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Sunday, June 16, 2024
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The Flagging Character of President Obama

President Obama

President ObamaWhile there are criticisms of the Super Bowl interview on both sides of aisle, Bill O’Reilly did successfully accomplish one thing. He exposed the weakness of character that President Obama has.

It’s not any news to those who follow politics of course, but O’Reilly exposed the President’s weakness to millions of viewers who heretofore may never have watched politics or been interested in anything either man had to say.

Confronted with O’Reilly barrage of questions about the old “who shot John” narrative, Obama folded , if only for moment. He backed the President into about who ultimately is the main source of issues in government and Obama pointed the finger at his favorite target  — FOX News.

The President’s startling finger-pointing at FOX and other ‘troublemakers’ (his words, not mine) is nothing new for this White House. At the outset of his administration, White House officials made the rounds on morning news outlets exclaiming that FOX News was the problem, not the constant failures of policy on behalf of this government. Apparently, things in administration haven’t changed.

FOX News reports and issues opinions, but it does not control this government Mr. President, you and your party do. During the first term that control was complete, now it has the Senate and the Executive branch. You personally have complete control over the military and the bureaucracy. You have the most administration friendly media in 100 years and a complicit State Department under both Hilary Clinton and now John Kerry.

Therefore, the net result of sagging economy after five years of control is yours. We have a foreign policy that has left the Middle East literally in ruins, relationships damaged perhaps beyond repair and a resurgent power in the former Soviet Union. If anyone is to blame for both domestic and foreign affairs failures it’s your administration sir.

By blaming FOX News, you are acting as a petulant child does when he or she is caught with their hand in a cookie jar. It defines weakness of character to blame others for your own mistakes; it is the quintessential shelter of both children and tyrants. Adults accept responsibility for their own deeds.

Even if we are to accept that FOX News has played a role in the five years of failure that you have presented to the American people, what of it? No president has ever had as complicit a media as you have. Your press secretary Jay Carney yesterday said ‘freedom’ was nothing more than a buzz word and the barking seals of the White House press corps lapped it up willingly. Throw them a fish. Let them toot the horns.

Are you the leader of this country or a sniveling malcontent? Show some backbone and act accordingly. Address Congress with your issues and introduce legislation to correct the problems and put away the pen. Order the military to win the war in Afghanistan at all costs. Talk to the opposing side in the political parties instead of talking AT them. Go to few Tea Party meetings and address their concerns instead of dismissing them with whitewash and bluster. Stop ordering the American people around and provide guidance instead. Pick up the damn phone once in a while.

Act like a leader, instead of the tin plated dictator you are being painted as. Talking points provide no path to greatness. Statesmanship does not come from the teleprompter.

This is the hallmark of a great President. This is the role of and responsibility of the office. To provide leadership, and to provide an example for the nation to follow. To be circumspect with the political ideologues surrounding you and not place fences to divide a society.

Lead not blame. You are the President. Grow up and act like one.

Thomas Purcell is the host of the popular radio show Liberty Never Sleeps, and author of “Shotgun Republic.”

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Thomas Purcell is a syndicated columnist, author and host of the popular radio show Liberty Never Sleeps.

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