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Wednesday, June 7, 2023
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America: Can Do

Rosie the Riveter modern concept. (Photo: AdobeStock)
Rosie the Riveter modern concept. (Photo: AdobeStock)
Rosie the Riveter modern concept. (Photo: AdobeStock)

Remember the old expression, “having a ‘can do’ attitude”?

America has always been a “can do” nation. The first pioneers to the American continent came over here with little more than a box of tools and a pack of food and that attitude and built a nation of 13 colonies that eventually beat the most powerful nation in the world (at that time, England). They moved west in wagon trains with little more than that, and settled in lands that vermin couldn’t live on.

America grew strong with its ‘can do’ attitude.

Americans moved on to fight a Civil War and yet managed to live peacefully after their disagreements were settled. They amassed a huge industrial machine that fueled European prosperity, as well as our own.

When most of the world was bent on fighting in World War One, President Woodrow Wilson had the attitude that the world could live in peace, and worked toward that with the League of Nations. This eventually developed into an institution to help establish world peace and prosperity through the United Nations.

In England’s darkest hour, and the evil of Nazism was draped over the European continent, it was American supply and know-how that turned the tide of war. It was the American “can do” attitude that eventually led to us landing on the moon — still, the only country to have done so, and then begin to explore the cosmos.

When countries are in trouble, when disaster strikes, it’s America that comes to the world’s needs, with enormous amounts of food supply and charity from its own citizenry.


And yet, there seems to be a malaise about America these days. A belief that somehow America stands for corruption and that the American way is not always the best way.

While that may be true for some nations, America’s prosperity comes mainly from it’s form of government, where people have an equal say and share in power through its various branches. Our separation of powers, which legally prevents any one institution from controlling power, still is unique in the world today.

It is this freedom we allow ourselves, and the capitalistic economy we developed, that is the basis for our historical success.

But not to hear the Democrats tell it.

They seem to think America isn’t all that great — that we couch our prosperity behind a wall of corruption. They believe that America can’t solve its problems without outside help, that the international community has better answers than we do to the issues at hand today.

Democrats turn to outdated and historically flawed socialistic ideas and economic models to solve mankind’s intrinsic problems of poverty, hunger and disease.

We can’t protect our own borders, so we allow massive illegal immigration. “It can’t be done!” is the mantra in Washington D.C. today. We can’t continue to expand our exploration of outer space, either. Barack Obama once told the head of NASA to reach out for and enlist the help of Muslims. He spoke to the rest the world in terms of apologies, rather than in terms of leadership.

Instead of telling world to follow our example of hard work and freedom for its peoples, Obama asked for their forgiveness again, in a recent speech in South Africa.

“This is not a just America” that we have built they yell, telling people that they are racist, sexist or phobic about illegal immigrants flooding our border states. This is a “can don’t” political party not a “can do” one, a charge they freely place on clearer-headed conservatives.

Harry Truman used to have a sign on his desk that said, “The Buck Stops Here”. He was a Democrat. But now they should have one that says, “The Buck is Trump’s Fault”.

Leadership, in order to be successful, needs to lead, not follow. Teamwork and diplomacy is all well and good, but teamwork can not succeed without a strong ethic and example, which America can provide. Sitting in a group and apologizing for your success simply weakens the group as a whole.

Our president has stood up and said, “Yes, we can close our borders — let’s try this”. Now Trump needs to focus our government on solving its problems by saying, “Yes we can — and here’s how,” not like the Democrats, who hold up legislation on the border wall and spend money everywhere else.

Democrats like to call the Republicans the Party of No, but when have they provided leadership? If we ask them for leadership, they are more than likely to create a committee to discuss it further, and then file a 2000-page report before they can move forward.

Leadership by consensus rarely succeeds. Congress should not ignore the will of the people, and do as THEY think is best. The Democrats view Americans as rubes and uneducated rednecks.

Well, it was the rube that built the factories and industries of the East, the redneck that civilized the West. An Ivy League degree is a fine accomplishment, but it is not the only measure of a man’s or woman’s worth, nor their ability. It doesn’t mean he or she always knows best.

Jimmy Carter had the same problem and comes from the same school of thought. During his Presidency we had the same malaise creep over the country. Being a patriot was a dirty word, and America was floundering in its world standing.

Even the then-Soviet Union sensed our weakness, and used the opportunity to move against Afghanistan.

What did we do? We boycotted the Olympics.

When a hostile nation took our embassy and invaded our soil, we discussed options, and launched a failed rescue mission. We allowed the legitimate leader of that nation to collapse and Islamic extremism to expand and become the threat it is today. President Obama expanded on that failed foreign policy, and it expanded again.

Now we are told to keep our borders open, and socialism is the savior to the American people instead of capitalism, which brought us here.


This coming fall, we need to focus on electing people who believe in a strong America, who can lead America back into that “can do” mentality. We need to vote into office not necessarily Republicans, but leaders who believe in the core platform of conservative thought.

Namely, less government, lower taxes, and a strong national defense, and family values like the privatization of schooling, and on a sense of self-reliance rather than entitlements.

That’s it. It’s not difficult to understand. Candidates running for office would win on that platform. You don’t need a fancy education, or a lengthy exposition of theories or theses.

Less government, lower taxes, strong national defense, family values.

Can do.

Written by

Thomas Purcell is a syndicated columnist, author and host of the popular radio show Liberty Never Sleeps.

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