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Sunday, December 10, 2023
HomeOpinionBacked Into A War

Backed Into A War

ISIS militants
ISIS militants

In this image, ISIS militants pose for a propaganda video. (Photo: REUTERS)

Unfortunately for the United States and her people, our President has backed us into a corner regarding Islamic ideology.

It’s time for this nation to go to war.

I know that doesn’t sit well with those of you with liberal sensibilities who have grown lazy living off the fat of the land but that’s the way it is,  and frankly I don’t care for it much myself when it gets right down to it. I’d much rather continue to sit on my proverbial sofa, eating Cheetos and watching ball games while our nation goes down in flames from the wanton sloth of callow youth, but alas that is not to be.

Arguing political points and the finer theories of social science doesn’t change the fact that Islamic extremism is growing more powerful every day and coming this way. It doesn’t change the fact that if we don’t do what’s necessary now, we may not be able to do it later. That’s the plain truth of it and the sooner this nation gets it over with the better we all will be for it. Oh sure we can hide behind our oceans and pray for deliverance, or the man in the moon to deal with the problem, but it’s got to be done.

It’s mainly because we’ve delayed doing the proper thing for years as US president after US president has passed on the problem to the next day, hoping to protect their legacy as a peacemaker or somehow thinks that not fighting a war actually prevents one. After the Iranians took our hostages under Carter and the Shah fell you would think that would have been enough.

Reagan though, did not want to fulfill the prophecies of the left wing, and blunted the Iranian threat but building up Saddam and passing the problem on to his VP, George Bush the First. When popular opinion demanded war, Bush was forced into it, but again passed on the real problem, choosing to leave a toothless tiger in power and giving the problem to Clinton.

Bill Clinton then just fought a delaying war, and by not doing the right thing it led to 9/11. He in turn passed it on to Bush the Second, who then decided to introduce democracy to a people barely out of pup tents sociologically. Finally, on to Obama the First who bungled the job completely.

Now, things are a terrible mess. ISIS is rising, the Middle East is on fire and ALL sides in this inferno hate the US. ISIS is not the problem; it’s just the flavor of the month. First it was the PLO, then Osama bin Laden. Now it’s ISIS. What the problem really is -Islamic extremism, the elephant in the room that everyone is afraid to talk about.

How many lives will be lost now? How many people are in unmarked mass graves now because we didn’t do the right thing 40, 30, 20 or 10 years ago? We had popular opinion on our side after 9/11 and still we continued to hesitate all because we were afraid of popular opinion and the horror of a real war. Yet each time we delayed and hesitated it made the next predicament worse, more horrific and countless women, children and innocents were massacred in the process.

After World War II, we went into Germany and saw the net results of delaying the inevitable and being afraid to do the right thing. We witnessed the massacres, opened the camps and collectively gasped at what was going on. “If we only knew” was the narrative. “If we only knew we would have went in sooner”, they said. So we made a promise to the world at Nuremberg that the world would never stand by while one group of people slaughtered another.

It has comes time to fulfill that promise today.

Time to posse up and man the walls fellas, the enemy is upon us.

Written by

Thomas Purcell is a syndicated columnist, author and host of the popular radio show Liberty Never Sleeps.

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