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Sunday, June 16, 2024
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Voters Oppose Obama’s Unilateral Action On Immigration, Even Large Number Of Democrats

protests over illegal immigrants
protests over illegal immigrants

Border patrol officers during a immigration demonstration outside the Border Patrol facility Friday, July 4, 2014 in Murrieta, California. (Photo: AP)

As if the results of the midterm elections weren’t enough to persuade pundits, recent immigration polls have shown the American people oppose President Obama’s plan to unilaterally grant millions of illegals amnesty via executive order. A pair of polls released this week ahead of Obama’s announcement show the public has moved against such an act.

As usual, particularly in the case of immigration polling, the results get worse when the question is asked more plainly. We examined and explained the data on this topic in great detail. Pew Research, whom many proponents of Obama’s plan love to cite as an authority, are notorious for forming the question in favor of a so-called “pathway to citizenship.” However, with Pew Research releasing their final generic ballot poll showing Democrats with a 1-point lead right before Election Day, their rating on PPD’s Pollster Scorecard has plummeted.

Regardless, we have seen as pretty clear trend on this issue for months, even prior to the border crisis. Even though the president said the border crisis over the summer “changed the politics of immigration,” which is why he delayed action before the elections, the truth is that it was already opposed by a solid majority of Americans.

According to a new USA TODAY Poll, nearly half of respondents, 46 percent, say President Obama should wait for the new Republican-controlled Congress to act, while barely 40 percent say he should move forward. Of course, the question was worded in the following manner:

Should President Obama take executive action to deal with illegal immigration, or should he wait until January for the new Republican Congress?

The statement, obviously, insinuates that the president’s actions would actually stop or “deal” with illegal immigration. They didn’t ask “if the president should ignore the new Republican Congress and grant five million illegal immigrants amnesty?” now did they?

The poll also found lower levels of support for the Keystone XL pipeline than the average of polls, for instance, despite finding an overwhelming majority.

When asked, as they did in a recent Rasmussen Reports survey, if they “support the president’s plan to protect up to five million illegal immigrants from deportation and give many of them legal work permits,” a large majority of Americans say no.

In fact, 62 percent say they are absolutely opposed to the plan, and 56 percent continue to believe the federal government already isn’t doing enough to send illegal immigrants back home. Further, 55 percent think Congress should challenge that action in court, even if it means stripping impacted illegal immigrants of their new status. You would never know this if you — say, I don’t know — lived in D.C. or only read the Huffington Post.

“In fact, more Americans think immigration should be decreased than increased, and by a nearly two-to-one margin, 41 percent vs. 22 percent,” Lydia Saad said regarding another recent Gallup survey.

Not surprisingly, the results of both polls are split down partisan lines, with Republicans and independents opposing the president’s plan, while Democrats support it. However, the number of Democrats who are opposed is significant in both the USA TODAY Poll and the Rasmussen Reports survey, 28 percent and 31 percent, respectively.

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Rich, the People's Pundit, is the Data Journalism Editor at PPD and Director of the PPD Election Projection Model. He is also the Director of Big Data Poll, and author of "Our Virtuous Republic: The Forgotten Clause in the American Social Contract."

Latest comments

  • Yeah, yeah, we know, Obama should be impeached, everything he does is illegal or unpopular, hes involved in endless so-called scandals, etc etc etc. Meanwhile, Saint Ronnie and Bush I took executive action on immigration and there was no such public outcry. Enough already with manufactured public opinion.

    • In Reagan’s case, it was after legislation was passed by Congress. Bush pretty much agrees with Obama on the substance of this issue but, as I recall, could not get legislation passed so didn’t do it by executive action. I’m not sure the courts will support this action, although It’s not clear who has standing to sue frankly.

      • Let Republicans sue and show their true colors. The more they fight it, the more LEGAL Latino voters will show them at the box why they reject their archaic ideals.

        • That must be why the Latino vote came out during the midterms. If people want to actually legislate in this country you need all 3 branches working toward the same goals, it was designed this way on purpose, but good luck getting democrat voters to realize this.

        • It is sad that the ideal of rule of law would be considered archaic.

          On the one hand, I can buy that deferring prosecution is legal (just as a future Republican instructing the IRS to not prosecute those who don’t pay, say, a higher estate tax rate, or instructing the EPA to not prosecute power generators who fail to meet some standard passed by a Democratic administration, or a myriad of other policy decisions contrary to written law).

