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Wednesday, June 19, 2024
HomeOpinionImmigration Crisis Isn’t Conspiracy, It’s Criminal And Traitorous

Immigration Crisis Isn’t Conspiracy, It’s Criminal And Traitorous

immigration crisis

immigration crisis

The immigration crisis on our southern border is completely out of control and our federal government is looking the other way.

It’s hard to believe that the authorities in charge are more interested in restricting protestors’ free speech rights than a potentially hostile enemy encroaching on our border. While on the news we are shows images of pleasant children dressed in Disney shirts, who look like vulnerable and helpless victims, the real truth of the matter is being hidden from us.

The truth is that diseased and infected criminals are being exported into the United States in a brazen maneuver designed to overwhelm our social welfare system. This is why workers at these “immigration centers” are being ordered to keep quiet, and congressmen face arrest if they dare go to facilities and report what they see.

Let me explain what is going on.

The border crisis is a 5th column effort orchestrated by various elements of world powers with a common goal — returning perceived, exploited wealth and exploited lands to 3rd world nations. They have a willing ear in the White House or may have even captured it with the Obama presidency, itself. Government will allow this process to continue through our conversion to a police state, at which point, depending on who is in charge and wins, will result in mass exterminations.

We also have a corrupt Congress that is complicit in these events because of either their desire for wealth and/or power, while a smaller group may be blackmailed or threatened with evidence gathered by NSA espionage. A select view may be ideological allies, as well.

They believe they are righting the wrongs of American imperialism and rebalancing the wealth in the world with their own greed as the prime goal toward endgame.

Unfortunately, this looting will not stop when the wealth is equalized, and the republic will be converted to a feudalistic state with limited power held at the corrupted top until society eventually implodes from its own greed and weakness. The net result will be another dark age, similar to the post-Roman world, punctuated with bizarre scientific experimentation on mass populations of unwilling people and individual corporate fiefdoms.

Hope that helps.

Perhaps, now, you will understand when rational and sensible people act with panic and call for the resignation and impeachment of a president with less than two years to go. It’s more than politics, it is a call to arms. People are beginning to realize that the leadership of our nation is more than left-wing, it is criminal and traitorous.

What is worse is that the mass media is complicit in this crime. Furthermore, they clearly do not think the political situation or this leadership will change anytime soon, as they seem to have no fear of what the next administration may do or who the Justice Department will prosecute.

It is clearly a takeover by government forces hostile to the traditional way of American life.

So, what are you doing about it? If you are a politically active individual, then why are you sitting, staring at this article? Why aren’t you attending your local Tea Party or town hall meetings and organizing acts of protest and civil disobedience?

Are you going to spend precious hours listening to speeches by leaders who wax poetic about what they are going to do if you elect them, or are you going to act?

What are you waiting for? The Marines are not coming — they are too busy disarming and changing diapers. The police are too busy arresting people for carrying their legal weapons into a Starbucks. Your leaders are too busy counting their money and grooming themselves in the mirror.

Get up and DO something about it instead of waiting for someone else to do it.

Rome is burning.

Thomas Purcell is host of the Liberty Never Sleeps podcast show and more of his work can be read at libertyneversleeps.com

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Thomas Purcell is a syndicated columnist, author and host of the popular radio show Liberty Never Sleeps.

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