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Sunday, June 16, 2024
HomeOpinionBill O’Reilly Rips Obama Administration And Press For Benghazi Cover Up

Bill O’Reilly Rips Obama Administration And Press For Benghazi Cover Up

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If you watched “The Factor” Talking Points Memo on Wednesday, April 30, then you know Bill O”Reilly rips Obama and several members of his administration for what we now know to be a cover up of the Benghazi attack. But he really railed against the so-called free press because, in the end, they helped the administration cover it up.

“Now we know. Now there’s no question that the White House misled on the terror attack in Benghazi, Libya, on Sept. 11, 2012.” That’s about as nice as Bill O’Reilly can say the American people were lied to in order to protect Obama’s reelection.

“The best information and the best assessment we have today, is that this was not a preplanned attack,” Rice said. She then went on to blame the video, which was a flat-out lie. Yesterday, PeoplesPunditDaily.com reported on documents obtained by conservative watchdog group, Judicial Watch.

“Not one person has been brought to justice for the Benghazi attack, not one,” O’Reilly noted. But, in fact, law enforcement officials arrested the foolish but innocent man who made a video that had nothing to do with the premeditated attack that led to the death of four Americans, including the late former Ambassador Chris Stevens. Then-Sec. of State Hillary Clinton, then-Sec. of Defense Leon Panetta, and President Obama, himself, all looked straight into the eyes of Sean Smith’s mother and promised they would “get the guy who made that hateful video.”

The irony of all of this, as O’Reilly noted, is that President Obama and his inner circle, both political and policy advisors, have all accused the Republicans of playing politics with the Benghazi scandal. In fact, Mitt Romney was punched upon by both the White House and the liberal press when he dared to challenge the then-very vulnerable president up for reelection on his self-evident foreign policy failures. But, in reality and in the emails, it was and still is crystal clear that the White House was the side playing politics, which is exactly what the recently released emails show.

President Obama ran for reelection on a platform that literally stated, “General Motors is alive, and Al Qaeda is dead,” which by the way, subsequently was amended to “on the run.” And the Benghazi attack shattered his campaign narrative, exposing the claim to be what it truly was — a lie. Yet, despite clear proof for what is an impeachable offense under any other president, the press coverage today — save for White House press core journalist Jon Karl at ABC News — was disgraceful.

“That is proof the American press is dishonest, period. That is a scandal, a cover up of a cover up,” O’Reilly quipped, referencing Charsle’s Krauthammer’s characterization of the press coverage during what are serious scandals surrounding this administration.

There is one reason and one reason only the press would be covering this scandal up,” he concluded, “to protect President Obama.”

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