive on Election Day. That was simply not the case, and surprise, the establishment is either buying or pushing an electoral fallacy. The second article focused on the joint AEI-Harvard study that crunched raw vote totals to assess the impact of the IRS targeting of Tea Party and other conservative groups on the 2012 presidential election. The third article observed patterns and trends in the Hispanic vote. Then, we compared those patterns to other past Catholic immigrant voting patterns to conclude that Democrats will never secure the border, because they need to exploit new waves of immigrants who overwhelmingly vote Democratic. They reneged on the 1986 immigration reform bill, and they will renege again, because new immigrants support the Democratic Party, but their children and grandchildren undergo a right-ward shift. The fourth article, “The Real Reason(s) Obama’s Approval Tanked” identified the three major reason for Obama’s recent fall from grace, and I would like to pick back up from there.

“Hypocrites!” The GOP Has To Stop Hanging Out With The Money Changers

True conservatism looks more like the libertarian platform than it does the practice and the platform of the Republican Party. Given the opportunity by the Obama administration on a silver platter, Republicans have a very real chance to earn the youth vote with a more liberty based message, which I will discuss in a future article. For now, however, we will stick with the fundamentals. On average, more than 40% of Americans self-identify as conservative, while never in Gallup’s polling history has the number ever exceeded 20% for liberals. As a matter of economic conservatives, the numbers dropped slightly this year, but the trend is obvious.

Conservatives have coined the term “RINO” for a reason – Republicans in name only – because there is a good deal of lawmakers in Washington who have an “R” next to their name, but they are no different from progressives. This is because they are progressives on both domestic and foreign policy issues. A large wing of the party – termed neoconservatives – are liberal internationalists who used to identify with the Democratic Party. Nixon Republicans, too, were socially conservative but economically liberal, who favored big government programs. But all that matters on Election Day is how many Republican voters, not politicians, are sacrificed by shifting the GOP to a more conservative populous-based economic message, and because they make up roughly 6% of the Republican Party, I say good riddance. We can easily trade them off for other voters, who up until now, we have ostracized.

Republicans will never gain anti-big government credibility with minorities – who we will discuss below – and the 6.5 million white voters who chose to sit out the 2012 election, until they purge the party of the hypocrites – big business cronies. Nominating a billionaire plutocrat – although I believe Romney is a good man – certainly did not inspire the 6.5 million white voters who Sean Trende correctly deemed the “Ross Perot” voters. They are America-firsters in domestic and foreign policy, but cannot stand the big government-big business marriage, and even though this resembles a minority of the Republican Party, the progressive GOP leadership has attempted to beat Democratic progressives at their own game, by playing by their rules, in their state-run media territory, and that is the losing strategy responsible for how a largely right-of-center country elects leftist loonies.

This is even more interesting when we view the trend over time. Interestingly enough, President Obama has presided over a decidedly right-ward shift, a shift that is far greater than what occurred before and under President Reagan’s administration. In the graph below, which uses an omnibus measure of the public’s support for government programs that was created by political scientist James Stimson from who gathered hundreds of different survey questions, we can easily observe that the prevailing wisdom calling for the imminent destruction of the Republican party is incorrect. In this graph, the absolute numbers are arbitrary; by itself, “50” doesn’t mean anything. What is important is how the numbers shift over time.

You Cannot Win The Game If You Don’t Play 

If we add the 6.5 million white voters, and assume that Romney won the 60% share as he did nationwide, then Obama’s margin still would have won the election by a nationwide margin of 2.7%. Republicans have another path, which is not circulating in the Beltway, but nevertheless is realistic if we stick to our principles and stop playing by their rules, or continue to not play at all.

Historically, the Republican share of the black vote is somewhere in the ballpark of 10%, and unsurprisingly, under Barack Obama that share decreased. But the real story is the share of the electorate that black voters represented in the 2012 election. In 2008, that share raised from the traditional 10% to 13% and much to the surprise of GOP strategists stayed at 13% in 2013. Whatever the reason for the drop in the GOP share and increase in the black vote, is frankly irrelevant. My instinct tells me that the chance to cast a historic vote in 2008 swelled the voter rolls, and once you are on those rolls they know who and where you are. However, why black Americans vote Democratic and if or what we can do about that trend is an interesting discussion.

If Romney would have won the GOP’s historical share of the black vote, then Obama’s margin would have shrunk from 4% down to 1%. Add to that number the impact of the IRS targeting (5 – 8.5 million votes), and the 6.5 million white Ross Perot voters (conservatively assuming Romney won the same 60% – 40% split), and we are looking at a significant Republican victory without passing immigration reform. But we should be winning more of the black vote, regardless of whether or not it returns to a 10% share of electorate. Ironically, the way to do so requires sticking to our socially conservative principles.

As we can see from the chart above, the Democratic Party is becoming a party that is more composed of “pure liberals,” as more are identifying with the liberal anti-traditional values platform and black voters are socially conservative. By sticking to conservative principles we run the risk of losing the 6% in the Republican Party who identify with progressives on social issues, but we stand a very real chance of picking up an even greater number of socially conservative Democrats who are losing their home. Of course, if we do not adopt the more populous-based economic message, then the chances of doing so are nil.

Because of the progressive plantation, black Americans are the exception to the rule and relationship observed between religious observation and party identification. While they are the ethnic group of Americans most likely to identify with religion, they are the least likely to identify as a Republican. The cage of political correctness, the intentional effort by white liberals to keep them uneducated and downtrodden, as well as the community leaders’ treachery can and must end. It is common to hear that Hispanics are natural Republicans, but that applies to black Americans far more than Hispanics.

