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Monday, July 15, 2024
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Obama’s 10-Part Illegal Amnesty Order Worse Than Anyone Thought

Obama amnesty executive order
Obama amnesty executive order

In large part due to the media blackout, President Obama plans to ram an unpopular policy down the throats of the American people.

President Obama will take executive action that ignores current U.S. immigration law and the U.S. Constitution, unveiling a controversial 10-part amnesty plan. The executive order, which a source tells FOX News will be announced as early as Friday Nov. 21, will suspend deportations for millions of illegal immigrants.

While the date may be pushed back a few days, the inevitable order seems to be on par with recently uncovered documents published by PPD in October, which were government print orders requesting vendors supply upwards of 34 million blank work permits and green cards.

The print orders front-loaded approximately 4.5 million in the first year, the same number now being cited by the White House source to implement the president’s “deferred action” plan. Deferred action is currently in place, but the president apparently plans to expand it dramatically for illegal immigrants who came to the U.S. as children — which was expected — but also for the parents of U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents.

The total number is frankly unknown, but estimates suggest the plan would allow upwards of 4.5 million illegal immigrant adults with U.S.-born children to stay in the first year.

Obama’s plans were contained in a draft proposal from a U.S. government agency, and the president was briefed at the White House by Homeland Security officials before he even left on his Asia-Pacific trip last week.

In an attempt to fool the American voters, the president delayed taking executive action that would essentially grant amnesty to millions of illegals prior to the elections. However, Democrats suffered devastating defeats, regardless, with illegal immigration and amnesty either defining or becoming a central component of campaigns once thought to be safe for Democratic incumbents.

“The president’s job is to ‘faithfully’ execute the laws of the United States,” said Judge Andrew Napolitano. “If the practical effect of his executive order is the opposite of what the law requires he will be violating the law, he will be breaking his oath, and he will be putting a tremendous pressure on the social system.”

Despite the clarity of the constitutional language — in Article 2 Section 1 — Democrats and liberal activists are cheering on the banana republic-like order.

Angela Maria Kelley, vice president for immigration policy at the Center for American Progress, touted deferred action as a “tried and true component of immigration policy used by 11 presidents, 39 times in the last 60 years.” Except, deferred action was cited as the reason for the border crisis over the summer by the National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers in June.

Chairman Zack Taylor said “any elected member of the executive or legislative branch of the U.S. government that has not stood up and demanded that current immigration law be enforced vigorously since 1986 is fully and exclusively responsible for this latest invasion.”

“This is not a humanitarian crisis. It is a predictable, orchestrated and contrived assault on the compassionate side of Americans by her political leaders that knowingly puts minor illegal alien children at risk for purely political purposes.”

Kelley also said that for many illegal immigrants who are already here and have been for years, “there is no line for people to get into.”

Critics, which include liberal law professor Jonathan Turley, who warned the lawlessness during the Obama presidency was bringing the nation to a “constitutional tipping point,” say there are other options outside of impeachment available to the newly elected Republican majority in the Senate.

“Congress has the power of the purse. The President cannot spend a dime unless Congress appropriates it,” Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions wrote in a recent op-ed in Politico. He said Congress would stop Obama by barring money from being used for that purpose.

“This is an action by the president of the United States to give amnesty to millions of individuals, which Congress has explicitly refused to do,” Session said in a statement Thursday. “Under the current law, they are illegally here and unable to work.”

He argued that similar tactics have been used by both Democrats and Republicans in the past to prevent the president from closing the Guantanamo Bay prison camp, another move that is widely unpopular among the American people.

That, too, had so-called “unintended” consequences. According to a recent report, U.S. intel officials believe upwards of 20 to 30 Guantanamo Bay detainees released by the Obama administration have joined the Islamic State. As previously stated, the “deferred action” plan was first put in place in June 2012, which was estimated to impact just 300,000 illegals, yet it led to a border crisis over the summer.

A leaked intelligence report obtained over the summer concluded that the border crisis is being caused by illegals seeking amnesty and misunderstanding U.S. immigration policy, not violence in Central America.

“Of the 230 migrants interviewed, 219 cited the primary reason for migrating to the United States was the perception of U.S. immigration laws granting free passes or permisos to UAC (unaccompanied children) and adult females OTMs (other than Mexicans) traveling with minors,” the 10-page report conducted on July 7 by the El Paso Intelligence Center (EPIC) said.

Obama created such a program for illegal immigrants who came to the U.S. as children prior to June 2007, and were under 31 as of June 2012. However, the government often ignored cutoff dates and now the executive order would expand that to cover anyone who entered before they were 16, and change the cut-off from June 2007 to Jan. 1, 2010. This is estimated to make nearly 300,000 illegal immigrants eligible.

The draft plan also contains initiatives to make mild increases to border security and increase pay for Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers in order to “increase morale.” But the other initiatives listed in the order, which was crafted in large part by Esther Olavarria, the late Sen. Ted Kennedy’s former top immigration lawyer, pale in comparison to deferred action in terms of impact.

According to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, those covered under deferred action receive work authorization in the United States, Social Security numbers and government-issued IDs. When those government IDs are issued, millions of illegals are potentially registered to vote and those who end up breaking the law and voting, overwhelming vote Democratic.

Bombshell data from the Cooperative Congressional Election Study (CCES) was recently used by The Washington Post to demonstrate that non-U.S. citizens easily explain President Obama’s tiny 2008 margin in North Carolina and Missouri, now-Sen. Al Franken’s (ObamaCare’s final vote) that same year, and many others. In North Carolina, alone, officials found at least 145 illegal aliens registered to vote (in 2014), and who were only in the country due to President Obama’s 2012 Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals executive order. The state’s secretary of state office told PPD two days before Election Day that at least hundreds of other non-U.S. citizens were on the rolls, but likely upwards of 10,500.

“This is the final piece in Obama’s fundamental transformation of the United States,” said FOX News contributor Monica Crowley. “This is about adding voters to the Democratic base.”

Crowley and other Republicans aren’t alone in this assessment, despite the fact the overwhelming majority of Democrats support the president’s plan. But many, even among those who support a bill granting amnesty, are staunchly opposed to this action.

“Let me be clear, I am for comprehensive immigration reform,” said Demcoratic strategist Doug Schoen. “But I am deeply concerned that Monica isn’t overstating this by much.”

Schoen said the results of the election were clear, and that using illegal immigration as a political tool to win future elections, despite the danger of causing great social unrest, is appalling to him and other Democrats.

“He [Obama] is a raging narcissist who doesn’t care if he destroys this country,” said Democratic pollster and strategist Pat Cadell. “This move will tear this country apart.”

DHS also is planning to “promote” the new naturalization process by giving a 50 percent discount on the first 10,000 applicants who come forward, a contemptible move for those who have waited for years to come to the United States legally. There is an exception for those who have income levels above 200 percent of the poverty level.

