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Friday, July 19, 2024
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Jay Carney: A Story Of A Man Who Went From Journalist To Daily Dunce

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Something tells us at People’s Pundit Daily that this is the first time — but certainly not the last — that we will name Jay Carney our Daily Dunce.

If you think about it, Jay Carney epitomizes a true Daily Dunce candidate, especially because of the fact that it is his actual job to make a fool of himself, daily. Today at the White House press conference, Jay Carney gave us a number of whoppers that we could pick and peel, but one is enough.

Carney said, “what has always been true, is that this president is willing to sit down, roll up his sleeves and work out a common sense…uhum…budget agreement with Republicans that embodies both his objectives…um… and Republican objectives in a compromise that achieves not everything he wants and not everything that the Republicans want.”

Actually, Mr. Jay Carney, we are in the position we are in today particularly due to Barack Obama being both unwilling and unable to “sit down, roll up his sleeves, and work out a common sense” solution to America’s many problems. Forget about the budget impasse that led to the government shutdown. It was Barack Obama’s decision not to work with Republicans in the first place during the debate over healthcare that put us all in this position.

For this very reason, Jay Carney finds himself constantly having to lie about the failed status of Obamacare every time a new, predictable revelation comes out proving all of the Republican warnings were accurate. The latest bill-specific disaster for Jay Carney to lie about was the exchange enrollment figures.

After Carney said on Monday that the administration would “release enrollment data on regularly, monthly intervals,” the White House Press Core called him on the lack of transparency and pushed the administration for an actual date. “I’m not sure when that begins,” he told press core reporters, “but I’m sure we’ll let you know in plenty of time so you can plan and put it on your calendar.”

Jay Carney thinks himself to be funny when he makes those comments, but the real joke is on him. A once-respected journalist for Time Magazine, is referred to by the White House press core and other journalists in and around the Beltway in past tense. Unlike other White House press secretaries, such as Dana Perino and even Mr. Gibbs, everyone wonders what Jay Carney will do with himself since he ruined his reputation for a failure of a president.

Since Jay Carney fell on his sword when the Benghazi talking points were debunked and news broke that the Obama administration had been tapping reporters’ phones and violating their First and Fourth Amendment rights, Jay Carney is a man who belongs nowhere.

Nowhere, that is, except right here on People’s Pundit Daily, as today’s Daily Dunce.

Earlier today, just after his initial comment in the video above, a press core reporter asked Carney if the administration was “waiting for the white flag?” He then pointedly realized, “You are waiting for that.” Carney resonded by saying:

You guys want to turn it in a game of winners or losers and the president made clear the other day, that in a situation where the government is shut down, and you know, for one party in Congress threatening default and some of their loudest voices are encouraging default, no one wins.

The media is the one who turned the government shutdown into a game that no one wins? Everyone in that room — to include the Dunce himself, Jay Carney — knows good and well that Barack Obama was the person who turned the government shutdown in to a game, because it was a game he was sure he could win. Winning the government shutdown game, for the president, was tantamount to winning the 2014 midterm elections. Of course, that was before his approval rating fell to 37 percent in the AP poll and 40 percent in the Reuters poll.

However, Jay Carney is getting so good at being a Daily Dunce on that podium, I am certain he could divert or explain that away, as well. At the very least, we have to acknowledge that — even though he may be a liar — he is a darn good one. Perhaps, he can find a similar position where he can excel at his skills if and when Barack Obama is done making a Daily Dunce out of him.

Then again, Jay Carney is definitely doing a pretty good job of that himself.

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