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Monday, July 22, 2024
HomeOpinionI Don’t Want My Son Serving Under a ‘President’ Hillary Clinton

I Don’t Want My Son Serving Under a ‘President’ Hillary Clinton


Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton listens to a question as she testifies before the House Select Committee on Benghazi, in Washington, D.C., Oct. 22, 2015. Reuters

I am lucky enough to have the honor of one of my sons deciding to become an officer in the United States military. I don’t want him serving under a Hillary Clinton presidency. I remember very clearly, during Bill Clinton’s administration, senior military officers being turned away from the White House because they were in uniform.

“We don’t want your kind here,” a flag officer was allegedly told by a junior Clinton staffer.

Bill Clinton was the only president in U.S. history with whom the chiefs of staff had to remind the rank and file that it was against the Uniform Code of Military Justice to make bad comments about the commander-in-chief.

The disgrace of the Oval Office, the lying, the lack of character, the cheap publicity stunts substituted as real policy, all drove down respect for President Clinton among the armed forces. However, as usual with Democratic presidencies, it was the lack of trust in commanders on the ground and the micromanagement of battlefield actions that inspired suspicion of the White House.

The Obama administration has been famous for this micromanagement, as alluded to by several former secretaries of defense (here, here, here and here).

Somalia was the perfect example. When sending our finest commandos during daylight to capture a two-bit warlord, Clinton refused overhead AC-130 gunship support due to ‘optics.’ We know the rest of the story as these brave soldiers fought to the death against a Somali mob numbering tens of thousands with no air cover.

Democratic politicians, for the most part, don’t serve in the military. They don’t understand duty, honor, country. They will sell-out the soldier on the ground for political gain. I have no doubt that Hillary Clinton would do the same.

I don’t want my son sacrificed for Hillary’s bank account or lust for power. I don’t have faith she would do the right thing. She already demonstrated this lack of fidelity in Benghazi. In her words, just four dead Americans, what difference does it make?

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L. Todd Wood is an author, journalist and Editor-in-Chief at Tsarizm.com. He's a former special operations helicopter pilot and Wall Street debt trader, who has contributed to Fox Business, The Washington Times, The Moscow Times, National Review, the New York Post and many other publications.

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  • @LToddWood It’s a race for me to get $$ to build my log cabin in the mountains vs. society’s cohesional issues shall I put it

    • Sayonara, chump.

  • @LToddWood She makes more sense on foreign policy than Trump does.

  • @LToddWood My son serves in the US Navy,his words “she didn’t help then she won’t help now”!If HRC elected he’s resigning!

    • Wal-Mart is hiring.

  • @LToddWood @PPDNews @HillaryClinton that will be a death sentence for sure. She’s an old hacking Hag that America don’t need

    • Thanks for your insight, Goober.

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    • #kissmyass #trumpsucksmoosecock

  • @LToddWood @PPDNews I too fear for my son serving under Clinton. She’s bought and paid for by her anti-American investors.

    • Then tell your son to desert on November 8.

  • @Ricky_Vaughn99 @LToddWood :Wise! This woman will compromise military necessity with political consideration. BAD JUDGEMENT!

  • @LToddWood me either LT

  • Screw you, your son honorably served President Obama and will do just fine with President Hillary Clinton.

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