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Thursday, January 20, 2022
HomeNewsPoliticsBlack UNO Student: “I’ll Take White Supremacists (Over Liberals) Any Day”

Black UNO Student: “I’ll Take White Supremacists (Over Liberals) Any Day”

[brid video=”7696″ player=”1929″ title=”Chloe Valdary Real Racism From ‘Condescending’ Progressives Judging Blacks Differently”]
Chloe Valdary, a student at the University of New Orleans, is the star of an Internet video discussing elements to the race debate the American left tries to ignore. In the video, Ms. Valdary calls out “condescending” progressives, who “cloak themselves in self-righteousness,” for practicing the ultimate form of racism and disallowing a real debate on race relations to move forward.

“Many people feel that they have to treat blacks with kid gloves. They think this is noble, enlightened, progressive. It’s not,” Valdary said. “It’s demeaning and condescending. In fact, it’s racist.”

In the video, which was produced for Prager University, Valdary shared a story about her anthropology professor, whom she had previously thought very highly of until she decided to discuss the case of Michael Brown, the 18-year-old black teenager who was justifiably shot in Ferguson, Missouri. Brown attempted to take a firearm from a white police officer and charged him. The professor agreed with another student who had said that “the facts ultimately do not matter.” Instead, the student continued, “all that matters is that a black boy was killed by a white cop.”

Valdary says that was the moment she realized she wasn’t witnessing a thoughtful and compassionate point of view toward the black plight, but rather a form of racism itself that reduces societal standards for black Americans by legitimizing or making excuses for otherwise unacceptable behavior.

“Does this apply to Hispanics, South East Asians, Pacific Islanders? Of course, not,” she said. “But we, the enlightened ones, are ready with a pre-packaged list of excuses when blacks riot and loot.”

The endless excuse-making from Baltimore politicians, including the mayor who said she wanted “to give them [protestors] space to destroy,” underscores Valdary’s point. Incessant punditry on MSNBC this week is littered with examples, as well. Further, as Valdary notes, so is the utter lack of reverence for truth, true justice and facts.

“If a white cop kills a white kid, the facts matter. If a black cop kills a black kid, the facts matter. If a black cop kills a white kid, the facts matter. If a white cop kills a black kid, the facts matter. To suggest anything else is to perpetuate discrimination; the very thing those who claim to espouse social justice claim to want to end,” Valdary said. “Anyone who excuses blacks for bad behavior obviously doesn’t consider blacks their equal. Rather, they view blacks as children unable to adhere to standards to which every other group is held. Think carefully about that.”

Valdary argues that the only difference between the view of the “enlightened ones” and white supremacists is that white supremacists are honest and open. They believe blacks are inferior, period, as opposed to those who are “condescending to blacks” and “cloak themselves in self-righteousness.”

As far as which group is worse, or even more dangerous to blacks, all Americans and society, Ms. Valdary’s view is very clear.

“I’ll take the white supremacists any day. There are very few of them. They have no power and I can easily prove them wrong,” she said. “But how do I shake off the condescenders, the patronizers? There are a lot of them. They have a lot of power and they think they mean well.”

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