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Monday, July 22, 2024
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Meet The Elite ‘Dunces’ At NYT Who Say You’re Too Stupid To Choose

The liberal elite members of the NYT editorial board are deeply unethical slaves. These “useful idiots,” who are poorly disguised as journalists, live in an elitist bubble that so-blurs reality it prevents them from noticing their own intellectual and physical bondage.

According to the editor Andy Rosenthal and Co., President Obama didn’t lie, he harmlessly misspoke when he said, “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan, period.”

An opt-ed that ran in the NYT over the weekend claimed, “Congressional Republicans have stoked consumer fears and confusion with charges that the health care reform law is causing insurers to cancel existing policies and will force many people to pay substantially higher premiums next year for coverage they don’t want. That, they say, violates President Obama’s pledge that if you like the insurance you have, you can keep it.”

People’s Pundit Daily released a study and report over the weekend showing far more Americans will see their health insurance plans cancelled due to ObamaCare regulations than is currently being reported. Not only does the PPD study show the Obama administration — and campaign — knew that would be the case, but the ACA itself was designed for that to be the case, and HHS officials deliberately added further “Essential Health Benefit Standards” to decrease the amount of grandfather-eligible plans.

The NYT editorial board went on to say, “Mr. Obama clearly misspoke when he said that. By law, insurers cannot continue to sell policies that don’t provide the minimum benefits and consumer protections required as of next year. So they’ve sent cancellation notices to hundreds of thousands of people who hold these substandard policies.”

First, according to the not-at-all conservative Associated Press, 3.5 million Americans have received cancellation notices thus far, not hundreds of thousands. Second, “Mr. Obama clearly misspoke,” they say? No, he lied, “period.” And ensured none of these regulations were front-loaded, repeatedly responding to the charges from Mitt Romney and other Republicans claiming this very endgame was a preconceived plan, with the true intention of using ObamaCare as a milestone to a deeply unpopular single-payer system. It sounded a lot like this.

Aside from the characterization “Mr. Obama clearly misspoke” being patently false, the NYT editorial board finally let out that which liberal elites are typically more disciplined to keep in the bag. In fact, not only is it that they think the filthy masses are stupid, alluding to the incompetence of Americans with words like “substandard,” but this time they shouted their disdain for the American people from the rooftops.

Andy Rosenthal and the NYT editorial board actually titled the op-ed, Insurance Polices Not Worth Keeping, or insurance you were too stupid to know was “substandard,” thus now they have deemed you incapable of making the choice on your own in the future. Take the case of Natalie Willis, for instance, who lost her policy and is now forced to purchase insurance that is more expensive. Well, of course it is, she will be paying the cost of coverage for men’s prostate exams, though she certainly won’t be needing that.

Notice how Gerry Kominski, who directs public health policy at UCLA, told CBS News, “About half of the 14 million people who buy insurance on their own are not going to be able to keep the policies that they had previously.” But it isn’t that bad, because “you’re paying more for a better product and more protection, and you won’t understand the value of that until you need it.” These comments, too, embody the liberal mindset.

In other words, you are too stupid to “understand” you don’t need coverage for men if you are a woman? That’s not “substandard,” that’s collectivism, and what they don’t want to tell you is that they think you should be forced to give up your choice, because you are too stupid to make the decision they think is the correct one. But the worst example of the condescending liberal mindset was Rick Unger on Hannity, talking with the same individual, Natalie Willis.


Listen to Rick Unger yelling, “you don’t know,” regarding her lifetime limit, which misses the point altogether. Where is the NYT editorial board who should be defending Natalie’s right to choose her own healthcare? They are hacks, and their defense of women’s rights is only pertinent when it suits the needs of the statists. There has been complete silence on this issue, because they are nowhere to be found for women when it actually matters.

I am inclined to think that the American people do not agree with Andy Rosenthal and the rest of the arrogant, elitist know-nothings at the NYT editorial board who share this disgraceful, dangerous mindset. So considering we all enjoy the God-given right to our opinion, for as long as the liberal elites do not proclaim certain opinions “substandard” anyway, I would encourage we all voice our opinion.

As such, everyday this week I will post pictures of the members of the editorial board along with their contact information, may it be Twitter or another venue, and Americans who have lost their health insurance plans — the plans they were promised by Mr. Obama they could keep — can let the elites over at the NYT know what their opinion of them is.

I  can think of no better place to start than Mr. Andy Rosenthal — the head ‘dunce’ — who is responsible for this garbage even making it to print. Here are the links for Mr. Rosenthal on Twitter and Facebook, so let’s use our right to free speech before he and other elites outlaw them, because they deem “freedom” and “choice” to be “substandard” preferences.


Meet Mr. David Firestone, who is the Projects Editor and handles national politics pertaining to the White House and Congress on the NYT editorial board. Doesn’t he look smart? I bet he could help you navigate to a plan that is not “substandard” like the plan you previously had and loved, that is, before your insurer cancelled it due to the need to comply with the ludicrous, collectivist Essential Health Benefit Standards. Let’s send him a tweet and ask him on Twitter.

Apparently, People’s Pundit Daily has our “Daily Dunce” section backlogged, thanks to unethical liberalism and the NYT.

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Rich, the People's Pundit, is the Data Journalism Editor at PPD and Director of the PPD Election Projection Model. He is also the Director of Big Data Poll, and author of "Our Virtuous Republic: The Forgotten Clause in the American Social Contract."

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