          However, to not only defer prosecution, but to also issue I-765 work authorizations? Presumably Obama will direct his minions to accept I-485s from all these millions and process them super fast for the work authorization, but then “defer” denying the status change — as they are not eligible for that. That is really stretching it, and setting quite the precedent for the future.

      • Reagan took unilateral action on immigration by altering the legislation to allow kids of illegals to stay. Bush I made a similar move. Absolutely equivalent in stature to what Obama is attempting to do, particularly because there is zero % chance R’s will allow any movement in this direction on their own.

    • WOW, you wan to talk illegal, take a good look buddy!! Republicans couldn’t win elections so they pull every trick in the book to stop voters rights & now we find they even acted illegally as far as tracking votes, trouble is you listen to fox news & believe everything they tell you, do you really believe that if Obama did things illegally he w/still be in office now?? wake up you idiot, many things were done the same way by republicans they scream to make noise & create noise but they know they don’t have a leg to stand on or it w/already have been done…..& you listen to all their bull sh………they’r just a bunch of hypocrites……

      • Alethephobic

  • Obama to the the working poor citizens of the US: drop dead. Millions of future Democratic voters (and the campaign checks of businesses that rely on cheap labor) are more important than you.

    American’s average wages have been declining against inflation for 15 continuous years! Some 50 million people are currently receiving food stamp assistance. Already tens of millions who can’t afford to live who now purchase health insurancethey cannot afford and do not want or need (mine is $450/month… contrast this to my $25/month auto insurance from Insurance Panda… or my $15/month renters insurance from Eagle… both private-enterprise!

    Most working Americans are in the midst of a MASSIVE economic crisis, yet the only thing our government wants to do is add another 20 million or more poor immigrants into the system?!

    This is insanity. Our government’s first priority should be to improve economic conditions for Americans, not accommodating ILLEGAL AILENS.

    • I see the trolls are out…

      • You must be one of the stupid ones Gruber was talking about duping into supporting Obamacare.

        • No, he was talking about Republican voters like you.

          • See you say that, but no Republicans needed to be duped into supporting it, because no Republicans voted to support it.

            It’s called Obamacare because it was forced through by Democrats alone. You own the comments by Mr. Gruber. As much as all of liberalism tries to pretend he wasn’t paid as an ‘expert’ building Obamacare for 4 years. They’ve never heard about him and neither has Obama.

          • and supporting a miserable loser.

          • Seeing as the GOP did not cast one vote for the ACA, he was obviously referring to the party that created the mess and voted for it. I believe that would be democrats.

          • Yeah, beacause the democrats have proven they are much better, right??? PLEASE lay off the kool aid. NEITHER SIDE cares!

          • Actually you should check out the entertaining vanity fair article that argues that the last 30 years of conservative policy experiments have been disastrous failure with deregulation of financial services and trickle-down tax cuts being some of the biggest. It’s worth a read.

      • Let me guess, “Latinos” only care about “Latinos”, more specifically, legalizing as many “Latinos” as possible. Anyone who feels differently
        is racist and a troll?

        • actually a lot of my Mexican friends (and I live in Cali so there are plenty) are against illegals getting citizenship, they know it’s hurts their pay and jobs also.

    • Obama to the the working poor citizens of the US: That job that you refuse to do for such a lousy wage will CONTINUE to be filled by the same human being that washed the dishes at your favorite diner. He may now however visit his family when he gets his 2 days vacation per year. If you wished to apply for his Job, you had the last 20 years to do so. Newsflash, the low paying crappy jobs continue to be on low demand and keep the economy going by not having to pay you $15 per hour (instead of $8) for the same job. That is why your Hamburger remains at a price of $5 and not $11. People before Oil! Makes sense to me.

      • Exactly. Economics 101, but do not expect most people to understand it. Doubling the minimum wage will do nothing but increase inflation. There is only a finite amount of goods and the market will adjust to compensate for the inflated wages, and result in further erosion of currency value. Try to explain this concept to the average person, but only if you want to see a befuddled visage or hear some nonsensical reply. People who want to make more than minimum wage should increase their skill set, education level, or (even better) both.

      • are you really this stupid? if they are legalized they are Americans and entitled to all the American spiffs and no longer have to work a menial job.

      • Even assuming you’re right (which is highly debatable) that doesn’t justify allowing these people to circumvent the traditional system for immigration that we already have in place!

