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Thursday, December 2, 2021
HomeNewsReligionEbola Survivor: ‘I Am Forever Thankful To God For Sparing My Life’

Ebola Survivor: ‘I Am Forever Thankful To God For Sparing My Life’

Ebola Survivor ‘I Am Forever Thankful to God for Sparing My Life’

Dr. Kent Bradley, the 33-year-old Christian doctor and missionary from Texas, thanked God for sparing his life after being cured of the deadly Ebola virus earlier this week.

“God saved my life,” he said at a press conference upon being released from Emory Hospital in Atlanta. “A direct answer to thousands and thousands of prayers.”

Bradley received an experimental serum that witnesses say had a dramatic and almost immediate impact on his grave condition. However, he only received the serum, which was limited on availability, after he first passed on the dose opting instead to give it to another.

Outrageously, as posted by the Twitter aggregator site Twitchy, he was attacked immediately by secular progressives for his faith.



Then, there’s this one.


It goes on and gets worse, but you get the point. Albert Einstein, the renowned scientist, once explained why he believed vitriol comments on religion blindly spill from the mouths of secularists.

“You may call me an agnostic,” Einstein said. “But I do not share the crusading spirit of the professional atheist whose fervor is mostly due to a painful act of liberation from the fetters of religious indoctrination received in youth.”

Dr. Bradley, of course being a Christian, believes in the existing life and teachings of Jesus Christ, a figure many of these so-called “New Atheists” say is fabricated in large degree by the Gospels. However, Einstein, a man of science would again disagree.

“Unquestionably!,” he said of whether Christ existed. “No one can read the Gospels without feeling the actual presence of Jesus. His personality pulsates in every word. No myth is filled with such life.”

Einstein did not believe in a personal God, but a God outside of our relatively limited human understanding, he did.

According to the logic used by those above, would he be an ignorant man of science, too?

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Latest comments

  • Here’s another Einstein quote, from a few years after your quote:

    “the word God is for me nothing more than the expression and product of human weaknesses, the Bible a collection of honorable but still primitive legends which are nevertheless pretty childish.”

    No matter what he believed, you are making a logical fallacy:

    Neither side should take an opinion of someone as evidence either way.

    • Except, the Bible, itself, wasn’t what was being argued or defended here. Only Dr. Bradley’s right to believe in it, another scientist’s perception of Christianity (not the Bible per se) as a valid belief for another scientist to hold, and the possible motivation for secularists to attack a man of science for being a man of faith.

      As for a logical fallacy, since your presupposition is all wrong, it is pretty safe to say that Immanuel Kant would be a miss to your point. Einstein’s own faith wasn’t at question here, just his defense of Bradley’s thought processes, and his consistent criticisms of those who believe in science absent faith.

      Not that timeline matters, but the final quote was in the waning days of his life, unlike in 1930 when he said “science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.”

      That pretty much sums up the mindset he held throughout his life.

  • By that logic it was God that gave it to you in the first place.

    Try thanking atheistic science that saved your life – how did you ever get out of med school or any legitimate school?

    • Atheistic science? I think you should do your homework and review the history of American hospitals in this country. There is a reason why all our major hospitals are named after saints and protestant sects. Modern medicine owes much of its existence to churches.

  • Dr. Kent Bradley;
    I am so sorry that so many here are questioning God and his word. I am a plasma donor, I donate because if my son had had the plasma back in the 80’s, he might be alive now. Unfortunately that is a moot point. I donate plasma as a anti-d donor. I am O- and of course am a universal donor. I would like to know if given the Ebola virus and survive, would you be able to use my blood to help others? Please let me know, there would be no other worthy reason to donate. The rest of you can critisize and make everyone else seem like fools, but you hold the title to that. God Bless you all, even the non-believers.

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