Tech jobs though a State Department immigrant visa program would offer another half-million immigrants a so-called path to citizenship, and would include their spouses as well.

The other measures include calls to revise removal priorities to target serious criminals for deportation and end the program known as “Secure Communities,” as well as start a new program. However, a report released in May found the Obama administration willingly released thousands of illegal immigrants that were convicted criminals, including murderers and convicted sexual offenders.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest, who also faced tough questioning over ObamaCare’s architect recently saying Democrats relied upon “the stupidity of the American voters” to pass the bill, told reporters traveling with Obama in Burma Thursday that the president had not made a final decision, and would not announce one until he returned to Washington.

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Rich, the People's Pundit, is the Data Journalism Editor at PPD and Director of the PPD Election Projection Model. He is also the Director of Big Data Poll, and author of "Our Virtuous Republic: The Forgotten Clause in the American Social Contract."

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  • this is what a nation receives when its under judgement, repent and seek the LORD your GOD
    obummer, congress and senate were appointed to prepare this country for destruction, heed warning and seek salvation, those with eyes to see and ears to hear will understand this

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      • don’t go to pagan institutions it is a synagogue of satan you should fit right in

    • Okay, sure. Which God? There’s plenty to choose from.

    • “My God has a bigger dick than your God.”
      -George Carlin (RIP)

      • Carlin was funny, but with his outlook and quotes like the above I doubt he is resting in peace.

      • Love it…!!! Too many clueless Bible thumpers…!!!

        • clueless?

    • Republicans are stupid beyond belief – hope you enjoy living in Dumfukistan red staters.

      • Ya the country is really enjoying mass immigration from the shitholes of the earth…

  • Everyone reading this should call the White House and complain.

    • Remember, this was released by FOX news….Cant really believe anything from that network.

      • Except, we have been personally shown the documents. We always verify first, no matter what network it is.

        • Yes, that’s why there are so many links to the underlying sources. This is a Fox “News” story from start to finish, long on scare factor, and short on facts. the biggest fallacy is that anyone subject to deferred deportation would automatically receive a green card, but it goes on and on and on from there.

          • Accusing someone of writing a Fox News story is like accusing someone of racism. You don’t need to provide any evidence and then you walk away thinking you won the fight, when all you’ve done is prove you can’t argue.

          • Now that the plan has come out publicly, this article is looking very accurate.

      • Uh, it’s happening, believe it…

      • But you can sure believe that “you can keep your health plan.”

      • I guess you can wait for the welfare and health care subsidy rolls to suddenly swell by 5 million or so and then you can wake up.

        • the rolls have sweeled because of the republicans policies that drove our economy into the ground!!! but eh lets just blame everything on Obama…I find most of you hypocrites apparently under the republicans it’s ok for them to take away pensions, healthcare but yet we pay for millionares lifetime pensions, their subsidized healthcare and on top of that these idiotic republicans decide when they feel like they want to work & their going to scream at democrats!!! give me a break, I’m an independent but come on wake up they want to take away ss, medicare, take people off disability, how the hell do these guys sleep at night, why don’t they cut where they s/be like the pentagon budgets,etc, but that’s where their corporate buddies make their big bucks….

          • Typical liberal rant. Si it is still Bush’s fault?
            Rants from a RTIQI Liberal. (Room Temperature IQ Idiot)

          • Rich- In case you hadn’t noticed, we just recovered from 8 years of hell that was BushRummeyCheney They really were to blame. They never apologized, which means they would do it all again. It’s not a “liberal” thing to want safety from people that do stupid things that get people killed. Blame is what you get when you never acknowledge your mistakes.

          • More lies. More Grubers. We have not recovered from the 8 trillion in debt we were grubered in to.

          • I don’t agree with frivolous spending on either side of the isle, but we need to get able bodied people off of disability and welfare.

            Set up a watchdog organization to do that before expanding those programs… no fines, just a lifetime ban if abuse is found

          • I like the ban idea. Although we are talking about government. They would screw it up , and good people would suffer.

          • Flagging because you don’t agree with someone’s comment isn’t appropriate. There was nothing out of line with Yutah’s comment.

          • The housing market collapsed as a direct result of Bill Clinton, Barney Frank, et al forcing lenders to lend to people who could not afford to purchase homes. Their house of cards and the security instruments traded on those mortgages took down the economy of the world. Now employment participation is down big leading to “unemployment” falling. This is seriously not a good thing at all. The administration has taken careers and turned them into part-time, temporary, low-wage survival jobs. The left calls this “jobs growth” when people have to work two or three horrible jobs just to survive. Housing is flat and interest rates are low, but purchase mortgages are at the lowest level in 19 years. Rents are way up, because so few people can now buy. Economic activity is slowing again, reflected in falling petroleum prices as demand falls. The administration wants to grant blanket amnesty to illegal aliens since the election is over, which will force wages lower for middle class workers and lower class workers. The financial markets have been pumped-up by millions per month of “stimulus”, which has been good for those in the market right now, but not a good thing at all in the long run. The market is like an addict, and the drug is stimulus. Withdrawal is likely to be a major bummer. Obama is not fixing the economy, but is saddling the cyclical recovery with an enormous amount of additional debt, taxes, regulation the likes of which the US of A has never seen before, and the danger of exploding inflation. The next downturn will be a very bumpy ride as a result. In the meantime, we have the slowest recovery in modern times. Hillary pretty much expressed the true belief of the extreme left when she said that businesses do not create jobs. That is also what Obama meant with his statement that people in business, “didn’t build that”. These people believe in their hearts that Government creates all jobs. They believe business is bad and evil. It does help to explain why the recovery from this recession is historically slow. The people in charge now do not believe in private enterprise.

          • The most telling statistic is that 1% of the people have received 95% of the growth of the economy since 2008. That is entirely due to governmental policies that allow the richest people to avoid taxes and take the entire pie for themselves. And those policies are almost entirely attributable to the Repubican Party.

            We can argue all day about who is responsible for the recession, but no matter how you slice it, long after Clinton left office, the Republicans controlled the White House and both houses of Congress. They didn’t do diddley-dick to fix things when they had the chance. And in addition, they strongly opposed and continue to oppose legislation to rein-in investment banks and their speculative conduct, which is what most people believe led to the 2007-2008 melt-down.

          • Actually policies about making risky mortgages to unqualified home buyers was put in place by Clinton….

          • The left will only begin to complain when the gravy train STOPS. This move brings that day a LOT closer. Obama does not care about people – he is an ideologue who wants America to represent what his dear old dad said was a good thing. Socialism if not outright Communism. And the stupid, careless, lazy people in this country went along – not once but TWICE. When those immigrants find they got to the trough late they are really going to be pissed. THEN they’ll start just taking what others have outright.

          • You must be one of the voters Gruber was refering to.