    • so now that the republicans destroyed the financial economy w/their no regulation policies & gave the wealthiest elite tax breaks ( all under Bush mind you) now this is Obama’s fault of declining wages, 15 yrs you say, tell me how Is that Obamas fault, by the way the reason for food stamps is because of the economic meltdown where people not only lost jobs but savings, pension & homes, but your blaming the wrong party, the party that was in power created this mess you need to take a good look in the mirror!!!!!!!!!!!!! and by the way congress didn’t lose a dime, they still have their taxpayer lifetime pensions, subsidized healthcare, I don’t hear any of them saying they s/stop that do you??? in case you don’t know congress controls the purse strings, they even shut down the government & not pay the bills they were responsible for creating!! right that’s Ob ama’s fault eh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Banking crisis and housing meltdown was a result of Clinton relaxing lending laws. Try and do your homework before reading the teleprompter.

        • thank you and you are correct! YUTAH is experiencing what’s called a brain dead flat line which cannot be resurrected, still pinning everything on the Bush administration.

          • Please tell us how it isn’t. The blame is correctly put. Could we have done more – of course. But unfortunately we had to be governed by one of the most (if not the most) unproductive congresses in history with the most millionaires and pandering politicians with some representing pockets of very extreme Americans.

        • Don’t peddle your lies to blame it on CLinton. From the Savings and Loan scandal to the recession, deregulation is at the heart of it. That’s a cause Republicans champion despite the empirical evidence against. Since they don’t listen to experts, facts or history, they’re bound to repeat it if the short term gain makes their friends rich.

          See the toxic mortgages were just the sparks that started the fire. The banks had become too large due to Republicans-sponsored deregulation of glass steagall. This allowed investment banks to merge with commercial and retail banks creating entities that had to be bailed out or shut the economy down if there were runs on the banks.

          The common thread you’ll find is deregulation.

      • The housing market collapsed as a direct result of Bill Clinton, Barney Frank, et al forcing lenders to lend to people who could not afford to purchase homes. Their house of cards and the security instruments traded on those mortgages took down the economy of the world.

        • Uh, even the bi-partisan commission disagrees with your much debunked lies. It’s more complicated and the root is deregulation of financial industries. You sure are silly parrot.

    • Baloney. Obama has worked tirelessly to advance the cause of America’s poor. It was Obama that championed an increase in the minimum wage and the Radical Republicans that blocked it. It was Obama that saved the American Auto industry and the Radical Republican that ridiculed and condemned his efforts. It was Obama that made Health Care available to millions of America’s . It was Obama that alone pulled this nation out of the worse economic crisis since the great depression with no help from the obstructionist Republican congress. And it was the Republicans who drastically reduced SNAP assuring that tens of thousand of additional American children would go hungry. Trying blame Obama for America’s poor is shameless demagoguery.

      • get to Hollywood- thats some great fiction.

        • I could go to Hollywood I am a fan of horror films but for now the hardened Radical Republicans are providing plenty of that.

          • Your taste in movies is just as Shitty as your political views. Big government does not work and you are not owed a damn thing.

      • LOFL!! Obama, Alone. Now, that is the Icing on the liberal Cake. Only question is if its Kool Aid flavored or not.

        • Meaningless rhetoric that contributes nothing to the discussion.

      • Obama did not save the auto industry. What he did was not allow them to go bk like airlines do very frequently without loss of jobs etc. The taxpayers only lost 10 billion dollars on the deal. No jobs saved. He pandered to the unions.

        • Nonsense. He acted when the Radical Republican did what they are best at-doing nothing. If Obama had not acted the country wouldl still be in a recession and there would not be an American auto industry,

          • You are so out there. The auto industry would be better off going bk because it would give them the opportunity to renegotiate the union labor contracts and pensions. As it turns out, GM took the money and failed to disclose the recall issues that were massive and pending. Democrats are so naive.

          • You are lost in Republican lies and misrepresentations of the truth, these were American industries and American workers asking for help from the American Government. They were not only facing bankruptcy but liquidation. Bankruptcy was not an option there was no banking industry coming to the rescue The American auto industry would have failed thousands of American’s would have been unemployed. Had Obama failed to act the first words of condemnation for letting them go belly up would have come from a Radical Republican congress who knows too well how to huff and puff. While Obama was rescuing the American Auto industry the flag waving Republican’s shut down the government and put America’s credit rating at risk. If you can not see the stark reality between a President that has fought hard for the American people and a Radical Republican Party that has done absolutely nothing to advance the welfare of the American people, then you are truly a lost soul,. Exactly the kind of gullibility that Republican need to win. God help us!

