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Friday, June 21, 2024
HomeOpinionThe Elevation Of The Mediocre Lena Dunham Is Only The Beginning

The Elevation Of The Mediocre Lena Dunham Is Only The Beginning

Pop culture being what it is, Lena Dunham is making quite a splash these days. Parading around half naked in her show “Girls” has gotten her a lot of attention. Some of that attention, though, is not the best kind.

Showing off her prowess as a great comedienne, her style of humor basically involves a grotesque caricature of the female anatomy, displaying all the prowess of a chimp on Ambien. The baloney-armed Ms. Dunham now is taking exception to people who criticize her oh-so-special brand of humor.

Taking to Twitter with the vengeance of an aggrieved housecat, the battered Dunham seems to be taking the low road in insults and blathering idiocy, claiming that her critics are “fat-shaming” her and not understanding her need to undress for comic relief.

Well, she might have a point, because her comic timing and skill are something left to be desired.

The real tragedy though is that there is something more to her whole “take off my clothes, look at me, I’m funny” routine. It’s an old leftist trick called “elevation of mediocrity.” In society today, a prime tool of leftism is the equalization of man and society through the elevation of mediocrity, something that Ayn Rand waxed poetic on in her book, The Fountainhead.

It is virtually impossible to tear down the institutions which have made America, and mankind, great. To try and tear down emblems of greatness, such as the Empire State Building or marvels of political thought, such as the Constitution, would only label one a troublemaker in society, or worse. So, rather than openly attacking or pointing fingers of accusation, instead the leftist simply elevates the mediocre to the level of the superior, thus lowering greatness to that of mere insignificance.

Taking off your clothes to display a merely ordinary human form and, promoting the idea, thus takes down a peg those that strive for a better aesthetic. Dunham claims she is being “fat-shamed,” but really what she is doing is “beauty shaming.” Perhaps, it is comic shaming, as well, considering the flat jokes and smarmy attitude her show takes.

Americans should be aware that the struggle between left and right political thought is an important one, and should understand that leftism seeks to disrupt and alter the political theories that lead America to greatness. Self-sufficiency and individualism needs to be defended and taught with as much vigor as those that support the philosophically opposite theories as socialism, communism and leftism.

It is also critical that Americans understand that leftist leaders are as aware as conservatives that their thoughts have no intellectual merit. Liberals merely take this position as a method to insert themselves as would-be power brokers, and to control the masses.

In leftist education, children are taught that the results of work were not nearly as important as the effort. Grades are issued on a curve, and then the curve is lowered so that the bottom end children on the grading curve were rewarded equally as the top-end children. Kids are passed on and promoted to higher grades if they merely “try” to complete the course work, rather than understanding the subject matter.

Instead of the winners of contests receiving a trophy, everyone is given a trophy — thus making the trophy in and of itself, meaningless. This is the heart of liberal theory — that people who come out on top in society are not doing so by hard work and good decisions, but by luck and criminality, and thus de facto promote such behavior. In history books, children are taught incorrectly that America was not built by hard work and rugged individualism, but by the theft of land, slavery and criminal behavior.

As a result, America is kept in a perpetual state of turmoil and inefficiency driven by political correctness theory, which is not the end goal of leftism, but rather the instrument with which it destroys American capitalism and our value system. The end result will be a planned peasantry economy, i.e. a majority of Americans completely dependent on its government masters, who sit and laugh at ‘stupid Americans’ as they cling to their bibles and guns, while directing the strings of power.

So, put your clothes back on Ms. Lena Dunham. The corruption of America makes me nauseous enough.

Thomas Purcell is a nationally syndicated columnist and host of the Liberty Never Sleeps podcast hour and author of “Shotgun Republic.”

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Thomas Purcell is a syndicated columnist, author and host of the popular radio show Liberty Never Sleeps.

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  • Narcissism knows no political bent. It is not a syndrome of the Left or the Right. Dunham is mediocre, and congratulations for pointing out what the American press should have been doing all along. But so is Ayn Rand, who is an ideologue whose dogma has long been discredited.

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