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Friday, December 8, 2023
HomeNewsPoliticsDavid Brooks ‘Stunned’ Donors ‘Imagining Quid Pro Quo’ At Clinton Foundation

David Brooks ‘Stunned’ Donors ‘Imagining Quid Pro Quo’ At Clinton Foundation


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David Brooks of The New York Times said Sunday during an interview with Judy Woodruff that some Clinton Foundation donors were “imagining a quid pro quo,” and that he was “stunned” by the “egregious” stories.


JUDY WOODRUFF: Let me turn you to something else closer to home, but very much in the news this week, David, and that is the stories yesterday in your newspaper, The New York Times, and other news organizations about the Clinton Foundation, about money going to the foundation, about a uranium mining company, a Canadian company with donations, again, the head of the company giving money to the foundation, and then that company needing an OK from the U.S. government for the Russians to buy controlling interest.

What are we learning here about the Clinton Foundation and the charities they run?

DAVID BROOKS: Yes, it’s way more egregious than I expected.

I thought there were donations and people were giving money. But there were probably people giving money for the noblest of reasons to the foundation, some people not — apparently giving money not for the noblest of reasons. And this uranium story, where there’s a connection, where the secretary of state nominally sits on this government body which gives OKs to mergers with national security implications, and then a company deeply involved in that kind of merger giving lots of money in the opportune money to the Clinton Foundation, according to my newspaper, the foundation not reporting it really adequately, that’s reasonably stark.

Now, the defense is, she didn’t know, she wasn’t directly involved. Well, that’s completely plausible. But the fact is, you’re sitting on — as secretary of state, or you’re Bill Clinton running the foundation, and somebody’s giving you all this money and you know it has government implications, and that doesn’t ring all sorts of alarm bells?

Where’s the self-protection there? Where is the self-censorship or the self-thing, no, this is not right? And so I’m sort of stunned by it. I’m surprised by it. And, you know, the paradox of it right now is for Hillary Clinton’s president — or candidacy is, people think she’s a strong leader.

But the latest Quinnipiac poll suggests they don’t trust her, they don’t think she’s honest. They have these two thoughts in their minds at the same time. And it just seems, with the Clinton family, there’s going to be a lot of competence and a lot of great political talent and governmental talent, but you’re going to have a run of low-level scandals throughout the whole deal…

But the thing they don’t know is why people gave them the money. A lot of people were giving them millions of dollars. And some people did it probably because they believe in the foundation work, and they did it for beautiful reasons. A lot of people give money to these things and to presidential candidates because they want to be near the flame of power. They just want to be in the room.

They can go home and say, oh, I chatted with Bill Clinton. But some people give it because they are imagining a quid pro quo. I doubt there’s an actual quid pro quo. Mitt Romney said today it looked like bribery. I think that’s — there’s no evidence of that.

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Rich, the People's Pundit, is the Data Journalism Editor at PPD and Director of the PPD Election Projection Model. He is also the Director of Big Data Poll, and author of "Our Virtuous Republic: The Forgotten Clause in the American Social Contract."

Latest comments

  • well I donated to the Clinton Foundation and this was something I had to look into but wow now we know what Journalist are paid to make false statements. Now Clinton Foundation has three donors who are the riches men in the world. Now one of the other donors is in the business with JP Morgan, mining, energy and copper. Yes this seems to be about oil rights rather then a Foundation. Frank Giustra is buying a company in Canada that would mean problems for Keystone. Giustra is working with leaders in Kazakhstan where oil is rich. Now that the lie was announced we see Jeb Bush silent. Yes the Bush Foundation formed in 1953 has had donors from Dictators and the Saudis. But the surprise was Mitt Romney foundation NPQ which is a grantmarking front for political gains. Now even our Mitt is a donor to Tyler Foundation connected to Japan. What is funny is Rand Paul was all over this until his Dad said shut up because of the many Ron Paul foundations for profits. Now David Brooks has been known for misinformation so many have to look for honest Journalist who give truth to facts and not political spin.

  • David Brooks is either very stupid or very dishonest. If Bush, Romney, Paul or anyone else is involved in these sort of shenanigans, then that needs to be out on the table too. Corruption seems to be rampant everywhere these days including here in the U.S. We need to outlaw with strong penalties, corporate welfare, crony capitalism and any other crap that reeks of ‘quid pro quo’. If those laws already exist, we need to enforce them…something that occurs far too rarely.

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