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Saturday, November 26, 2022
HomeNewsPoliticsReps. Gohmert, Salmon Slam Boehner Over Cromnibus: Maybe Democrats Will Vote For Him For Speaker

Reps. Gohmert, Salmon Slam Boehner Over Cromnibus: Maybe Democrats Will Vote For Him For Speaker



Republican Reps. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) and Matt Salmon (R-AZ) ripped into Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) over the $1.1 trillion cromnibus bill to fund the government that barely passed the House Thursday.

“Let’s do it together with conservatives,” said Rep. Gohmert during an interview with Sean Hannity, referring to a conversation he had with Speaker Boehner. “That’s the bulk of our conference, don’t make them take a wrong vote. Let’s fund everything for two months. Let us have a vote on defunding Obama’s amnesty, and we’ll even agree that the Senate can take it out if they take the hard vote to do that and let it go from there to the president.”

Gohmert went on to say that it is telling how Boehner worked wanted to work with the White House to get around members of his own party, and that the conference was willing to hatch out a compromise.

“We were willing to work with them to compromise, and not one word,” he added. “As you know, the calls went to the White House when in a time that the speaker needed votes he turned to somebody that he really identifies with, the president and liberal Democrats and got them to help him pass this vote.”

Rep. Salmon said House GOP leadership didn’t even try to gain concessions from Democrats.

“I said if we would send it to the Senate and then let it then work there will, we may be surprised,” Rep. Salmon said. “There may be a lot of Democrats over there feeling a lot of pain and heat from the election, and they’ll do the right thing.

“But we’ll never know,” he said. “You never know if you always punt the ball.”

Government funding technically ran out on midnight Thursday, but lawmakers are moving on a stopgap measure to buy time, because the Senate debate could very well last through the weekend and even into Monday. If the bill passes in the Senate without amendment, the showdown can only be interpreted as a victory for conservative Republicans in the smallest measure.

Though current plan would fund the government through September 2015, immigration services would only be funded through late February. By that time, a new Republican Senate majority will have more leverage to wage a battle over the president’s widely denounced executive order on immigration.

However, as Gohmert noted, there is a slight problem with that widely spread interpretation.

“The first rule of hostage negotiations is that you never take a hostage the other side wants you to shoot,” Gohmert said.

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    The American people have been betrayed by the Republicans when the
    American people had placed unrivaled trust and loyalty, given to them an all
    out win against the Liberal-Democratic zealots in the midterm. Representatives
    passed a $1.1 trillion spending bill on Thursday evening that would fully fund
    Pres. Obama’s executive amnesty. The vote came after a 6-hour recess while
    Leaders from both parties tried to gather enough support to pass the measure
    and prevent a government shutdown.

    American people in the midterm elections overwhelmingly voted in a Republican
    House and Senate, trusting them to honor there oath of allegiance to the
    Constitution and to follow the Rule of Law. Senator Rand Paul has
    joined with anti-amnesty, anti-illegal alien leaders Jeff Sessions R-AL and Ted
    Cruz R-TX, Mike Lee R-UT, Steve king R-IA who are opposed to the spending bill
    that includes funding for Obama’s unconstitutional attempt to award amnesty to
    5 million illegal aliens, said Senator Paul on a radio broadcast, “I’ll
    vote no to any kind of 1600-page bill that I’m given at the last minute that we
    don’t have time to read. It’s an abomination, nobody should support a Congress
    that stuffs all the spending into one bill, nobody reads it, there are no
    reforms, no amendments, and it really is probably why Congress has about a 10%
    approval rate because this is not doing our job,”

    Sen. Mike Lee voiced his disapproval of the bill, when he gave
    an outstanding speech about combating the special interests and protecting the
    American people.

    House Speaker John Boehner sent the following tweet moments
    after the bill passed, pledging to fight Obama’s amnesty in the next Congress.
    However, without the leverage of a full spending bill there’s little GOP
    Leaders can do to force Obama to sign a bill defunding his amnesty? Now Obama
    can process the paperwork for his unconstitutional amnesty. Giving Obama
    millions more dollars to grant an education, health care and settlement dollars
    for illegal aliens, with the skills necessary for them to reside in America and
    compete for jobs with American workers and their children.


    little as my citizen vote is in 2016 as an Independent, I will not vote for any
    President who will NOT rescind Obama’s Executive Orders immigration amnesty.

    main stream Republicans (RINO’s) have stayed in the background about the
    illegal immigrant invaders, but although the TEA PARTY are blatantly against
    Obama’s amnesty the career politicians in the GOP are quite happy to accept 5
    million of illegal aliens to ransack the American welfare system with cheap
    labor to favor their wealthy donors, mega corporations, Wall St, Bankers, agricultural
    plantations and top of the list, the US Chamber of Commerce. NumbersUSA will grade the vote as a
    vote for amnesty. And then for the Liberal-Democrats millions of future votes.

    this a carefully crafted deception from the beginning from the GOP?

    The people need to keep bombarding Washington
    at contact phone Numbers and
    Mailing Addresses of Members of Congress at: http://www.contactingthecongress.org.
    The TEA PARTY members are urged to pick-up the phone (the toll
    free number is 1- 866-220-0044) and join other conservatives
    who are committed to jam the phone lines on Capitol Hill (also melt the phone
    lines in the Senate) with this simple message: If you funded amnesty, you own
    it? Now you have sold out to this President, we will be ready with a sharp
    scalpel to remove all corrupt politicians from office in 2016 who voted for his
    anti-American agenda.

    NumbersUSA will grade the vote as a vote for amnesty.

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