          • you are obviously very agitated and unable to do much more than spew a repeat of the msnbc talking points you watch every day. I feel sorry for you. So tell me oh wise one…how is giving working papers to people working off the books for years going to help the economy? Maybe you can start with how 5 million illegals are going to find work in a country that doesn’t have jobs for legals? Are you really that stupid that you think you are paying for a millionaire’s pension? Show me that math.

      • But you believe what you are told by MSNBC and CNN? Or even better do you believe a word from the POTUS’ mouth?

        • Or does he have eyes? And the ability to do basic math because you don’t need any news outlet to tell you something is wrong with our immigration.

          • The only thing wrong is the refusal to enforce the current policy and law. Go ahead and make stuff up though by all means nobody believes the lies any more.

      • Keep drinking the juice.

      • You have been told to only pay attention to “approved” news sources, and you have obeyed. Good little Obamabot!

      • Reuters is also reporting it.

      • That was a pointless, stupid comment. You are a jerk.

      • Do you really need for someone to tell you that immigration is a problem? Rofl, some of you people have your head in the sand….just look around

        • The problem is only the refusal to enforce current immigration policy and law.

      • Gruber calls you stupid and you back it up with more stupid. You think Fox news is Grubering you. When are you going to get it? Your Grubers are lying to you about everything. Fox news is far more trustworthy than the administration you support. If I compare how many times Fox news has lied to how many times the community organizer and his minions have lied, Democrats win the lying contest every time. So, give it up. It was all lies and it’s getting worse.

      • Conspiracy theory? Fox is conspiring against you? Fabricating stories to when Obama is just trying to a poor little machine politician from the Chicago ghetto ..?? Just a simple Jeremiah Wright church member trying to do a few rounds of golf? King Obama .. Dick Tater .. what’s 34 million or so? McDonalds needs them right?

    • So we should listen to the Liberal press, msnbc or Huffington post?

      • Maybe you could just read and try to use your brain? Fox thinks for you. The rest, not so much. YOU should make up your own mind, if you have one.

      • MSNBC has nobody watching lol. If they only reported the news.

  • And they will be cared for by the still-employed middle class barely making it themselves.

  • I gotta blame the GOP just as much. Border crossings are way down, we have hundreds of miles of fence, and they still couldn’t go along with reforms in the last 6 years.

    • This is stunning head in the sand. The reason they’re down today, is they’re all here, including terrorists, as arrests are beginning to reveal. If the democrap is your party, you’re in the most deceptive and destructive party in history. GOP is not without its faults and hypocrisies, but nothing approaches the level of blatant in-your-face lies and deception like the dems.

      • You’re clearly not equipped to have a rational debate, keep moving, troll. I meant successful crossings, apprehensions are up for the 3rd straight year. They’re not all here (why am I even wasting my time?), the population equivalent of the U.S. sits between our southern border and the northern quarter of South America and most of them would like to be here. Keep making excuses if you want, I won’t.

      • LOL if you believe one is any different from the other then I would say you sir are the one with your head in the sand.

        • No, not just “any different” lol. I could’ve maybe swallowed that. But “nothing approaches” the blah, blah, disingenuous hyperbole, blah, blah hahaha

      • Get off your high horse. Both parties totally blow.

        • One party blows more than the other. The democrat party.

          • Oh, you must be a one percenter. Neither party does anything for 99% of the people but I will concede that the Republicans are better off at taking care of the uber rich and foisting the uber rich agenda upon everyone else. Cheers!

          • You seem to be upset that you didn’t get a hand out and you think everyone that worked for anything owes you something. You think we can solve your problem by growing the size of the government, centralizing power, redistributing other people’s money, taxing our way out of a deficit and debt, working around the constitution, race baiting, lying under oath, calling the American people stupid, using the IRS as a political tool, blaming the last administration, breaking the law to get your way, starting wars and calling them kinetic engagements to avoid the constitution, refusing to enforce current immigration law and policy and claiming there’s a crisis, allowing unknown people to move freely in to our country from foreign lands while others spend thousands of dollars and hours of frustration to do it correctly, allow voter fraud to continue for political gains, total lack of transparency, unlimited golf outings on the tax payer’s dime, vacations in Hawaii on the tax payer’s dime, visiting Opera on the tax payer’s dime, blaming youtube videos for the slaughter of our citizens for political cover, stimulus, son of stimulus, global warming/cooling/trending/polar vortex/tax us to death until we implode and all speak Mandarin. You aren’t that rare unfortunately. Your own people call you stupid if you voted for Obamacare. Over and over. Your stupidity is actually the success of the Democrat party. Go figure.

      • really!! well the reason a lot of the terrorist is here is because of Bush &Cheney;s illegal war, that’s what started this whole situation & now the US is stuck because of their crap!

        • The war was not illegal. It was fully supported by all. Approved by congress. Grow up and stop the grubering.

      • And how many terrorists have come across the Mexican border (Hint – 0). They don’t need to sneak across the border, they get visas from Saudi Arabia and other US “allies” in the middle east.

        • You probably either haven’t kept up with the news about captured terrorists that had smuggled across the border, or your a democrap, which means digesting selective spin that you think you understand, and spewing out spin you don’t.

  • Lies from people who know nothing of the constitution nor law.

  • The destroyer is about to turn uglier. If this mass amnesty goes ahead, consider paying higher federal and local taxes to cater for the illegals. Consider facing higher competition just to get your children places in schools near you, consider higher rents, higher healthcare costs. And the list goes on and on. It’s all about making Americans a working class society. Seriously this guy should be impeached before it gets nasty.

    • The sky is falling, the sky is falling….

  • Data… was recently used by The Washington Post to demonstrate that non-U.S. citizens easily explain President Obama’s tiny 2008 margin in North Carolina and Missouri, now-Sen. Al Franken’s that same year, and many others. In North Carolina, alone, officials found at least 145 illegal aliens registered to vote, and who were only in the country due to President Obama’s 2012 Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals executive order.

    What? Illegal aliens who voted in 2008 were here due to action Obama took in 2012? Did anyone even bother to proofread this garbage or did they just pull this article out of their rear?

    • It’s been updated to specifically reference 2014 in the case of North Carolina, which was a linked resource, for those like you who couldn’t infer and need it spelled out.

      It’s your right not to read “the garbage” that keeps you informed on the actual truth. You are free to keep drinking the Kool-Aid with the mainstream media. By all means, it’s still America.

      • That Washington Post ‘article’ is full of nothing but garbage presumptions about what may have possibly happened. No actual facts there, Richard.

    • when you say officials why don’t you prove it instead of more constant lies, your so full of crap it smells way over here………………………. Oboma has deported more illegals than previous presidents so why don’t you just shut your mouth, typcal republican crap, but eh they can try to stop the people from voting w/their illegal ways but that’s ok w/you eh!!!!


        • You are such a dumb cluck.

