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Tuesday, January 31, 2023
HomeVideoDonald Trump: Ted Cruz “Wasting His Time” Picking Carly Fiorina

Donald Trump: Ted Cruz “Wasting His Time” Picking Carly Fiorina

[brid video=”35516″ player=”2077″ title=”Donald Trump Ted Cruz “Wasting His Time” Picking Carly Fiorina”]

Donald Trump reacted to Ted Cruz naming Carly Fiorina as his running mate, saying the Texas senator was “wasting his time” because he “has zero chance.”

“I just think it’s so early in the process. You have to first get the nomination. Here’s a guy picking a vice presidential candidate — he has zero chance. He has no path. It’s sort of crazy,” Mr. Trump said during “On The Record With Greta van Susteren” Wednesday. “It gets him in the news cycle because he’s been totally taken out. He had a horrible day yesterday, and he came in third — meaning third out of three most of the time.”

In a desperate attempt to stop the Trump Train from rolling over him in Indiana, where he has promised to repeat his victory in Wisconsin, Sen. Cruz became the first candidate mathematically eliminated from outright winning the nomination to ever name a running mate.

“If Indiana treats us right,” Mr. Trump said, sitting next to popular former Hoosier State head coach Bobby Knight. “We’re going to make America great again. We’re going to get rid of these politicians.”

Knight, nicknamed “The General,” endorsed the New York businessman and hit the stump with him in Indiana following a five-state sweep in the Northeast on Tuesday. Polls, including Cruz’s internal data, show Mr. Trump leading by a comfortable margin.

“Two days ago it was Cruz and Kasich, they were going to form an alliance and collude and go together, and Kasich didn’t live up to his side of the deal, they’re fighting with each other, and now he’s doing the Carly thing… I don’t see it. Number one it is very early.”

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Latest comment

  • The agenda of elitists Republicans cannot contain themselves and are aggressively bragging about stopping the one man who has a different approach to saving this country. Now Cruz a psychosomatic liar is betting his hopes on Carly Fiorna who drove the Hewitt Packard Corporation into the ground. Both political parties have mismanaged American issues, without any thought for the people who pay the taxes and pay there salaries. Cannot think of anything more appalling, than the hierarchy in both parties who have ruined our nation, especially our President giving precedence over our own countryman and allowing millions to arrive at our open border and cross over without interference. The US Border Patrol has been hog-tied and unable to carry out their duty as according to article (One) of the Constitution. The rich and powerful have demanded cheap labor all the time, no matter the consequences to the rest of us, and the US taxpayer is weighed down in the financial support of cheap labor market.

    Just heard that Intel announced that it will layoff 12,000 American workers after requesting 14,523 H-1B visas and green cards to import foreign workers. The company said the layoffs are part of a “restructuring” plan to move the company’s focus to mobile devices, yet only American workers will be affected.

    According to new Border Patrol statistics, apprehensions at the southern border rose for the third consecutive month led by increases in illegal-alien family units. The Border Patrol apprehended 32,117 family units so far in fiscal year 2016, more than double the amount for this period last year and a 62% increase over the record number in fiscal year 2014 for that period. The numbers suggest a new border surge from Central American countries of record proportions.

    The Donald Trump supporters have had it, with the same old slimy game of the IRS picking their pockets, to support the millions of illegal alien families and their children. They come here and start collecting, especially for the children that begins to add up considerably in cash payments. The Birthright citizenship law for illegal alien mothers has been fabricated and collecting payments under the 14th amendments has became a serious affliction and handing out an estimated $113 billion dollars a year, when having never paid a penny into the Social Security.

    Our sovereign nation is overflowing with cheap labor from foreign countries, taking jobs from legitimate workers. Trumps plan is well known by now; to build a wall. It will no longer allow people to arrive here unseen, but it will stop much of the drug importation, that is ruining lives for families. The drugs will not be halted completely, but Donald Trump will enforce the border with twice as many agents as before and the internal ICE agents as before and the technical equipment needed to locate foreigners that businesses are using to profit?

    YES! We are a debtor nation, genuflecting to countries that hold our bonds and our treasury in deficit of billions of dollars rising all the time. We import huge amounts of products, making other countries wealthy as China, Japan, India, and even Mexico where our auto factories, our steel industry has disappeared? Millions of jobs have been outsourced and its time to turn it around under President Trump. And what have received from the profiteers cheap labor and future Democratic voters. We need Americans to fight back and stop the bleeding of our dollars, the more jobs that Trump can materialize the less need for food stamps and benefits.

    Both Senator Cruz used his vote in Congress in pressing for no caps on H1-B visas, for suspected pressure from his wealthy bankrollers. Suddenly Cruz became wealthy with $4 million plus tucked away, and not to forget Kasick as the Governor of Ohio having access to his own resources of $22 million dollars. Suddenly they are very rich, in their own personal accounts, which grew for Cruz in just 3 years and Kasick 6 years. It’s remarkable that they are now millionaires with considerable wealth, which they have released to the public. Who knows what they have squirreled away in offshore accounts, but when you are working for the big boys, the skies the limit? When your dealing with ultra Socialist George Soros who his hands out money to forge his own philosophy based on a Communist agenda, and comparable to President Obama using his power to transform our nation into a European way of life. Specifically Cruz played along with the profiteers to draw us into the fast track Transpacific partnership (TPP) that could even be far worse of jobs and businesses leaving, but with Trump’s Tax plan to lower corporate taxes and the middle class, industry will stay or they will be paying a 35 import tariff on their goods.

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