          • The stages of denial are rough. My best wishes on your recovery from alethephobia.

          • You got schooled and you come back with that. This is why the righteous progressives will win in the end while your greed will be your undoing. The truth will be heard despite the silly revisionist conservatives who already want to change American history books to gloss over our embarrassments so we can repeat them over and over. Oh yeah, lets not forget the Republican push to change the way CBO scores policy performance. Repubs basically want to cook the books by introducing dynamic scoring so we’ll be misinformed as to the estimated effects of their policies.

            What’s sad is that I bet a large portion of Republicans cry themselves to sleep knowing just how evil and out of touch their politicians have gotten. But Republicans like to cater to fear and right now they have you fearing brown hispanics and distracted while they orchestrate another bubble and more wealth shifted out of the middle class. When automation takes out the workers in those red states, they only then know they were just cannon fodder. Progressives always change the country for the better. Be on the side of the people because the oligarchy can’t keep you all in ignorance much longer.

    • Thanks for demonstrating the stupidity of the average Republican voter. Your party has done more to destroy the poor and middle class over the years then anyone else. They keep you sheep deluded though. I am sure the Koch’s have the welfare of working Americans as their chief concern!

      • I know for a fact that Barack Obama hasnt done much to help MY middle class situation……….Just callin it as I see it…..

        • Didn’t help my middle class, either.

      • Amen to that !

      • You didnt even know who the Koch brothers were until you read it online

      • I take it you are a union member? no non union working person would blame the destruction of the middle class on the Repub’s, that is clearly the Dem’s doing.

        • You sound like one of those phishing psychics. What the heck are you even talking about? it makes no sense.

    • Beyond the economic costs, my main concern is the ramifications on our democracy. We need to change the name of the “democratic” party to the “ROYAL” party. It’s SAD how willing they are to trade our freedom and our democracy over to an EMPEROR in the making.
      Have you “not-so-democrats” considered that future presidents that you might not like will now use THIS to IGNORE or CREATE ANY LAW THEY WANT ALSO?

  • Focus on People before Oil. Makes sense! Republicans first act of power, “Let’s help oil companies!”; no surprise there… Obamas response; “Families first!” That is why half of this country votes (when it matters) for the blue team. See you in 2016 old-timers! ObamaCares!

    • Its creates job you dumb ***. Dems had 6 years to concentrate on people aand we got the Unaffordable Healthcare Act. duh

      • Of course it creates jobs, thousands of cleaning crews on stand by to clean up the mess from the first oil spill. Keep watching the “Fair and Honest” Fox News network and maybe, if time allows, attend an online class to teach you to disagree with someone’s opinion and still sound like a thinking adult.

        • blah blah sky is falling… so much for putting people first… give it a rest…

        • Your Muslim pig has failed you again and yet you still come back for more beat downs… why? He cares not for anyone… he’s a narcissist of the worst kind- anti-social tendencies. He has not one patriotic bone in his Muslim frame. Give it up, he will $*** on you again before he finally leaves.

          Moderator: Argue all you want, it’s healthy. No fowl language.

          • “Your Muslim pig” your own distasteful ignorance lays bare the naked truth of your prejudice and limited understanding of complex issues. If name calling is the best you have go back to elementary school and start over.

          • Truth. He’s slime and he cares not for you or anyone else. Accept it.

      • Let me see. The AFC means:
        1. My children can stay on my health care until they are 26 and out of college.
        2. 85% of my benefit dollars must go to health care benefits not extraordinary CEO bonuses and gleaming office building.
        3. I can’t be denied health care insurance for pre-existing conditions.
        4. People who option for free health care and drive up my premiums by dropping into the ER and never pay ..now have to have health care insurance.
        5.Millions of American’s who could not afford heath care now have affordable options.
        Duh !

        • I don’t think the American Football Conference has that type insurance.

        • $4 grand deductible is a real bargain. Thanks for playing liberal swine.

        • Let’s see, I’ve had good health coverage at every full time job I’ve had, including the crappy ones… get a freaking job!!!
          your kids need to stay on your HC until 26? can they not work for themselves?

        • It was so good, the voters took control from this pig… He had full control of both houses his first two years. where was that pioneering legislation? Because he’s an empty fake shell, he is interested in one thing- power. Nothing else… screw the middle class, screw America… he’s garbage… a terrible President and worse human being.