    • Most of the formerly illegal aliens who are voting are doing so due to Ronald Reagan signing the amnesty act of 1986. Not only did this create a massive number of voters plus it triggered a massive wave on new illegal immigrants that lasted for a decade. What has occurred under the Obama administration is tiny compared to what happened while Reagan was President.

  • After what President Polk did to these people, I don’t blame them for jumping the border and making your life very uncomfortable.

  • Thank you Obama! 🙂

  • Just look at California and expect more of the same. California is a communist/socialist state. The token Negro President is doing exactly what he is suppose to do.

    • Your name shows it all. We laugh at the stupidity of your logical mind

      • So you can not attack facts so call names, well done sir. I use to do that in 5th grade.

        • John, your argument really wasn’t that good to begin with. Without California’s food, you would be begging the Mexicans for a stronger NAFTA, so please take a little more time to think before you use “socialist” as a put-down.

          • California also has one third of the country’s total welfare case load. All in one state.

          • Do you ever wonder why we have most of them? That’s part of having a GDP of almost $2T. I will happily own the fact that we spend more on our impoverished residents, and so it makes sense that they see us as the most hospitable place to live. And while we’re throwing statistics around, most of the welfare recipients in my state are 18 y/o and younger (mainly dependents of ex-welfare recipients).

            You folks really haven’t presented good reasons to complain about California’s success story. We live that motto on the Statue of Liberty while managing to have the ninth largest economy in the world.

            How is your state doing?

          • In case you can’t tell by my avatar I’m also a California resident. So I know that California has many problems. For example, public schools have some of the lowest proficiency scores in the nation because of illegal aliens crowded in our schools. Public universities can’t afford to educate students and are raising tuition. Manufacturers like Toyota and Tesla have decided to move jobs to friendlier states. And do I need to mention crime in places like LA, Oakland, and Richmond? Why are you so proud of a state that gives so much money to welfare recipients when regular folks can’t afford to buy a home and can’t find decent schools for their kids?

          • You want to know why I’m so proud of California? Because I taught at Louisiana State University for the last four years (after teaching at Cal State Fullerton for three years).

            California ranks 49th in educational spending per pupil. Our shitty education has absolutely nothing to do with illegals. It is pretty terrible in Louisiana, too, but you don’t hear them complaining about illegals.

            If you want to talk crime, go look at the statistics for Baton Rouge (my previous home), and then we can talk about who’s got a problem (everyone). In any case, I fail to see your point.

            Unaffordable real estate is a consequence of a high GDP. The pattern in this country started in the early 1800s when subsistence farmers found their property values rising from internal improvements and they couldn’t pay their taxes. In fact, the subsistence farmers found that plantations (with cheap slave labor) actually kept their land values down compared to the industrialized regions. It works the same way for wage labor. If you have a problem with that, you have a problem with capitalism.

  • Thank you to Obama! Now 5 million immigrants get to feel the American Dream. 5 Million more eligible for legal work, 5 million more to experience the american quality of life. All the negativity in something so positive? Have you no sense of compassion for humanity? Security purposes? In God we Trust.

    • American dream is a nightmare now, so let them come experience the nightmare.

    • They could equally experience the dream from where they come from. Does the word ILLEGAL has any meaning to you at all. These are law breakers for crying out loud. If we reward ILLEGAL activities, we’re bound to have more invasion to a point we can’t control.

      • In fact, if we gave them what they dream for, they would no longer be “dreamers”. Then we can deport them.

  • USA can’t take care of everyone! It’s time to start taking care of our own people and concentrating on fixing the problems in our country. Obama is a joke, another president that is predetermined before most of us are born. He has continually lied to the American people, yet many people still push his unconstitutional agenda. Time to rehaul our political system all together, time for real change. Get corporations and money out of politics. We would be better off pulling names out of a hat.

  • so you have no problem tearing families apart? you kids that grew up here s/be w/out their mon or dad, your kind sickens me!!!

    • Absolutely none whatsoever…..the traitors who are siding with Obama need to knelt down in the street and excised exactly the same that you do with a cancer

      • Sounds like a death threat to me. Are you that unglued?

    • If the families don’t want to be apart, they could easily SELF DEPORT together. There’s nothing to stop them from doing that.

  • ALL I CAN SAY IS 2 more years of this fraud in office.

  • 2 More years, I hope the next president falls under your agenda and ends up sparking the 3rd World War. “Kick out all the immigrants” from a country created by immigrants

    • Your an idiot, most of immigrants applied for visa’a and had to show they were not a burden, so stfu

      • People applying for a green card still have to. I know, I went through that with my wife when she immigrated here.

    • Why would it be a “world war”? If we kick out the illegals, you think their countries would be so ashamed of taking those people back that they’d launch a war against America?

  • i CAN NOT STAND THE BUM IN OFFICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He needs to go AWAY!!!!!!!!!

  • illegal immigrants will get their green cards and social security then their food stamps. we will work our asses off for them. we Don”T need this, we already have enough.

  • This guy is out of control…

  • “The president’s job is to ‘faithfully’ execute the laws of the United States…If the practical effect of his executive order is the opposite of what the law requires he will be violating the law, he will be breaking his oath.” Andrew Napolitano former New Jersey Superior Court Judge

    In short, the President can be impeached for breaking the law just as Richard Nixon was for Watergate.

  • Obama is in first place for Bozo of the Year !! What an idiot..

  • Gosh, if only the Republitards in Congress hadn’t had an active grudge against the president for the last six years, he wouldn;t have ot act on his own. But let’s forget all about that and screech at other like-minded assholes on the intertubes about things that really matter: Kenya Hitler Moochelle Birth Certificate Jesus ‘Merica Guns!

  • i really dont understand why immigration is a huge issue…i do believe everyone needs to register and become legal and i also believe that getting free aid once they are here and living solely off of that is a huge issue….

    But letting people in and become citizens?? This is how we started this country…people immigrating looking for a better life. why has that changed? why can we now say “enough. we have too many people. you and your family need to stay where they are” if they did that to any of our families….we wouldnt be here.

    Most these people will work for a ridiculous minimum wage that most of us couldnt even imagine what it would be like to survive on and provide for a family on. yes, they now work illegally under the table but thats because its hard to get citizenship and thats a problem.

    In every issue there will be extremes. people say “what about the criminals, drug dealers etc”….sure, but thats not the majority of who is coming here. we cant close off our borders because of a small percentage will take advantage.

    • Ask yourself how many you… you personally can afford to support… feed house clothe the works…. how many??? WE DON’T have the economy to support these people, it comes out of your pocket Shweetums…

      • and you know why? because TRILLIONS of dollars of corporate profit – profit that is made here – is not taxed due to loop holes put in place by Koch – i mean Republicans

        • Shweetums

        • Repubics are the only tax evaders now eh?? All of Washington is on the take bud… until the entire system is rolled back a hundred years and started over were screwed.

