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Monday, July 15, 2024
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Americans Favor Late-Term Abortion Ban, But Liberal Judges Keep Opposing

I have spent a great deal of time analyzing the support for abortion, and Americans have favored a late-term abortion ban for years. In the wake of individual states pushing the 20 week ban the issue has once again reached nationwide notoriety. Now pollsters are starting to come to the result I have: liberals are way out of the mainstream on the abortion issue.

As I recently wrote, support for abortion in general has steadily eroded, because the younger generation is majority pro-life, as they have more and more come to realize that abortion is in fact used as a contraceptive measure.

To view the House Democrats who will suffer a challenge due to their vote against the House measure “Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act,” click here.

A new WaPo/ABC news poll found that by a margin of 56% – 27%, more Americans say they’d prefer to impose limits on abortions after the first 20 weeks of pregnancy rather than the 24-week mark established under current law in some states. While the Washington Post tried to spin some of the results by pointing to the 54% who also say they oppose state laws that make it more difficult for abortion clinics to operate – compared to 45% who support such legislation – this is merely an intention obfuscation of the facts.

As the Washington Post knows full well, no one wants to see abortion clinics operate at anything except 100% capacity, but that is only if – a big if – they must be in business at all. In other words, if they have to exist, then they should have everything they need to conduct procedures in a safe manner. But make no mistake about it, most Americans do not want them there in the first place, and support for abortion greatly depends on why the abortion is taking place.

This study, which was conducted in 2012 and printed in the Washington Post, shows that only in the case of rape, incest or birth defect does abortion have any support by the majority at all. Similarly, Gallup found that the pro-choice coalition is rocky at best, and at worst, is build upon ignorance toward the reasons that women even have abortions. The Republican Party platform is by far the mainstream position in America, but the support is clearly trending even further toward the pro-life position.

abortion ban

However, even Americans who allow for abortions in extreme circumstances still consider themselves pro-life and would rather not have babies terminated during any period of the pregnancy. Since 1995, when Gallup measured a 23% advantage for the pro-choice designation, support for abortion has steadily ceded ground to the pro-life designation and the reason is simple. Most Americans, especially younger Americans, have released that abortionists are protecting an industry that profits off of the killing of babies no matter what stage of development they are in.

abortion ban

The liberal radical abortionists cannot seem to get it through their heads that throwing your urine and worse into lawmaker’s faces in state capitol buildings are not typically appealing to most Americans. The people as a whole are aware that the days of abortion as a necessary means to protect young girls from militantly religious parents are over. Even though a small percentage of abortions are late-term abortions past 24 weeks of gestation, they occur nevertheless. Due to the raw amount of abortions performed in this country, those numbers are destined to be staggering compared to the represented percentage.

A recent survey found just how out of the mainstream liberals truly are, as 44% of Americans would favor banning abortion after 20 weeks altogether, which is a majority compared to the 41% that would not. By more than a 2 to 1 margin — 66% to 30% — Americans on both sides say they prefer that abortion laws be decided for all states on the basis of the U.S. Constitution, rather than a state-by-state approach. Among those who say abortion should always be legal, 73% want a national rule, as do 72% of those who say it should be illegal in all cases.

Just as liberals always do when they lose the popular debate among the general public, they have run to liberal elitist judges who will rewrite the will of the people for them. The Washington Post happily proclaimed:

Regardless of their popular support, some of these new limits on abortion will face stiff legal challenges. In at least three instances — in Arizona, Georgia and Idaho — federal and state judges have struck down as unconstitutional abortion bans at 20 weeks after fertilization (the Arizona ban was set at 18 weeks). On Monday, a federal judge in North Dakota temporarily blocked the state’s law banning abortions as early as six weeks after fertilization, calling the legislation “clearly unconstitutional.”

Even in the deeply Red state of North Dakota, liberals seem to have no qualms with overturning legislation in the hope that over time the people will simply “progress” and change their views. In the case of abortion, I am sorry to explain to liberal abortionists, the opposite has been the case.

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Rich, the People's Pundit, is the Data Journalism Editor at PPD and Director of the PPD Election Projection Model. He is also the Director of Big Data Poll, and author of "Our Virtuous Republic: The Forgotten Clause in the American Social Contract."

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