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Sunday, May 19, 2024
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After Publishing ObamaCare Study Website Suffers Unprecedented Attack

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My name is Richard D. Baris, and I am the Creator/Editor and Senior Political Analyst of PeoplesPunditDaily.com.

After weeks of research and interviews, we released a PPD study the weekend after Halloween that concluded 145 million Americans will see their current health care plans cancelled. Thankfully, the study was widely circulated through social media and other websites, including a summary appearing on Tea Party Tribune.

Our site was viciously attacked, which shut the site down for over 24 hours. Sites are attacked online all of the time, it isn’t exactly unheard of in the age of information. Our security company suggested we bait them, which we did with a Tweet, because the first attack came immediately after sending Fox News’ Megyn Kelly the link to the study:

Again, the site was attacked and we were forced to shut it down to protect our data and servers. I know conservatives can be a bit overly skeptical at times, but when the site was again attacked immediately following the tweet, after being up for only a period of hours, it began to get a bit suspicious.

After again consulting with my hosting and security companies, it became painfully obvious the attacks were not random. In fact, not that I want to give them any credit, it was no ordinary attack. Furthermore, it is extremely rare for an attack of this magnitude, and even more rare for one site to experience such attacks back-to-back.

Why would they, whomever it may be, want to attack People’s Pundit Daily?

Because the media is ignoring or under covering the damage ObamaCare will have on Americans. “Mainstream” pundits and so-called “experts” are more concerned with their reputations than they are with giving Americans accurate data. For instance, employer-sponsored plans, which will not be subject to ObamaCare regulations until a full year after individuals, will be cancelled and transformed into something unrecognizable to Americans today.

People’s Pundit Daily, for the first time, was alerting Americans before two pivotal elections that the vast majority of them — roughly 145 million — will lose their health care plans.

President Obama repeatedly promised that, “if you like your health care plan, then you can keep your health care plan; if you like your doctor, then you can keep your doctor, period. End of story.” Though Obama has apologized, well sort of, the reality is that was never the case, and during the implementation of ObamaCare through the end of 2014, the number of Americans who will lose their current health care plan is far more than the media are reporting.

As if that alone is not despicable enough, during out research we discovered what blatantly appeared to be a systematic, methodical increase in the “Essential Health Benefit Standards” over time, until Health and Human Services ensured virtually all of our previous policies will be ineligible.

Another study by healthcare economist Christopher Conover at the Center for Health Policy & Inequalities Research at Duke University, found that an estimated 129 million people could lose their previous health coverage due to a combination of factors, including the cancellations of existing plans. Megyn Kelly reported on the study, which prompted me to send her the article from People’s Pundit Daily on Twitter.

Whether the attack was perpetrated by hacker-proponents of ObamaCare, or the government itself, is irrelevant. This administration has a long, documented history of pulling the levers of government bureaucracy to silence or attack his opposition. We saw this tyranny manifest during Fast and Furious, Benghazi, the IRS targeting of Tea Party groups, the Stalin-like intrusion into reporters’ lives at the Associated Press, the naming of James Rosen as a potential co-conspirator in order to violate the Fourth Amendment, the unconstitutional surveillance of law-abiding citizens by the NSA, and so on.

Though the numbers keep climbing, the attacks on our site is validating to what we firmly believe, which is that other studies are lowballing the numbers and that our study is correct. Someone didn’t want that information out. Please help us share this study so it reaches as many Americans as possible. Together, we can force the media to tell Americans the truth, for once. But most important, we must send a message to the Left that they do not have a monopoly on information, and information cannot be censored when it reveals their fraudulent ideology for what it is.

Fellow-Americans, this law will hurt us, all of us. There will be no choice, no second opinions, no “affordable” health care for anyone. The government has not been honest with any of us about anything, thus they are not trustworthy to wield this amount of power with this amount of access to our privacy. I am not a prophet, but I am a pragmatist, and I am inclined to believe that ObamaCare is different from all of the prior issues the president has been able to game the people on.

Of course, they must have the information before they can be outraged by it. Please help us fight them back with knowledge, and share the study below with friends and family.

PPD Study: 145 Million Health Insurance Plans Will Be Cancelled

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Rich, the People's Pundit, is the Data Journalism Editor at PPD and Director of the PPD Election Projection Model. He is also the Director of Big Data Poll, and author of "Our Virtuous Republic: The Forgotten Clause in the American Social Contract."

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