I am aware that some strategists may find this analysis and proposal extreme, idealistic and unrealistic. I however, am not the pessimistic conservative that John Boehner’s consultant is. No one is looking at the grand historical scheme of things. If the Democratic Party was successful in their efforts to switch the black vote from our party to theirs when we are the party of Frederick Douglas and Rev. Martin Luther King, then we can be successful in earning the vote from the those who support the party of the so-called Revs. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

Time To Take The GOP Out Of The Republican Party

The technology deficit is a real problem, and as a member of the Romney ORCA GOTV team, I had seen first hand how bad it truly is. The voter identification, data mining, and personalized messaging approach by the Obama campaign outclassed us badly. They literally were funding community representatives who would invite minorities and swing voters over to their houses to have a BBQ. That is pretty hard to compete with, but not impossible. Playing catchup to the Democratic machine is already well underway, however, it is useless if we use the apparatus to help the same tired old candidates sell a message in the same old neighborhoods.

Senator Rand Paul (KY) and Governor Bobby Jindal (LA), for instance, have heard this message loud and clear, and it was refreshing to see Paul be the first Republican to visit an all black college. Yet, reversing 4o years of lies is going to take a much bolder message, and much different candidates. We must not be afraid to scream from a ghetto roof top that both Democrats as well as their so-called community leaders are enslaving them, and making a ton of money doing it. Minorities care about education, healthcare, and black voters are even more inclined to oppose immigration than white voters. Now is not the time to abandon our conservative principles, it is just the time to explain to them what those principles are for the first time, and then purge the party of those who do not live by them in an effort to cast aside the hypocritical stigma.

Patience Is A Virtue, The Natural Law Is Working

Barring the implementation of either of these measures the GOP still has a significant long-term advantage. That is, of course, if they don’t shoot themselves in the foot by opening the flood gates to a new wave of millions upon millions of Democratic voters who will instantly be enfranchised. As I noted in the third article, the natural right-ward trend observed in past Catholic immigrant voting blocs is present in the Hispanic vote, thus they need new immigrants to counter the shift. But there is a bigger trend that no one seems to recognize.

The faithful are outproducing their secular liberal counterparts, by a lot. Someone has finally noticed, as I read Ann Coulter cite M. Stanton Evans recently. But it is a much bigger problem for liberals than pundits have thus far made it out to be. In God’s little rabbits: Religious people out-reproduce secular ones by a landslide, Jesse Bering, a liberal research psychologist and writer for Scientific American, piggy backed off of Oxford studies and the research of Michael Blume who demonstrated the relationship between religiosity and reproduction. He writes:

In fact, Blume’s research also shows quite vividly that secular, nonreligious people are being dramatically out-reproduced by religious people of any faith. Across a broad swath of demographic data relating to religiosity, the godly are gaining traction in offspring produced.

It is by how and where these gains are being made that has the Democrats petrified. Why do you think that they need to push legislation that ensures millions of new Democratic voters? Our electoral college is based upon population, and I will give you one guess where population is exploding and where population increases are lacking. Are you surprised? They are an ideology that favors the killing of their offspring and the marriage of couples who cannot naturally have children – yet. As Bering points out, progressive scientists are desperately trying to genetically modify homosexuals so that they may reproduce. I am not joking. But that is also because it is a matter of evolutionary health. He writes:

People really do need to reproduce, either directly or indirectly, for nature to continue operating on their genes. This is not the “reason” or “purpose” we’re here, as that would insinuate some form of intelligent design for human existence, rather it’s just a mechanical fact.

In other words, there is no God, but we need to figure out how to modify Nature’s design, because the natural order that this nonexistent God has created is unhealthy for homosexuals. How do you suppose the extremely religious black community would react to that knowledge? In “Our Virtuous Republic,” I document this Natural Law in great detail and the same is true for supposed “New Atheists.” As Blume writes as well:

For atheists it is the ultimate irony. Evolution, the process they believe is solely responsible for creating humanity, actually weeds out non-believers while favouring the religious, new research has shown.

Appeal To The God-Like Qualities Of Humankind, Not The Animal

Progressivism, at its core, is an ideology that sells human potential short, while conservatism is just the opposite. I have written a whole book documenting this fact, the far-reaching psychological implications for society, and forced the reader to make a choice in the end. Do you believe that we – humans – are capable of something greater, or are we doomed to be rationally ignorant creatures? What kind of world do you want your children to live in, and what kind of people do you want your children to be?

If the answers are negative, then this experiment in self-government is a failure. I refuse to believe that. In my research the common thread found in human behavior is that we are all cut from the same spiritual clothe. We all – no matter color or creed – want the best for ourselves and our children. We all want to be successful and see our children become the same.

If the Obama campaign, among progressives in general, wants to use behavioral psychology to appeal to our inner animal, then let us appeal to our inner Godlike qualities, our aspirations, our desire for betterment, empowerment and strength. Let them be the party who professes an ideology that believes in our innate evilness and flaws, and we will be the party that believes in our innate goodness and imperfect perfection. If we lead and inspire, Americans of all colors and communities will follow.

Written by
Data Journalism Editor

Rich, the People's Pundit, is the Data Journalism Editor at PPD and Director of the PPD Election Projection Model. He is also the Director of Big Data Poll, and author of "Our Virtuous Republic: The Forgotten Clause in the American Social Contract."

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