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Thursday, April 25, 2024
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Media Ignoring Reports Obama Knew Of ISIS Threat For At Least A Year

obama dempsey
obama dempsey

President Barack Obama talks with Gen. Martin Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, outside the Oval Office following a meeting in the Situation Room of the White House, June 19, 2014. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

A new analysis released by the Media Research Center claims the major news networks are ignoring reports that President Obama was fully aware of the ISIS threat for at least one year.

“On Tuesday night, the three major broadcast networks omitted from their coverage on the Islamic group ISIS a report that President Barack Obama has received briefings on the terrorist organization for at least a year,” the report said.

A senior Pentagon official said that President Obama was given “detailed and specific intelligence” regarding the rise of the Islamic State during his daily briefing at least a year before the group began seizing vast amounts of territory in Iraq and Syria over the summer.

“ABC, CBS, and NBC all led their evening newscasts with multiple segments on the gruesome murder of American journalist Stephen Sotloff at the hands of ISIS in a propaganda video,” the report adds. Yet, not a single second was dedicated to the report from Catherine Herridge. A follow up analysis by PPD also concluded Wednesday’s coverage completely ignored the report.

PPD recently reported on another report from the West Point counterterrorism center, which said the Obama administration consistently ignored actionable intelligence suggesting ISIS was rising over a four-year period that directly paralleled the U.S. withdrawal from Iraq.

The claims made by Herridge’s source puts the West Point report into perspective. The report’s author, Michael Knights of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, painted a picture of a president more concerned with political calculus than national security. However, according to the Media Research Center, the major broadcast networks didn’t view the reports as newsworthy content.

The dueling reports underscore what has become an adversarial relationship between the president, the Pentagon and various other intel agencies. White House Press Secretaries Josh Earnest, and to a greater extent his predecessor Jay Carney, have repeatedly indicated that foreign crises under the administration’s tenure were a result of intelligence failures, rather than greater failures of Obama’s foreign policy.

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  • OK, so we have a new source of ‘clown’ news. Congratulations People’s Pundit Daily, you’ve joined Breitbart and NewsMax as one of the stupidest websites in the world. Just to make sure you understand the award, it comes for stating something that every person with living brain tissue in their skull already knew (that Obama knew of ISIS a year ago) and for then taking your stupidity even one step further and noting that the Mainstream Media has been ‘ignoring the story’, when in fact it very clearly ISN’T A STORY!!! (see we have this thing called an intelligence service that reports things like the existence of ISIS and normal procedure is not to broadcast what we learn from the intelligence community to the general public… but why am I explaining this, you either already know it or are simply too stupid to ever grasp any concepts….)

    Your prize of white facepaint, red rubber nose and floppy shoes is winging it’s way to you as we speak. I recommend you stop typing and wait by the front door for it’s arrival. Please. Wait as long as it takes. Thanks.

    • Since Obama knew about the ISIS threat for at least a year, are you not flabbergasted that to this day, he has and I quote, “No strategy”? What kind of leadership is that? Btw the third person singular possessive is ITS, not IT’S. (Not trying to be a grammar Nazi but somebody has to whine about this pervasive mistake.)

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