          • Dems – Republicans – whoever – Corporate is all im saying – its a ridiculous system that needs to be changed. But i can guarantee you it wont because of people (dems and republicans) like Koch – who buy elections – which is a whole other issue – get rid of super pacs – make money in politics less important and see what happens. anyways – way off topic now.

        • Even if we have a trillion trillion dollars of profit, does that allow us to grow enough food to feed the billions of people you’d allow into our country? Don’t you believe global warming needs to be stopped? Two billion immigrants in America using our water, packed into our schools, fighting in our prisons… You think money can solve all those issues?

          • Yes…i do…open more schools…grow/import more food…yes – actually – more money would allow that…who the hell are you to say who can and who cant come to this country? you think liberals have entitlement issues? you conservatives think this country is only yours and (as the minority by the way) since your family is here, youre satisfied with how many people have been let in…what if your brother wasnt able to come over from where your ancestors came from…youre telling me that you would tell him “hey, we (this country) really cant afford to take in you and your family…stay where you are”

            No – you would be an advocate for immigration…just because it doesnt affect you directly, its a non-issue and a waste of time for you guys…its a sick way to live

    • If you think we should just allow anyone to waltz into our country then why bother having an immigration department? Why have immigration checks at airports? Why not let China and Inda’s 2 billion people all come to America and use our limitless natural resources and eat our limitless food?

      • we should have an immigration department to do it the right way…so there arent illegals…hell yes….let them all come over here…this is what this country was founded on – Freedom – Liberty

        Its crazy that you think anything would change in your daily life if more people were allowed in…thats more taxes for the government and more cheap labor for your rich friends. oh and not to mention the third world living conditions that some of these people would be able to leave, the starvation the oppression….yes…the day we close our borders will make us the same as everyone else….and in case you didnt know — we should be better than everyone else.

  • 10-Part Illegal Amnesty Order Worse Than Anyone Thought
    Good. Fitting punishment for GOP obstructing immigration reform for 15 years.

    • Sooo punishing all of America is a good thing? yup you are a Dem.

      • isnt that what the republican congressmen did the last 6 years….their goal was to literally not do anything to make the President look bad (the first 4 was to not get him reelected of course)

        Thats appalling to me – literally using their time running our government on a pure political, “election-based” agenda….do you not see a problem with that?

        (Dont come back and say “well everyone has a political agenda and wants to get reelected” – i think you can figure out what i mean by that…i hope you can at least)

        • No one has a political agenda man… they are in it for the cash, OB1 is in it for his faith and we all know what that IS.

  • As an employer… should this happen, everyone with documentation dated after 10/15/2014 will be offered the door, if all employers do the same these people will have no reason to stay here… Self Preservation America, that’s how you deal with this dude, in fact I may just can them all and shut the doors, I have enough to enjoy life already.

    SATIRE, but what a concept.

  • The demand to “secure the border, first” is just an excuse to do nothing as the border will never be secure enough to satisfy the Liars of the Right.

    • So says someone who doesn’t want the border secured because the Liars of the Left need more voters, even if the voters are illegal aliens.

      • man, if thats really why you think most of us think immigration is important…the skewed point of view youve been following on Fox news is apparent. No doubt in my mind its a bonus for the election, but try to focus on the FACT that its the right, good thing to do.

  • you betcha! go for it mr. president. art II of the constitution gives you all the authority as the chief executive. the powers are inherent in your office and your authority to use what’s called prosecutorial discretion. yep, have a look at art II…you are the chief executive of the u.s.a.

    • Prosecutorial discretion only applies after an arrest, not BEFORE an arrest. If Obama tells federal agents not to arrest someone, such as a Democrat donor caught embezzling or an illegal caught crossing the border, then that’s not prosecutorial discretion.

      • the public school system failed to educate you about constitutional law.

        • If the public school system failed, blame the liberal Democrats and greedy unions running the system.

  • Yay! More voters for our side that the Republicans will try to take the vote from. We need them now to move into gerrymandered GOP districts to change the representation and to get back a Blue congress.

    • Sure, let them move anywhere they want and register to vote. Once we elect a Republican President, he can easily locate all of those illegal aliens from their voter registration info and deport them all.

      • “if” you elect. Counting chickens again? But then again, imagine the scenario… deporting 5 million people? Hahahahahahaaaaa….

        The fights go on between conservative and progressives/liberals. In the end the liberals ALWAYS win. Not as fast as we like, but every major liberal initiative is eventually enacted. Always. We just keep chipping away at the problem. Eventually, the conservatives lose, or simply die off.

        Whatever happened to that “Gay people are going to destroy the military” thing? Or the gay marriage thing? Gee, since all those gays got married I don’t see any destruction of normal marriages happening so much around my block.

        Dig in your heels all you want. You’ll just get tired feet.

        • Doesn’t the most recent election, in which you liberals lost big, give you a hint of what’s to come? In 2016 Obama will still be around, reminding voters what a terrible idea it is to vote for Democrats. You tout gay marriage, but America is still against it. Only the activist judges are overturning the gay marriage bans. I’ll agree with one thing though, it’s increasingly obvious the Presidential election is the most important one of all, since a President now has imperial powers to ignore anything Congress or the Supreme Court says.

          • Elections come and elections go. 2008 Obama won. 2010 GOP won. 2012 was a referendum on Obama… guess who won. 2014 Gop won. See a trend yet?

            And, you know the next election will have the GOP defending more Senate seats than we had to this time. And the GOP congress will be around reminding everyone how little they got done. And the Economy will be larger/better, and the latino vote will be out in droves for the Dems most likely.

            The field favors the Dems in 2016. Of course, we will have to wait. I won’t expect you back here to apologize when you lose of course, but I will remember people like you now. And, in 2018, you can crow about how the GOP winning then is a repudiation of Dems etc. etc. etc.

            Somewhere in there hopefully we can all find a way to get along.

            You shout and scream about how illegal you claim it is for an executive action on this, but you can be assured Obama checked with his lawyers. Sure, it will wend and wind it’s way through the courts, but for the GOP the damage will be done– it’s harder to take something away than to stop giving it to them in the first place. Obama knows exactly what he’s doing and YOU know he knows it which is why you are crying so loudly now.

            As to gay marriage– You need to go re-read the recent polls on gay marriage. There is a general poll in 2014 (Gallup leans right by the way) reached 55%. Same with a Ford Foundation poll. A couple of other polls showed 48 or 49%. Enough of a “we don’t know” that allows the Courts to step in and decide. And they decided for fairness and Constitutionality.

            Here’s a recent article about why it was not used by the right as a wedge issue this last election– because it’s a loser:

            Face it. You lost that one on the ‘gays’. And it’s not going to change either. Like above… once you give someone something you better have a darn good reason for taking it away.

            Like we are sorry for taking away your “liberty” to have it all. But we had a good reason. We needed some liberty too.