          • I have nothing but sorrow for you. Your twisted hate filled rhetoric is a terrible poison that obviously fills your soul and has destroyed your mind. You obviously need help. I wish you peace.

          • Nope. I can disagree without hating anyone. He is deserving of this. He hates America and everyone in it. Obama is a fraud of the highest order and not just a failed president, but as a lousy human. I’m curious, since I don’t vote for Presidents because of skin color or genitalia, why does he continue to get your support despite his failings and now his abject flouting of the law and Due Process? I’m also curious to know what he’s done thats so great and praise worthy?
            I’ll wait.

    • Oh puh-leeze…..lay off the Kool Aid. Spoiler Alert: NEITHER SIDE cares about us.

      HAIL to KING !!!
      Who needs a democracy anyway when we have our BELOVED
      DEAR LEADER to make it all better, right?
      What’s sad to me is how cowardly and selfish people like YOU have shown themselves to be.
      Obama COWARDLY delayed this EMPERORS DECREE until AFTER the election because those STUPID VOTERS just wouldn’t understand his true brilliance.
      At this point, what use to be called the “democratic” party, has sold their souls and lost their minds. Willing to hand over our democracy to a create a KING because they choose PARTY over COUNTRY.

      • What have the Radical Republican done for the American people.
        1. Voter suppression laws all across the red states.
        2. Shut down the government costing tax payers billions of dollars because they were mad.
        3. Put America’s credit rating at risk.
        4. Shouted “let them fail’ when America’s Auto workers asked for help.
        5. Obstructed legislation on the minimum wage.
        6. Obstructed legislation on job creation bills for the American people.
        7. Decreased funding for SNAP leaving thousand of American Children to go hungry.
        8. Obstructed reasonable gun control legislation after 23 first graders were slaughtered by a raging kid that had access to a military assault weapon.
        9. Protected millions of dollars in tax breaks and incentives for powerful oil oligarchies.
        Ii will stand by a President that takes action on behalf of the American People ..you keep voting for the Party that works against your own best interest,

        • First, I AM NOT A REPUBLICAN YOU FOOL !!!
          Unlike YOU, I have FREE WILL and a FREE MIND..
          I don’t WORSHIP at the alter you have erected for Obama..
          I REFUSE to SUBMIT our LAW and system of government to
          ANY ONE MAN.. We are a nation of LAWS NOT MEN !!!

          The fact that YOU are willing TRUST such ANY president with the POWER to MAKE LAW, and IGNORE LAW is FRIGHTENING to me..

          What the HELL is WRONG with you???

          Remember history, Chavez in Venezuela was ELECTED in a democracy and PEOPLE LIKE YOU gave him TOTAL POWER.
          Also, HITLER was elected too, however, his WORSHIPERS surrendered to him and HANDED over their democracy..

          What we have here, today, with Obama, is CRIMINAL in direct violation of the constitution and his oath of office.

          Obama needs to be LEAD AWAY IN HANDCUFFS and forced to do the PERP WALK.

          And.. In case your’re wondering, I would feel EXACTLY the SAME WAY REGARDLESS as to WHO may be president.

          YOU MAKE ME SICK…

          • You have clearly arrived at the correct conclusion. You are sick. Any further discussion a waste of time.

    • First of all, the Republicans have NOT assumed POWER yet..
      The VOTE on the Pipeline was called BY DEMOCRATS who already KNEW
      what the outcome would be and only called for the vote for purely NAKED POLITICS

  • It is about time Obama did something. The Republicans have been blocking anything that would help the American public while Obama has been frozen in fear of the ****.

    (Moderator: Watch the language. Scream, hoot and holler in disagreement, but no foul language.)

    • Many republicans would argue that their elected officials have been blocking anything that would harm the American public, but this disconnect is common in partisan progs like yourself. Since you’re feeling proggy, post away Kermit, or convince people to vote for democrats during a midterm. Good luck with the latter.

    • Gotta love the low-level personal insults you resort to.
      Remember this, you may want to consider the consequences of giving ANY President “EMPEROR” powers.
      Don’t think you care much about any RACE beyond your own, however, there are millions of people in line all over the world waiting patiently to become LEGAL residents.
      So, we “REWARD” people who violate the LAW and thus PUNISH the people who follow and obey the law?

      In reality, it is YOU who is RACIST and you KNOW it…

  • And how long has Congress had to act during Obama’s presidency? Should he wait even longer? For what? For hell to freeze over? If Obama doesn’t act, NOTHING will be done at all. And the problems will continue without solution.

