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Monday, July 15, 2024
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Daniel Chong and the Eric Holder ‘Hierarchy of Life Importance Spectrometer’

daniel chong

Eric Holder is no enigma, and the case of Daniel Chong certainly cleared up any misgivings one may have had about his ideology. But before we get further into Eric Holder and a complete arbitrary performance of his job duties, it’s backstory time.

Daniel Chong, a University of California San Diego student left unmonitored in a holding cell for five days by the Drug Enforcement Administration, would be a good person to ask whether or not government is a force for good. The feds have settled on a lawsuit for $4.1 million, his attorney said Tuesday.

“This was a mistake of unbelievable and unimaginable proportions,” said attorney Julia Yoo. Daniel Chong, 25, drank his own urine to survive and even broke his eyeglasses to carve a farewell note to his mother into his arm before authorities discovered him severely dehydrated after a 2012 drug raid in San Diego.

Chong was detained on the morning of April 21 when DEA agents raided a house they suspected was being used to distribute MDMA, commonly known as “ecstasy.”

A multiagency narcotics task force, including state agents, detained nine people and seized about 18,000 ecstasy pills, marijuana, prescription medications, hallucinogenic mushrooms, several guns and thousands of rounds of ammunition from the house, according to the DEA.

It wasn’t until the afternoon of Wednesday, April 25, that an agent opened the steel door to Chong’s cell and found the handcuffed student, Chong’s attorney Gene Iredale said last year. So much for “innocent until proven guilty” I guess.

Upon his release, Mr. Chong told CNN affiliate KNSD that he was visiting a friend and knew nothing about the presence of drugs and guns. He was never formally arrested or charged, the DEA said. As it turned out, he was telling the truth and unfortunately happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

While detained, Chong had given up and accepted death, using a shard of glass to carve “Sorry Mom” onto his arm as a farewell message, Yoo said. Chong lost 15 pounds in 4 1/2 days and suffered from severe post-traumatic stress disorder, she said.

“He’s the strongest person I have ever met,” Yoo said. “As a result of his case, it’s one of the primary reasons the DEA placed a nationwide policy that calls on each agent at satellite offices to check on the well-being of prisoners in their cells on a daily basis,” Yoo said.

A spokeswoman from the San Diego office of the DEA declined to comment about the settlement but said a review of their procedures and protocols was conducted and submitted to the inspector general’s office at the Department of Justice. To this very day, not one – not one – DEA agent or any other government official has been fired let alone reprimanded. Senator Chuck Grassley the Judiciary Committee’s ranking Republican, on Tuesday renewed his call for the DEA to explain the incident.

“How did this incident happen? Has there been any disciplinary action against the responsible employees? And has the agency taken major steps to prevent an incident like this from happening again?” he said.

Another question that should come to everyone’s mind: where’s Attorney General Eric Holder? Just last week he was on a crusade to take down any person in America who violates the civil rights of minorities. In fact, he was even willing to take down George Zimmerman, who never violated anyone’s civil rights, was acquitted by an all-women jury, and cleared by Holder’s own investigative branch of the Justice Department. Is an Asian-American student’s life worth less than the life of a teenage black gang-banger?

Okay, just so we are clear, in American society according to Eric Holder, in order of importance by race is white life first, followed by black life, and then lastly the lives of Asians. But where do Hispanics fall into this equation? Oh that’s right, Zimmerman was Hispanic – not white – so they must come in dead last on the “Eric Holder Hierarchy Of Life Importance Spectrometer.” As seen below, I have created a little graphic to give us a visual aid to help get into the distorted mind of this derelict. We can only assume that to be the case, because we have yet – stressing “yet” – to see a witch-hunt conducted on an Asian-American. Unbelievable hypocrisy.

Eric Holder Hierarchy Of Life Importance Spectrometer

White Americans, to be sure, do not get the same treatment as the New Black Panther Party, thus we can only conclude that in Attorney General Eric Holder’s ideal American society they are no longer at the top of the hierarchy as he views whites to be now. However, voter intimidation is hardly as cruel as the cruel and unusual punishment endured by Daniel Chong, therefore, we cannot make an informed judgement to place whites below Asians in the “Eric Holder Hierarchy Of Life Importance Spectrometer.”

But it is still safe to put Hispanics on the bottom of the hierarchy, because of Eric Holder’s willingness to go above and beyond the powers and duty of his office to prosecute a member of the Hispanic race, and illegally sell guns that will most assuredly be used to kill Hispanics (for reference please see “Fast & Furious”).

Since the incident, Chong has returned to complete his undergraduate degree at UC San Diego, Yoo said. “He changed his major from engineering to economics and wants to finish school, pursue his career and help take care of his mother.”

For those of you who have read my book and past columns, you may be wondering why I consistently create illustrations that are hierarchical in nature. If you haven’t figure it out yet, the answer is actually a product of the simple-minded nature of liberalism, or progressivism – whatever label you want to slap on it. They are all about some citizens, some people being better than others. At its core, it is a very divisive philosophy that separates the very bonds that hold a “nation” together, because collectivism is anti-nationalism in nature.

The entire argument is a lie.

Liberal progressives are always arguing a false moral imperative to justify an active and powerful central government. They pride themselves on being supposed intellectuals who scoff at the natural skepticism from the right toward government’s nature, intention and competency. I don’t think that Daniel Chong would find anything about the cruelty of government tyranny something to scoff at. Who are the intellectuals now, and who are the ones using good old fashion, God-given common sense?

I would hope that Eric Holder and the liberals who blindly support him and his garbage boss would take the time to read this, perhaps even clear up why I am wrong. But I am sure they are too busy running guns to Hispanics, the last ethnicity on the “Eric Holder Hierarchy Of Life Importance Spectrometer.”

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Rich, the People's Pundit, is the Data Journalism Editor at PPD and Director of the PPD Election Projection Model. He is also the Director of Big Data Poll, and author of "Our Virtuous Republic: The Forgotten Clause in the American Social Contract."

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