          • It’s funny, you believe there will be a back-and-forth trend, but your very first words were to welcome the illegal aliens as new voters for your side. That means you are hoping the illegals will give you a permanent advantage in 2016 and every year after that when they vote en masse for Democrats. Yet you also claim you respect the rule of law, so how does letting illegal aliens vote respect the law?

            Now, what you say about the field favoring Dems is true in 2016. But if Obama gives amnesty to all those illegals this year, voters will still be angry by 2016, and the same voting dynamic will happen again, where angry motivated white voters will vote in great numbers while unemployed low income Democrats see no reason to reward a lame Democrat party that gave illegal aliens the power to steal low skilled jobs.

          • I agree. I was taunting about the illegals. Frankly, I think the Democrats are playing with fire. First, you can’t count long term on them staying Democrats. Second, there is as you say the effect on riling up voters. I am not sure it’s been “war gamed” well enough.

            The only issue for me is the “nether realm” status of these people. They are here, they are paying taxes (at least sales) etc. etc. What services should they expect for their contributions? I can’t say that every person who is born here “deserves” to be taken care of for the rest of their lives (I almost sound Republican).

            For instance, I live in California and just had my house remodeled these last two years. The ONLY people my “white” contractor could hire who would actually show up to work on a regular basis and were reliable were… illegals. My landscaping and fencing? All done by illegals. The “white” companies never called me back, never followed through on bids, etc. etc. It was not a matter of them underbidding. They were willing to work for whatever the basic rate is. The “white” companies didn’t seem hungry enough or were frankly flakes. 6 months and I still don’t have a company follow through on getting an electric gate put on the driveway (to keep out the deer). Took 4 months to get a garage door before I finally called in a friend of my “illegal” landscaper. Garage door installed in a week… And I live in a pretty upscale area where they can charge pretty much what they want and people (for better or worse) pay it.

            So, at least in my experience, they are not seeming to take jobs away from anyone. And they work hard. So my experience is either white drug addled pot smoking flakes, or hard working “illegals” who show up at 7:50am and sit patiently and wait to work when the boss shows at 8am.

            Just my experience. Not a blanket statement.

  • OMG the illegals are coming!!! they will take the jobs away from highly civilized, highly educated citizens. what will we do ?! we cant possibly compete with all those highly skilled highly creative illegals… they should go back and sit at end of line that does not exist because other than getting married or having a very unique highly specialized skill and education THERE IS NO WAY TO BECOME A PERMANENT RESIDENT NEVERMIND CITIZEN. freedom is good as long as its not for others.

    • If the immigrants were that highly skilled, they would be coming as H1B workers, not as illegal laborers. And if they still can’t get a visa, their high skills should enable them to create successful companies anywhere in the world.

  • Q – What’s the difference between a Tea Partier, and a child with Downs Syndrome? Anyone?
    A – People with Downs Syndrome aren’t punished by God to have Tea Party babies.

    • I’m sure the people with downs enjoy reading this… really?

  • LOL, what a bunch or garbage. LEARN ABOUT THE PROPOSAL BEFORE LAUNCHING A NUCLEAR ATTACK. The whole country is immigrants. Almost none we legal. Some of us were here before you got here. GET OVER IT! These are hard working people that want what every American has always wanted. We are a nation of immigrants that hate immigrants.

    • Not the point, its not like they are coming and carving out a new life for themselves they come here and take without giving back. Are you saying when my Great grand parents came here and lived miles away from anyone and dug in fields by hand that they were just like these who come here and steal, sell drugs and send the cash to the cartel back home are the same??? I know they are not all bad people, but this aint 1814 man.

    • Then the illegals should be required to fight a war of independence against Mexico or El Salvador, just as our forefathers fought Britain. Once the illegals become independent, we may consider annexing their territory into another American state.

  • How many Tea Partyiers does it take to change a lightbulb?
    None- They’d rather sit in the dark and blame Obama

    • Every time they change the lightbulb the Democrats steal the bulb to reduce Global Warming.

  • Republicans= The Party of no
    Tea Party= The The Party of no Brains

    • Democrats= living off everyone but themselves… enjoying global warming today?

    • So you’re admitting the Democrats were beaten by the Party of no Brains?

  • The Republicans should do two things very fast after White Hater Obama announces his amnesty: Request an emergency ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court and get Obama’s decree annulled. Then start impeachment proceedings to get Obama out of office before he does more damage to our Country.

    • please Republicans do just that! the ussc will turn down the request for a ruling and in tandem the “know-nothings” in the house of representatives can proceed with articles of impeachment. the house “tea bags” will waste 9 to 10 months, vote and more than likely pass the impeachment resolution. it will be passed to the senate for conviction —a fail— after which the 2106 presidential elections will be in full swing. the voters will be burned out with “fools play” and elect elizabeth warren president with a complement of a democratic majority in the house and senate.
      Go for It Republicans!!!

      • Why do you think impeachment would fail in a Republican dominated Senate?
        Also, you choice of Warren as President speaks volumes about how divided the Democrats will be in 2016. The far left liberals already can’t stand Hillary Clinton so there will be quite a nasty primary fight between Warren and Hillary. Go for it Democrats!!!

        • the constitution says: the house of representatives votes on the articles of impeachment and the senate convicts—it takes 2/3 rds of those present to convict. the republicans do not have the votes to remove the president of the u.s.a.

        • i think (what is worth) hillary will bow out. warren will be the liberal choice and more than likely win!

          • If Warren wins we’ll have the first Native American President. Of course she’ll have to convince a skeptical populace that she really is Native American and not just a liberal white woman posing as an ethnic minority to get affirmative action admission help.

  • It’s our foregn policies…it’s our taking too much of everything, that is one of the main reasons people attempt to come here.
    We destroy their chances of earning a living at home and then play dumb.

    • What did we take from them? Most of the illegals are Latin Americans. We buy oil and bananas from them. What did we take that we didn’t pay for?

  • The simple solution is to communicate that the next administration will not honor this amnesty. Thus those who come out of the shadows risk putting themselves on the map for immediate deportation.

  • i’m tired of these random immigrants flooding my city.

    It’s like there is no immigration standards anymore, just a floodgate.

  • If US has trillion for all its pro-GOP anti-Muslim wars then why same republicans are refuting Immigration Amnesty Bill and expenses. The illegal and legal born children will pay for their own expenses and application, US has been sucking on their tax dollars too. So why pro-war Republican who has put the country into 25 trillion deficit should make a big issue. The same Republicans were hash when Ronald Reagan approved the Amnesty Bill in 80’s, it always double standard of the GOP when it comes to minority bill…American has to take back the Whitehouse from these pro- Jewish war hogs in Senate and House who has bankrupted this great nations with their pro-Israeli anti-Muslims wars..

    • They take way more out then they put back in and we basically have dumped 10’s of millions of lower class into a system with too many people already at the bottom.