    • Just make a list of ALL the wonderful accomplishments of the Republican House of Reps for the last two years… NOT a THING done; unless you count the 456 votes to repeal Obamacare. Time to wait is over! Let them have their Sacred Oil Pipe and make their voter base happy.

      • I look forward to all the vetoes from the president of no. Don’t obstruct the government because of partisanship.

        • You obviously have not been paying attention. Absolutely the entire world knows that the Republican party is the party of NO. They further think the US is utterly crazy to tolerate the GOP.

          • After the 456th vote to repeal Obamacare and voting NO on every single bill from the current Senate, Republicans all of the sudden dislike the sound of the word NO… Politics are a truly fun sport. NO more waiting for congress!

          • It’s sad but that’s American politics. Guess we need to wait for all 3 branches to get on the same page before things get done legally. Maybe the democrats can fire up their base in one of these midterm elections. Until then enjoy the gridlock I suppose.

      • The Kockstone pipeline is a pipe dream.

      • oh well they decided how many days of office they will work & most of the time their on extended vacations, citizens s/be able to petition to put a stop to their nonsense, they s/not be paid when on vac all yr

    • The “problems” are: 1) that 12 million illegal immigrants are destroying the prosperity and quality of life in America; and 2) that the President want to give them amnesty. This is to assure a future Democratic lock on power by demographically engineering a welfare-dependent majority of voters.

      • Nonsense. Liar. No proof at all.

      • Get off the Fox “news” and fast.

      • your so full of sh.. you smell from here…. destroying America eh, they are hard working people & contribute more to this society that most Americans, this country was founded on immigrents you nut case…….

      • Why not allow them to stay if they pay a $5000 fine, show proof of health insurance and have no pathway to citizenship. That means no voting…but that won’t stop them.

      • That is typical of the misrepresentation of the truth that is consistent of the Radical Republicans. American has prospered in part because they were invited to come here by American business looking for worker to take jobs American’s judged beneath them. Then we locked them into the country by creating laws and policy that made it dangerous for them to return home. Read the details of the Executive action tomorrow. It is not an amnesty act. Regan’s executive action certainly was just that. This Executive action comes with strident requirements. Every economic study has concluded that immigration reform will be a boost to the American economy. Many of the immigrants have accomplished wonderful things for the country in science , medicine and industry. Some of the people you want to deport are fighting and dying for our country. There is a very Republican oriented immigration reform bill sitting in the House , its been there for 6 months. All the House leader needs to do is bring it to a vote. He won’t do that it is easier to just blame the President. Small minded and destructive.

    • So he acts with no solution… go away.

    • This isn’t a monarchy.

      • No, of course it isn’t. But the president also has certain powers that come with the office, and Obama is entitled to use them for the good of the country, just as all the presidents before him were. And if you think that he has overstepped the bounds, there are legal remedies.

  • Obongo won’t be satisfied until he turns the US into a third-world country.

    • Your brain fits right in.

    • Thanks for your racist and ignorant comment, you represent Republicans well.

      • Why do you support unmitigated losers?

        • What makes you better than the immigrants???

          • Its not that they are from Mexico or any other country. Immigration is at an all time high and our country is already overpopulated

          • NO…it’s NOT!

          • There isnt enough jobs because Democrats and Republicans let jobs leave the country when B Clinton was in office, now Obama is flooding us with immigrants to steal jobs within. We aren’t technically overpopulated, but our economy and debt are in strain, we are in a recession, and there is not enough jobs or schools or people willing to pay taxes to support more welfare queens and worthless people. We already got enough white and black trash abusing the welfare system.

          • I have a job, I speak English, I am productive. I won’t zap welfare and get freebies because of my status…


            What you thought you were going to fool me!?


          • Suuuuure. I have a job, two college degrees and do just fine. You should try it sometime instead of weeping like a bitch over people who don’t give a **** about you.

          • I’m not here illegally…. how about that? You take some in if you want them here so damn bad… how about it? What’s that? Didn’t think so.

          • They’re already here FOOL! SO BLOW IT OUT YOUR AS…!


          • Here illegally… derp!

