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Monday, May 20, 2024
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Al Sharpton Protest: ‘What Do We Want, Dead Cops!’


Several thousand protesters marched in New York City on Saturday. The protesters were part of Al Sharpton’s “Million Marchers” protest against police violence. The protesters chanted “What do we want?… Dead cops!” as they marched in New York City.

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  • Get your headline right!

    • That was like – two seconds – that it looked like that. You must be a well-paid troll. Need a job or something?

  • The next time someone needs a cop’s help, can the police ask “were you at the protests chanting for dead cops?”

    “Oh, you were? OK, well, why don’t you deal with the _____________ (insert thug name here)”

    And ask all the families who have lost a loved one at the hands of some ‘hood sociopath if they wish the cops hadn’t blasted the criminal to hell…. guess the answer.

    • True – when one of these people’s kids catches a stray bullet in one of their “Black Lives Matter” neighborhoods, call Al Sharpton. Al will help them look for the shooter, unless they don’t want to because it be adding to the number of young black males in prison..

  • Domestic Terrorists.
    Get that thug Holder to take care of this.

    • Holder is more of a slacker than a thug – neither he or Obama address the problem with their peoples’ young males (lack of education, lazy, and bad attitude).

  • Where is Al? Seems a little disingenuous to relate the two in the title when it was a big rally and the connection isn’t exactly clear from the video.

    That said, there’s no place in the public dialogue for chants like that. Counter productive nonsense.

    • Old, Hollywood Al called for these rallies, but he realizes now he truly has no control over what the ignorant spew. In the mean time in Chicago, we had a 15 year old young man killed over a jacket. He and his twin brother were on their way to basketball practice at their magnet school they attend. Where’s OLD AL??? Oh yeah, he isn’t worried about the dozens of good black kids killed every day by “brothers”, he’s only worried about the 5-10 that are killed every year by a white police officer. Old AL should pony up his taxes and fade into the background. He’s had his 15 minutes, thank God they’re over and people see him for the grease ball he is!

  • I’m glad I have my gun and that more people are getting them. Since the Negroes are chanting they want dead cops, everyone needs to protect themselves. And THANKS to the cops for doing their jobs. Things would go easier for everyone if they JUST obeyed the law – and if you choose to break it, DO what the cop says, don’t resist arrest, and take your medicine like a good boy – you’ll live longer.

  • Can anyone please help me? I need to re post the video of race baiter Sharpton that shows him leading the chants and calling for dead cops. Where can I find it? Should I believe the claim that Sharpton wasn’t there chanting for dead cops? Should I believe the people that are saying that those chanting for dead cops are members of an anarchist group and not part of the other protests?

  • does anyone also have the vid showing the thousands of protesters chanting for dead cops? was it after this video? I need to re post it. Please help.

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