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Sunday, February 25, 2024
HomePolicyObama Immigration Policy Releases Thousands Of ‘Criminal Aliens,’ Even Murderers

Obama Immigration Policy Releases Thousands Of ‘Criminal Aliens,’ Even Murderers

obama immigration policy inflated deportation numbers immigration
obama immigration policy inflated deportation numbers immigration

The Obama administration has released thousands of illegal immigrants that were also convicted criminals, including murderers and convicted sexual offenders.

The false outrage from many liberal Hispanics, who live by the mantra “you can’t court us and deport us,” is a complete fraud according to a new report. In reality, the Obama administration has released thousands of illegal immigrants that were also convicted criminals, including murderers and convicted sexual offenders.

According to statistics in a new report released Monday from the Center for Immigration Studies, a Washington-based advocacy group, in 2013 alone 36,007 “convicted criminal aliens” were released while they awaited phony deportation proceedings, a practice that has become widespread under the Obama administration.

The report highlighted that many of these criminals are multiple offenders, not so-called “dreamers” or “undocumented” immigrants breaking the law as “an act of love.” The group was responsible for more than 88,000 convictions. That’s an average of roughly 2.5 criminal offenses per rap sheet.

Democrats are attempting to downplay the severity of the potential impact releasing these criminals back in to American society may have, arguing that the majority of these individuals were convicted on lower-level or nonviolent offenses, including auto theft, drunk-driving and various drug charges. While that it is true that the majority did involve so-called “minor” crimes, though its unclear how minor a drunk-driving charge is when it very well may result in vehicular homicide, or even an accident with someone who doesn’t have a license to drive let alone insurance, the fact is that many were involved in heinous acts. Further, victims, victims’ families and other opponents of Obama’s lax immigration policy say that no crime committed by someone who shouldn’t even be here is acceptable.

According to the report, the 88,000 convictions included:

  • 193 homicide convictions
  • 426 sexual assault convictions
  • 303 kidnapping convictions
  • Over 1,000 aggravated assault convictions

Jessica Vaughan, director of policy studies for the Center for Immigration Studies, said she was “astonished” by the figures in a statement earlier today.

The Department of Homeland Security is currently reviewing deportation policies with the aim to relax them even further. However, Vaughan said “further relaxation of enforcement” is “hard to justify” when one looks at the data.

“Congress should resist further action on immigration reform until the public can be assured that enforcement is more robust and that ICE can better deal with its criminal alien caseload without setting them free in our communities,” she said.

ICE claimed that many of the released criminals are “under restrictions such as GPS monitoring, telephone monitoring, supervision, or surety bond.” However, the statement also passed the buck on to the policy set by the Obama administration, citing how the agency is required by law to release some of those individuals. Except, federal law doesn’t require ICE to do any such thing. Executive orders signed by the president and judicial activism by liberal judges, which even liberal law professor Jonathan Turley testified amounts to a gross abuse of the Constitution, are unilaterally overriding existing federal law.

“The releases required by court decisions account for a disproportionate number of the serious crimes listed in the report. For example, mandatory releases account for over 75 percent of the homicides listed,” ICE said in an email.

It is unclear whether or not the agency as a whole agrees or disagrees with the administration’s lack of reverence for our constitutional system, but former INS Special Agent Michael Cutler has been a vocal critic of the Obama immigration policy. In an interview with conservative talk radio host, Don Smith, which can be heard below, Cutler explained the process by which the Obama administration inflates deportation numbers.

The individuals in question were reportedly released on bond, or on parole or other programs mean to serve as alternatives to detention while awaiting processing.

A previous report released by the Center for Immigration Studies more than a month ago found that ICE agents were simply deciding — as opposed to following orders — not to deport thousands of “criminal aliens.” These numbers are in addition to the cases detailed in the latest study.

According to the previous report, ICE released 68,000 foreign nationals in 2013 who either had criminal convictions or charges against them.

Former INS Special Agent Michael Cutler talks immigration on The Don Smith Show
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