          • Invite them over to your place… you take some in…

          • The people who voluntarily CHOSE to come to the U.S., KNOWING that they were violating the law made that CHOICE themselves.
            There are over 7 billion people in this world and at least 6 billion of them would cut off a nut to be HERE. The problem I have is in rewarding ILLEGAL behavior which punishes those millions who STUPIDLY follow the LAWS..
            I feel ZERO sympathy for them..
            They are FREE to LEAVE anytime they want, don’t let the door hit you on the ass on your way out..

          • There is a big difference between immigration and illegal immigration.

          • Not the question..!

          • We are better than ILLEGALS not immigrants. Illegals come here to steal and pillage and not assimilate into American culture. Real immigrants pay their dues and follow the rule of law and if accepted they deserve citizenship, not someone who hops our border, bringing in drugs, raping our children and women, bringing in diseases, human trafficking, and killing our citizens. Thats what we have against ILLLEGAL immigrants. They will only raise my taxes, bring in more crime and disease, and not assimilate into society and they are bunch of American, white hating racist xenophobes who think they deserve their land. They can have California, nothing but a hole full of liberals, progressives, and homosexuals freaks.

        • You vote Republican for president, too?

          • Nope.

        • No one supports you “Curse of” whatever; don’t sell yourself short. Keep loving Maude. Keep hating all others. Good plan!

          • I only hate Muslim pigs who have shown to be a fraud, liar and **** up worse than Jimmy Carter. YAY for you!

          • This is the last time I am warning you about the language. Everyone has a right to hate who they want, but foul language is off limits on this site. Next time, your IP is done.

          • Blow me, crybaby.

          • OH nos hes going to IP banz you! he is such pathetic human that mod.

          • HAHAHAHAHA IP BAN wow like anyone cant simply google to get around that one. I bet he is pooping his pants now in fear. Quit silencing peoples speech and quit being a pansy afraid of words. Words only hurt the weak, true men are not affected by petty words. But continue on being an internet BA. No wonder our feeble minded moronic liberal Americans support things like gay marriage and such because they worry about making people butt hurt and hurting feelings. If you kill yourself over words or cant get passed a few curse words or ****** then you are better off offing yourself you weak pathetic excuse for a human.

            “I’ms gonna bans yous!!! IP BANS!! I’m an internet BA!” lol look at mr BA moderator gonna get out his Hitler arm and bans yous!

      • You must be Mexican,or just plain blind!

        • I’m Hispanic and BETTER than YOU on my worst day!


          • and obviously also not only a fool………………..but a racist too!!

          • Hitler attacking Jews!


          • You are a slave to Jews, Hitler was doing you a favor. Zionist run the world

          • just plain blind,LOL

          • Please don’t be to rough on “he is what he is”. He is what he is because of his alethephobic condition. Lashing out is just one stage and he has many more to go through before he wakes up free of the disease.

          • Your comments are a prime example of racism.

          • Thank you…HICK!


          • correction hiSPanIC

          • There I go being proven “correct” AGAIN!


          • Hey dude, ONLY WHITE EUROPEANS can be called HISPANIC because they ARE SPANISH..

            Newsflash: I SPEAK English, YET, I am NOT actually ENGLISH.
            Native Americans who speak English don;t think actually ARE ENGLISH.

            Just because a person SPEAKS SPANISH does not make them HISPANIC.

            The native languages of what we now call Mexico and south America were wiped out hundreds of years ago by the Spaniards..

            There are (3) Latin languages.
            So, They are NOT LATINO Either…

            Rudolph Valentino was called the greatest LATIN LOVER
            yet he was Italian..

            ALL of them are European.
            So, black Cubans who speak Spanish are also HISPANIC?
            Japanese and Germans who settled in south America are also HISPANIC??

            So, if I move to Japan and learn Japanese, does that make ME Japanese?

      • You know you’ve won an argument with an Obama swallower when they call you a racist.

        • RACIST = GOP!

          Good luck in

          with that


          • Alethephobic

      • Racist? That is so old. Change your teleprompter please.

        • gee and Socialist is?????


      • Americans are being lead, by the hand like little kids, from one ‘crisis’ to the next while behind the scenes both party’s leadership are working together on something else:

        I think we have bigger problems than just immigration and Obamacare.
        Connect the dots and remember Obama has been lying about everything.

        What do we know at this point:

        -The Islamization of American schools, Google it (too much to list here)

        -The FBI dropping Islam from it’s list of terrorists while expanding ‘domestic’ definitions. Your probably on the list.

        -NASA tax funded Muslim outreach mandate.

