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Friday, April 12, 2024
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Most Of Us Wish We Heard ‘The Last Word’ Out Of Lawrence O’Donnell

Ladies and gentlemen, there is unethical and ideological, and then there is Lawrence O’Donnell unethical and ideological. Even the 12 or so viewers who actually watch his show can acknowledge his bought-and-paid for inconsistency.

No matter which party each of us belongs to, our freedom is at risk whenever hyper-partisanship causes us to allow condemnable behavior to continue within our own ranks. It is a threat to the very fabric of representative government when those on TV get this far off the reservation.

We can see this ultra-bias little twerp must think he is pretty funny, but the only one laughing is Hillary Clinton, who knows she has a ton of “useful idiots” like Lawrence O’Donnell in her Rolodex, ready and willing to throw their own integrity out of the window whenever they feel blessed enough to receive her phone call.

“How may I serve you your majesty? I am but an unworthy, lowly little servant with no wealth of character, but whatever I do have I shall eagerly surrender to you, my grace.”

When news first hit of the IRS scandal, O’Donnell exposed his utter contempt for good character and blind ideological tendencies when he had the nerve to say the agency was within their right to target Tea Party groups.

His reasoning? Because they are political organizations, nothing at all like ACORN, the NAACP, the ACLU, Hillary 2016, and the like.

lawrence o'donnell

Forget being outraged over the fact nobody will be fired for the worst government abuse of power in the last 100 years, or the fact Obama appointed a donor to make that decision, it wasn’t even a real scandal.

A traffic jam for political retribution, however, prompts Lawrence O’Donnell to use his painfully lacking intellect to conjure up a political ad.

In his cornball video, he pieced together the very unoriginal, old before and after ad, which shows Chris Christie stating he trusts his cabinet with an enormous amount of power. The “after,” then shows the New Jersey governor’s apology during his press conference following the “Bridgegate” scandal.

This guy is cheese at its stinky cheesiest. Unlike Obama, who used the single-most feared and intrusive wing of the federal government to punish his political enemies, obviously to ensure a 2010 repeat scenario didn’t off-set his voter fraud machine in 2012, Christie actually took responsibility and held people to account for injuring citizens with the levers of government.

Obama? Not so much.

In all seriousness, Obama’s entire cabinet has been involved in one scandal or another, and have egregiously managed to escape any form of punishment, whatsoever.

The Justice Department engineered the gun-running scheme “Fast and Furious,” hoping to increase gun violence so the administration could make an argument for further degrading Americans’ Second Amendment rights. I know it doesn’t bother liberals like O’Donnell, because you actually need decency to care about Brian Terry’s death, but that fake scandal did result in the death of several innocent people. Yet Eric Holder not only lived to wiretap another day, but was later flat-out caught lying to Congress about tapping journalists’ phones.

Also in the news this week, outside of the “end of days” traffic jam, the Senate released a report damning Hillary Clinton for creating the conditions ripe for disaster in Benghazi, which resulted in the death of 4 Americans. Yet Killary not only lived to lie to the victims’ parents another day, but O’Donnell is already auditioning to be her lap-dog in 2016.

It really shouldn’t be that hard for him, since he had so much practice with the Obama presidency, whom he and other liberal media dunces helped to create.

You might think a care-for-all redistributionist liberal would think there are bigger stories this month — oh say, the disgraceful 74,000 jobs created in the month of December, and the nearly 92 million Americans who gave up on the American Dream because liberals got their communist dream in the White House — O’Donnell opts instead to show everyone he knows how to use YouTube.

This guy is a dunce and a disgrace. Judging by his pathetic ratings, pathetic even for MSNBC, most news-watching Americans wish they really were about to hear “the last word,” that is, the last word out Lawrence O’Donnell. Unfortunately, just as the Tea Party groups have a right to free speech without being targeted by the IRS, he has the right to sound like an oxygen thief.

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