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Friday, June 14, 2024
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If Edward Snowden Is A Traitor, Then We Are Already Slaves

Edward Snowden is being called a traitor for being the source for both the Washington Post and the Guardian respecting the NSA Prism program, which calls for the intrusion by the federal government into the lives of all Americans.

“We need to bring back the death penalty,” because we have to stop it from being “Kim Kardashian cool to be a traitor in this country,” said retired Colonel Ralph Peters.

Senator Ron Johnson R-WI, said that sometimes the “balance between privacy versus protection shifts” and we just have to come to grips with that; it’s a terrible situation for everyone, he knows, and he understands how we could be upset.

Diane Feinstein D-CA, said on Sunday that she was just at Senator Lautenberg’s funeral a stone’s throw away from the location of the former World Trade Center and thought, “I have to make sure that that never happens again.”

In these three sentences we have the entire NSA debate and state of our liberty all wrapped up, and it’s finally official.

If Edward Snowden is a traitor, then we are already slaves. What should be “Kim Kardashian cool” is when an average citizen stands up in the face of danger – and make no mistake the government is very dangerous – to defend the name and natural state of liberty. Does anyone remember “how” and “why” this nation was founded anymore?

We don’t accept tyranny in America, or at least, those that came before us didn’t. I am sorry to tell Senator Ron Johnson, but there is no “balance” between liberty or tyranny. It is just as the old saying goes, you cannot have your cake and eat it too. The polity is either endlessly safeguarding and forever demanding liberty of their government, or the political class is moving being the scenes to undermine it.

Ultimately, the problem in modern America, is that we have become and now are way too reliant on police and security apparatuses for our personal safety. We have been completely wussified like the citizens of Europe were when our forefathers were trailblazing across the western territory.

In the 19th century, for instance, no one expected Wyatt Earp to be in all places at all times, so why do we expect government to be. The natural progressive response is always some reference to the need to “progress” past such a state of “excess” liberty. It is the same argument that progressives were making in 19th century Europe. While citizens in Tombstone were armed in their own defense, progressive Europeans with their pinkies in the air sipping their tea were completely subverted to their governments. But they took comfort in their “abject slavery” by casting popular depictions of us as barbaric people bent on “rugged individualism.” They, only the other hand, were “progressive” and civilized.

Nineteenth century Europeans would have found Senator Feinstein’s comment to be totally appropriate as well. She, and the rest of the well-bred ruling class, are charged with the task “to make sure that that never happens again” to the less-privileged little people. Does Senator Feinstein ask for anything in return – like oh I don’t know, a gun ban – in order to “make sure” there are no more terrorist attacks such as the Boston Marathon bombing? Wait, she was referring to 9/11 wasn’t she? Well then, I guess it did happen again despite all of the encroachments from the NSA Prism program.

It’s all a farce. There is no state of being passed liberty to which politicians advocate “progressing” forward into, there is only “regressing” backward into tyranny. The “shift” Senator Ron Johnson is referring to is really more suitable to compare to a tug-of-war, as only a free people can understand that the “balance” between liberty and tyranny is in a constant state of tugging, and we must constantly strive for that equilibrium – at the least.

Let’s drop the pretentious garbage shall we. The information collected by the NSA Prism program could easily be sold – yes government officials are corrupt and sell our information for money to bad people – or the government could flat-out use the program to destroy opposition to the tyrannical political class.

The IRS targeting of political opposition, the “chilling” of the media to prevent them from reporting on government overreach, the clear willingness to tell boldface lies to the American people and media over the gun-running treacheries that occurred in “Fast & Furious” and most likely Benghazi, all point to the clear conclusion that this government does not respect our Bill of Rights – whatsoever.

America, you do remember that our Founding Fathers gave us all powers over government don’t you? If Edward Snowden is a traitor, then is there ever an instance when a private citizen opposes a government in the wrong as our Declaration of Independence blatantly states they have the right – actually the right as well as the duty – to do to preserve liberty in the face of tyrannical oppression.

But you have let it get so big, so powerful, that even if we decided to honor the Lockean philosophy of our Founding Fathers and “throw off such government” it would assuredly result in a violent and most difficult task. In the interview, Snowden said:

They are such meaningful adversaries that no one can meaningfully oppose them. If they want to get you they’ll get you in time.

I have little doubt that Mr. Snowden’s assessment is completely accurate, and if Americans deem Edward Snowden as a traitor so waking us up to this fact, then we are already slaves America.

– Richard D. Baris is the author of “Our Virtuous Republic: The Forgotten Clause in the American Social Contract” – follow him on Twitter Peoples_Pundit

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Rich, the People's Pundit, is the Data Journalism Editor at PPD and Director of the PPD Election Projection Model. He is also the Director of Big Data Poll, and author of "Our Virtuous Republic: The Forgotten Clause in the American Social Contract."

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