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Saturday, June 15, 2024
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Sorry Kirsten Powers Lost Her Plan, But She Has No Right To Whine

kirsten powers

Kirsten Powers is either incredibly dishonest, selfish, naive or very, very ignorant to politics, history and public policy. Nevertheless, as an ardent supporter of ObamaCare and the Democratic Party, she has no right to whine about losing her health insurance policy.

And at this point, I am not even sure she has any business being on television.

After her comments on “Special Report” with Bret Baier, it has become clear that Powers and many on the left are one of — if not all — of the aforementioned adjectives. Let’s first summarize her comments, then look at the possibilities — one-by-one — to attempt to ascertain which label is appropriate.

Kirsten Powers, who time after time during the 2012 election appeared on television to defend Democratic candidates and ObamaCare, just whined on national television that her health care plan had been cancelled. Her “blood boils every time” she hears “the word substandard,” because as Powers phrased it, “there was nothing substandard about my policy.”

Powers went on further, expressing her convenient outrage over the law’s intended design to thrust the burden on young, healthy people, forcing them to pay for products and services that they don’t need at a greater cost than they can assume.

Where has Kirsten Powers been for the last 5 years? None of these events — i.e., Powers losing her health care plan — were unforeseeable, accidental, or even theoretical. No voiced concerns regarding impact or consequence from these policies were ever really up for debate, unless of course, you are simply ignorant to the nature of government, simple economics, or basic human nature.

Is it the case that Kirsten Powers is selfish? She had the nerve to complain that her premium is much higher now. Did she favor ObamaCare when she thought that it would redistribute wealth, so long as it didn’t redistribute her wealth?

Maybe Kirsten Powers actually believed President Obama and the leaders of her party, as an extension of her certain belief in the false ideology it professes? That would make her naive, because contrary to what the Democratic Party claims, government can never be used as a force for good. I would dare her to point to one instance in American history — or human history for that matter — when government used its power for the moral imperative without sooner or later returning to their despotic ends. It cannot be done, even in the civil rights victories her party falsely claims credit for.

I suppose it is possible that she believed old, false presumptions that so-fills the history of the progressive ideological movement, which somehow claims they have the power to use central planning to turn a zero-sum game into a win-win for all. If that’s true, then she is a complete stooge just in case she hasn’t realized it yet. Powers, and so many other Democrats and Obama voters, are the losers in a centrally planned zero-sum, collectivist scheme that any 8 year-old child who has read “Animal Farm” could have seen coming a mile away.

Or, perhaps even worse, none of this outrage is even real, and Kirsten Powers is the former, a simply dishonest person who wittingly participates in a despotic plan to destroy choice and privacy in the private insurance market. Forget the fact that no one who claims to be a champion of civil liberties — as Kirsten Powers has claimed while opposing the drone program — can ever bridge the crevasse between the protection of civil liberty and their support for ObamaCare. The ends may justify the means for Kirsten Powers, as well.

In any of these cases, it is hard for one to intellectually argue she retains the credibility to appear on television to give her opinion.

The American people have enough talking heads acting as mouthpieces for elitists who never have their interests at heart. The American people need intelligent, down-to-earth individuals with integrity to tell them the truth, because they certainly aren’t hearing the truth from so-called journalists.

We at People’s Pundit Daily have actually said that Kirsten Powers was one of our favorite liberals. But people are getting hurt, and considering all of these events were predictable (as laid out in our PPD study on ObamaCare-induced cancellations), it isn’t enough for Kirsten Powers or any Democrat to portray a fake outrage or even claim ignorance, because their ignorance is getting dangerous to our health, prosperity, freedom, and our entire way of life.

Regardless of whether Kristen Powers now flip-flopped on ObamaCare because she is either dishonest, selfish or naive, ignorance was at the heart of it, nevertheless.

In what could only be classified as the height of irony, Powers viciously and disgracefully railed against Republicans during the government shutdown, even going so far as to claiming they were destroying America. Meanwhile, it turns out the Republican Party was fighting to protect her and other Americans from a despotic policy that she foolishly supported; which, in the end, she was too ignorant to even know would hurt her.

Sure, Kirsten Powers is — once again — our Daily Dunce. But that label doesn’t even scratch the surface of her ignorance.

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Rich, the People's Pundit, is the Data Journalism Editor at PPD and Director of the PPD Election Projection Model. He is also the Director of Big Data Poll, and author of "Our Virtuous Republic: The Forgotten Clause in the American Social Contract."

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