      I just met a mexican girl with 9 brothers and sisters…i doubt they make enough to foot the public school bill, let alone anything else.

      • Its shame when a great country like America has recession, drug problems, deficit, market crash or insolvency, they tend to blame it on others,who is taking America’s Software (IT) , Hardware, MD, R&D Engineering, Aerospace Scientific jobs and and businesses away, is it the illegals?..why blame others for self inflicted wounds…

        • We don’t blame convicted DUI adults for America’s recession, but does it mean we should ignore DUIs? It’s the same with illegals. Illegals don’t cause loss of engineering jobs, but they cause tons of other problems in our schools, prisons, and health care system, so we have to address those problems by making sure illegals are deported.

        • I am against that too…

        • Protecting our borders and no amnesty will stop the drug flow. If we stop the low skilled spies who are stealing our jobs, we’ll have less space accidents like the virgin galactic and the one in Virginia. USA used to be the bedrock of space technology and now we can’t even build a spacecraft? What’s wrong with us people? What’s wrong with training Americans to do the job rather giving the jobs out to alien spies who are using our technology against us?

    • When America spends money for war, a war which Hillary Clinton and most Democrat Senators voted for, it helps protect America. Spending that same amount of money for illegal aliens doesn’t help protect America, and in fact makes America less safe. And the Reagan amnesty is a good reason to NOT allow any more amnesty. Why? Because that was supposed to be a one-time amnesty, after which the immigration system should have been fixed. But instead we get 11 million more illegals. If obama legalizes them now, we’ll get another 11 million illegals within a decade. When will it ever stop?

  • I don’t care about Obama the gop or anything but i want these fucking immigrants out and i want to have a decent immigration system that only allows in the best and brightest and no muslims please.

  • My local middle school that used to be 80% white and 15% black now looks like a portal to mexico…what is wrong with the government?

  • Worse than anyone thought? Actually, it’s not as good as I would have hoped. BTW, most illegal immigrants are honest hard working folks, which is more than I can say about most of the domestic population!

    • Have you seen their kids? WHo are flooding and exhausting our public schools?

      Most of them are ghetto/lazy pieces of trash.

      • Yeah, I’m going to believe that from some little teenybopper, who posts using the name of a racist, murdering thug.

        • It’s cool, you don’t have to believe me or anyone else….Time will reveal who is right and who is retarded.

    • There are 2 billion honest and hard working folks in India and China. Do you want all of them to come to America and compete for jobs?

      • I mean ****, i could flood the country with 20 million “hardworking” Brazilians to do the same stuff mexicans do for 5$ a day…

        can i then call mexicans “lazy.”

        lol, people are so stupid.

      • I could flood the country with 20 million “hardworking” Brazilians to do the same stuff mexicans do for 5$ a day…

        can i then call mexicans “lazy.”

        lol, people are so stupid.

    • Oh? how many do you employ or house in your rentals?? they pay rent with cash, have five families in one house/apartment against the regs and buy food and lottery tickets (mexico tickets) from local markets that are solely supplied with made in Mexico products and yeah that shop next door is a check cashing (money laundering), ax preparer, western union, banko, and manicurist. Blow your wind in another direction, the natural gas is a danger to us all!!

  • This mass immigration is a way for governments to bring in more money and big business to get more people competing for rat wages.

    Want your taxes lowered? Keep dreaming

    They will pay minimum wage employees more before they lower taxes for everyone.

    Someone has gotta support these people and it’s the citizens.

    • The problem is… the majority of the “workers” are like ants, they come and work yes, but that cash is like the cookie that fell to the ground… it all goes back to the queen ant. So the “more money” never makes it into the US economy… Emmmkay!

  • This is not fair, I know many LEGAL immigrants waiting for Green Card for past 10 years in EB3 category.

    There are two ways to come to the US
    1. Do good study to become doctor/engineer/scientist/educator then struggle hard to get in with legal work permit, pay all taxes and obey all rules or regulations, wait for 10+ years to get GC and then another 5+ for citizenship

    2. Know how to jump the border

    Are we not saying people followed option 1 were fools?

    Really frustrated American 🙁

  • How come if a white person wants to immigrate to another first world nation they have to have something special to offer that country.

    they have to have a sponsor and job lined up

    and they get their background scrutinized…

    But yet white countries let people from the shitholes of the earth in, no questions asked.

    • Liberal whites look down upon brown and black skinned people and believe those people can’t survive without white people’s money.

      • Apparently, their goal is to treat them like retarded/handicapped children.

        • Those liberals are more racist than they realize.


  • I think this is a fantastic idea. The blacks and white trash don’t work anyway, and there are millions of jobs that go unfilled because of it. Now, we’ll have a steady supply of labor that will work cheaper, and harder, and it’s hard to argue with that. Besides, at least these guys will work AND pay taxes, more than just the suckling off the government teet that the lower class does now.

    • If you think it’s a fantastic idea, then you pay for the education of their children, the prisons for their gangbangers, and the health care for the uninsured illegals. Even if illegals pay payroll taxes, it’s very little due to their minimum wage work being taxed at a very low rate.

  • He obviously does not care what American citizens want, what the Congress wants, what U.S, law requires, whether it is right or wrong .. he is just going to SHOW everyone that he can do whatever wants to do (like it or lump it) and she can have a few more vacations before his term expires. He wanted to do the most harm to America and he is doing it.

  • History will record this act as the one that started the civil war.

  • How about supporting an effort to help these people STAY HOME?? maybe we are going about this all wrong, most if not all of the migrant workers want to go home as soon as they get here, this is evidenced by how much they love Mexico, Honduras, Salvador and others, so how do we make it better where they are from rather than spread bread crumbs on the trail to “living the dream”, this looks like smoke and mirror slavery to me rather than any border reform program… who really benefits?? America? Americans? Corporations i.e. corporate farmers??

  • OBAMA is a PRESIDENT who has gone ROGUE!


    To say that PRESIDENT should be PROSECUTED and IMPEACHED is
    he is ready to STAND TRIAL, and so should the likes of U.S. ATTORNEY GENERAL

    never ever FORGET that the AMERICAN MAINSTREAM MEDIA – specifically CNN, MSNBC,
    WASHINGTON POST helped put BARACK OBAMA in the WHITEHOUSE back in 2008 and keep
    him there in 2012.

    ACCOUNTABLE for MISLEADING U.S., not once but TWICE!

    NAAWP is calling for BOYCOTTS of the following 10 bogus












    HELP U.S. show the MEDIA who holds their PURSE STRINGS in
    AMERICA in 2014.



