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Friday, July 19, 2024
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Rev. Jesse Jackson Is No Man Of God, Just Our ‘Daily Dunce’

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Mental health experts say that mental illness runs in the family. And listening to the so-called Rev. Jesse Jackson, I am tempted to believe that his son was not just gaming the system to avoid a long prison sentence, after all. Today’s People’s Pundit Daily Dunce is the so-called Rev. Jesse Jackson, who is desperately and pathetically holding on to a bygone age when his role as an agitator was effective.

While being interviewed by Ed Schultz on October 8, he was asked, “Your take on what we’re facing right now in this country?”

Ignoring our $17 trillion national debt, black-on-black crime due to the dissolution of the traditional family in black neighborhoods, 70 percent-plus out-of-wedlock birth-rates among black children, skyrocketing unemployment within black communities who support him and a failed president breaking promises daily, Jesse Jackson chose instead to reply:

Looking at the resize of the Confederacy, the same group narrowly conceived — anti-labor, anti-racial justice, anti-gender equality, anti-the big American dream, that tried to take us down in 1860. It was the Fort Sumter tea party, its progenitor, and Lincoln had to fight a war to establish the Union from them and to end slavery. This is the resurrection of the Confederacy.

Whether you agree or disagree with the Tea Party on a host of issues, the Tea Party is none of the disgusting adjectives that Jesse Jackson pathetically used to describe them. Despite the leftists agitation mindset, America — the essence of which, Jesse Jackson can never comprehend — is a place where people can disagree with each other and still be respectful. But only simpleton dunces sink to this level of name-calling, because they are intellectually deficient and cannot make an actual argument, as I will now do in response to his names one-by-one.

But before I do, consider these three questions: Is it the Tea Party’s fault that this president — who happens to be a member of his party — is a failure as a leader? Is the Tea Party what is truly wrong with America when they simply stand against a law that a supermajority of Americans cannot accept? Or, perhaps, is it the culture of back-room back-slaps — the kind of back-room back-slaps that landed his son in prison — rather than the culture of the Constitution that is truly causing negative political discourse in America?

  • Opposing the labor-induced bankrupting of major American cities does not constitute being a proponent of worker enslavement.
  • Dreaming of an America where citizens are “judged by the content of their character and not the color of their skin” — per Martin Luther King Jr. — does not mean white people with political leanings toward the right are attempting to reinstate Jim Crow.
  • Being a proponent of the traditional family — because you observe the alternative is none other than the 70 percent-plus out-of-wedlock birth-rate, which Jackson is too much of a coward to fight against in the black community — does not mean you want to slide a pair of flip-flops on all women and shove them back into the kitchen.
  • Favoring a limited government that does not pick winners and losers based upon political connections — as his son did when he was in office before he was sentenced to 2.5 years in prison — does not mean you are “anti-the big American Dream.”

Consequently, I have never even heard of that expression before. It sounded as if his big mouth almost slipped and said what he really meant to say; that if you oppose liberal policies, then you are “anti-big government.”

What he really meant to say is that the Tea Party is anti-some twisted liberal form of the American Dream, where an all-powerful government cares for your every need, because you are too weak to be self-reliant or, at least, ready and willing to learn the skills necessary to become so.

Nevertheless, Rev. Jesse Jackson is no man of God, because faithful leaders believe God gifted all of us with free will so that we might choose to follow His moral law and treat others with respect and dignity. They lead their people to freedom as Moses led the Jews out of Egypt, not into enslavement by a centralized progressive plantation. And certainly not for his 20 pieces of silver while his people suffer.

No, indeed, Jesse Jackson is no man of God, just our Daily Dunce.

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