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Thursday, April 25, 2024
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Polls: Ted Cruz Not “Effectively Tied With Donald Trump” in North Carolina


Trump Leads Cruz Head-to-Head Matchup in Tar Heel State


Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz speaks to supporters at Keep The Promise event supporting his campaign at the zMax Dragway in Concord, N.C. (PHOTO CREDIT: DAVID T. FOSTER III)

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz ramped up his claims over the weekend that he is “effectively tied with Donald Trump” in North Carolina, but new polls show it’s not true. In fact, old and new polls show frontrunner Donald J. Trump holds and has held a statistically significant lead over Sen. Cruz since August.

“North Carolina is a battleground,” Sen. Cruz also told the audience.

But, according to a new [content_tooltip id=”38022″] survey in the Tar Heel State, Sen. Cruz trails Mr. Trump by 11 points, with Trump polling at 44% to 33% for Ted Cruz, 11% for John Kasich, and 7% for Marco Rubio. Trump has been building up a lead among early voters–he’s at 46% to 38% for Cruz, 11% for Kasich, and 4% for Rubio–while he also leads among those planning to vote on election day. On Tuesday, Trump gets 43% to 32% for Cruz, 11% for Kasich, and 8% for Rubio.

The poll also debunks another claim made by the frontrunner’s rivals and the #NeverTrump movement, which mirrors other surveys taken in the last several weeks. In a hypothetical two-man race, Mr. Trump defeats Sen. Cruz 49% to 43%.

“The political game is largely about perception,” said PPD’s senior political analyst Richard Baris. “Politicians try to portray that they are either winning or still in the fight. That’s their job and we expect nothing less. But it’s our job to tell the truth, which is that in aggregate data Sen. Cruz has not been leading Mr. Trump head-to-head in upcoming states for a number of weeks.”

“That’s his ultimate problem. His strong states are either in the Trump column are already behind him.”

As has been the case all cycle, Mr. Trump’s support is more solid than his rival’s support, with 89% saying they’ll definitely be voting and voting for him. That’s compared to 84% who say the same about Sen. Cruz, 68% for Sen. Rubio, and just 65% for Gov. Kasich. If the aggregate polling is correct, Sen. Cruz would literally need all of those Rubio and Kasich voters to vote for him with Mr. Trump already at about half the vote.

Trump has led in North Carolina Republican Primary polls since the summer and now leads on the PPD average of polls in the Tar Heel State by nearly 13 points. A recent [content_tooltip id=”37972″ title=”SurveyUSA Poll”] also found Mr. Trump’s at a near majority, dealing a significant blow to the #NeverTrump crowd.

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Led by R. D. Baris, the People's Pundit, the PPD Elections Staff conducts polling and covers news about latest polls, election results and election data.

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  • Cruz has fought and won multiple large cases in the Supreme Court: he fought and won when a liberal group wanted to tear down a large veteran memorial cross on California, he fought and won to keep the phrase “Under God” in the pledge, he fought and won a serious 2nd amendment case, he fought and won when the United Nations attempted to interfere with the laws of Texas (even though George Bush supported the UN’s position. Name one other candidate who has done half as much in the fight to uphold Liberty. There is a very real reason he is not liked in the Senate; because he does what he pledged to his constituents. Heck, I am not even a Texan; and I am really impressed with his integrity. He is no blatherskite, like another famous candidate is.
    apparently Obama being elected taught Americans nothing !! TRUMP has no clue about anything, he doesn’t know anything about the Gov’t other than he has been buying personal favors for decades from the Democrats. he thought Obama gave Iran tax dollars, he rant on and on and on how he would Never have given them tax dollars, then he was informed by the host that it was Irans frozen assets… he was embarrassed to say the least…. Cruz has a impeccable resume, he has tried many cases before the Supreme court as well, we need a POTUS that loves our constitution and will help us the people, not a 1%er Billionaire with a GIANT ego, ill temper, who curses, makes fun of people and call others names.. Not to mention all the lies after lies… what few other things he has said HE WILL DO, he can’t do without congress.. Like I said he is not qualified His branded lines are made In MEXICO and CHINA,he is pro single payer, pro gun control and pro big gov’t.. he has 168 pending LAWSUITS against him right now, bankrupted 4 companies

    • It will be good if Trump selects Ted as justice, but Teds dirty politics in this race has hurt him. I really liked him until then. He cant even talk without putting down Trump, that is how Cruz lost me as a supporter. I don’t trust him anymore

  • The Trump stooge writer is full of crapola. There are very recent polls showing Cruz crushes Trump one on one, including an ABC News/Washington Post poll released on March 8, 2016. see http://www.langerresearch.com/wp-content/uploads/1176a1The2016Primaries.pdf

    Send this hack writer packing.

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