    • you are a true embarrassment to our race

  • Rupublican..Democratic.. whomever.. can’t we get someone to make the right choices to help the American ppl.. can anyone really be trusted.. with so many ppl who struggle every day to survive. Everything going up..except minimum wages.. we need some real action here.. every other country takes care of themselves first.. but we can’t seem to do that.. broken promises every time one of these politicians open their mouths..whens the last time something happened good in your life and u said to yourself.. thankgoodness for the government… Never!.. and anyone who pays taxes pays to employ theses dummys that can’t seem to get anything right


    PRESIDENT OBAMA has totally DESTROYED the DEMOCRATIC PARTY, now he’s trying to DESTROY the REST of U.S.!





    PRESIDENT OBAMA has totally DESTROYED the DEMOCRATIC PARTY, now he’s trying to DESTROY the REST of U.S.!



  • BARACK OBAMA has totally DESTROYED the DEMOCRATIC PARTY, now he is trying to DESTROY the rest of U.S.!
    IMPEACH this BAD MAN before he HURTS any more of U.S.!
    NAAWP – 2014


  • NAAWP tells PRESIDENT OBAMA to STOP doing things UNILATERIALLY and START doing things the RIGHT WAY!

  • OBAMA’s approval RATING – 37% among AMERICANS – 100% among ILLEGAL ALIENS!


    Keep in MIND, IMMIGRATION is all about PRESIDENT OBAMA and has nothing to
    do with what’s BEST for U.S.:




    PRESIDENT OBAMA could have passed his IMMIGRATION PLAN back in 2008 when
    DEMOCRATS had CONTROL of both the HOUSE and the SENATE!

    PRESIDENT OBAMA picked 11-20-2014 to lay out his IMMIGRATION PLAN because
    he knows that having lost the SENATE back in 2010, and losing the HOUSE on
    11-04-2014 makes him look like a LAME DUCK PRESIDENT!

    FACT: PRESIDENT OBAMA is too much of a NARCISSIST to accept his LAME DUCK
    STATUS laying down!



    CASE in POINT:

    OBAMA’s approval RATING – 37% among AMERICANS – 100% among ILLEGAL ALIENS!


    Keep in MIND, IMMIGRATION is all about PRESIDENT OBAMA and has nothing to
    do with what’s BEST for U.S.:




    PRESIDENT OBAMA could have passed his IMMIGRATION PLAN back in 2008 when
    DEMOCRATS had CONTROL of both the HOUSE and the SENATE!

    PRESIDENT OBAMA picked 11-20-2014 to lay out his IMMIGRATION PLAN because
    he knows that having lost the SENATE back in 2010, and losing the HOUSE on
    11-04-2014 makes him look like a LAME DUCK PRESIDENT!

    FACT: PRESIDENT OBAMA is too much of a NARCISSIST to accept his LAME DUCK
    STATUS laying down!


  • Why is it that people always feel compelled to make some conciliatory remarks such as “make no mistake, I’m for immigration reform (which is AMNESTY) , or say I support orderly blah blah blah, or I’m FOR family unification…before making a strong satement about strictly limiting or stopping immigration? We seem almost free of the PC shackles and gags, but people are still WAAAAY too concerned about hurting feelings, and/ or pandering to social leftists that have never thought this issue through. We are being crushed by overwhelming numbers…we’re about to cross the 320 million mark in a rear or so. In the early 70s, before the immigration act of 1965 (thanks fat, drunk, disgusting Teddy Kennedy), the USA was at virtually zero growth, with a mere 200 million people, poised to enter on a prosperous, sustainable future. We had codified the civil rights movement, and were enforcing it, and the rifts between black and white were finally (beginning) to mend. This was all obliterated by mass immigration (one million legal and one million illegal per year on average since the mid 1980s). This is actually a situation we can’t totally reverse, but at least could seriously help. But we can’t do it apologetically. Businesses that suck the blood of immigrant labor and crush native- born Americans must pay, through the nose, and be shut down & prosecuted. Politicians (which is virtually ALL of them) must be publicly disgraced and even prosecuted. Illegals must ALL be turned back at the border. No exceptions, no way. There must be mass deportations of all we can apprehend, who don’t have overwhelming proof of their enticement to come to the USA, illegally (some really do…Uncle Sam and Sam from Wal Mart all wanted them). (A few) may really be patriotic American transplants now, too…they should be allowed to stay, if their loyalties are TRULY for the good of their host nation. We have to be quite resolute, and there will be a LOT of wailing, crying, screaming and even violence, from the Latino border jumpers and visa over-stayers, as well as mecha, La Raza, university radical groups, new Latin American terrorists, the gangs and drug cartels, MS 13, etc. We will have to go up hard against these. But we can’t get rid of all of the 30- 40 million that came in the last few decades. Still, STOP APOLOGIZING! This is the fate of a whole nation, a whole people. Mexicans need to solve THEIR OWN problems…in MEXICO. Their status as 11th richest nation in the world shows, year after year, that though their super-elite , near royal wealthy hate the average Mexican, there’s money aplenty to go around. Mexicans need to have the guts and the politcal organization to assume responsibility for revolutionizing their OWN society…NOT OURS! And no more corporate welfare for traitorous American businesses. It’s not something that Americans should EVER overlook. Whenever a citizen even sees a company, large or small with a curiously foreign workforce, they should be confronted, hassled, yelled at, shamed, and vigorously boycotted. That’s half a start. Take it back. It’s ours. No apologies necessary…(Did the traitors apologize as they wrecked our society, our bank accounts, our jobs, our educational futures, our retirement funds, our cities, our institutions, and our way of life? Hell no). Stick it righ back to them, with a red hot poker, as they say.
    And you know, this comes from a long-haired lifetime musician, A Master of American History, from the Liberal halls of Academia, who voted mostly democratic, for the sake of environmental conservation…was a vocal proponent of Clinton, so Gore could one day be President! I’m more nuanced these days, as I see that no party represents me at all, but it’s not just right -wingers who feel this way. I sure hope the rest of you Americans have the fortitude to get up in the face of businesses, politicians, media and anybody else who wants to finish whoring out our nation, Because if you don’t, we’re finished. (I mean don’t IMAGINE it…do it. Make a little scene. How the hell is this going to get fixed if the crimes of the perpetrators are ignored on the street and in government, because the average person wants to “take it easy,” and not have any unpleasant moments? Theres’s simply no more time to waste. Oh, and forget this left and right crap. It’s the most transparent, childlike ruse. Realize that the fix is in, and has been in, from business, big money, and both parties, for decades. You had better call out the lies everywhere you see them, on the spot, and act. I mean, how many more times are you going to move from city to city, to get away from the often crime-ridden, slum-like Mexicanization of what was once your nice hometown? Where will the next job be? Where’s that one last good place? Where can you find that safe community with a bit of open space and familiar faces, and an American way of life…or do you realize that’s pretty much all gone now? Time to take it back, and you’re going to have to ruffle a LOT of feathers to do that, not just angrily post in places like this. Talk it up in the street, at town hall meetings, at political fundraisers, at politician’s stumping events.

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