        -US taxes rebuilding and renovating mosques AROUND THE WORLD (much of that money has been re-routed back to America? (mosque building in the USA has gone up surpassing 70% since Obama took office, wow – coincidence?

        -International effort to make criticism of Islam illegal in the USA, supported by Obama and, yep – Hillary Clinton. Google it.

        -CIA Director John Brennan alleged to have converted to Islam.

        -Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel alleged to have converted to Islam.

        -7 BILLION US tax dollar project to build a NEW power grid for (Muslim) Africa while the US power grid deteriorates and is vulnerable to EMP attacks.-Funding, equipping and advanced tactical support from USA highest federal agencies for the expansion of ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood around the world and soon (now) on our streets here in the USA.

        -6 Muslim Brotherhood ‘advisers’ in Obama Administration.

        -Muslim Brotherhood infiltrates top Gov. positions, yep, Google it

        -Muslim Brotherhood MPAC Trains TSA to give Muslims VIP pass, Google it.

        -Release from Gitmo of 5 of the most dangerous Taliban commanders, not a word about any of them since.

        -Botched US attempt to trade kidnapped Benghazi ambassador Stevens for the Blind Sheikh. The same operation was also used to ship US “heavy” weapons to al Qaeda (now called ISIS). . Google it.

        -Our US military (being defunded, demoralized and weakened defunding veteran benefits and services), increasingly under foreign command, are now fighting against an enemy that is trained, funded, given tactical weapons, infrastructure and support (and probably top secret planning) from our own federal government?

        -Illegal invaders flooding across our open borders are not just from Central America.
        قهر الطواغيت @Sunna_rev

        #AmessagefromISIStoUS We are in your state We are in your cities We are in your streets You are our goals anywhere
        6:47 PM – 9 Aug 2014

        (think they are empty handed?)

        …get it yet?

        … and the push to ban gun ownership for law abiding US citizen’s.

        • Paranoid much?

      • Maybe Hillary will save us? (that is if the CFR tells her to -in her own words). NOPE, like in HOPE.

        (TruthInMedia.org 8/8/1999 – Hillary at a White House function, proudly tells some Muslim groups she is gaining a greater appreciation of Islam because Chelsea was then taking a class on the “religion of peace”)

        (and Huma is her top aid) “This becomes an issue since Huma sits in the U.S. State Department with eyes and ears to classified government secrets. ”

        The Dark Muslim Brotherhood World of Huma Abedin | FrontPage …

        http://www.frontpagemag.com/ 2012/ jamie-glazov/ the-dark-muslim-brotherhood-world-of-huma-abedin-2/

        Huma wants Hillary to be president more than Hillary does.

        If Hillary Clinton is elected president in 2016, guess who will be her closest and most trusted adviser; Muslim Sisterhood daughter …

        “It would have been quite the notch in the Brotherhood’s belt to see one of its daughters become he first lady of the city that was hit on 9/11 by… Muslim Brotherhood terrorists.”

        Hillary’s Valerie Jarrett in 2016
        By Ben Barrack on October 9, 2014


        “Abedin, whose familial connections to the Muslim Brotherhood are as irrefutable as they are extensive, could very well have her eye on the 2020 Muslim Brotherhood prize.”

        Hillary Clinton Pushes to Make Criticism of Islam a Crime in the US

        By snipe December 11, 2011
        http://www.sodahead.com/ united-states/ hillary-clinton-pushes-to-make-criticism-of-islam-a-crime-in-the-us/ question-2333671/

        …and Bloody Hillary Benghazi, leave them to die Clinton wants to be commander in chief of our armed forces?? God help our soldiers.

      • In 1952
        President Truman
        Established one day a year as a
        “National Day of Prayer.”

        In 1988
        President Reagan
        Designated the
        First Thursday in May of the year as ‘The National Day of Prayer’.

        In June 2007
        Presidential Candidate Barack Obama
        Declared that the USA
        “Was no longer a
        Christian nation.”

        President Obama
        Canceled the
        21st annual National Day
        Of Prayer ceremony
        At the White
        House under the ruse
        Of “not wanting to offend anyone”

        BUT… On September 25, 2009
        From 4 AM until 7 PM,
        A National Day of Prayer
        Was Held on Capitol Hill,
        Beside the White House.
        There were over 50,000 Muslims
        In D.C. That day.

        I guess it Doesn’t matter
        If Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, atheists, etc., etc.,
        Are offended by this event –
        We obviously
        Don ‘t count as
        “anyone” Anymore.

        The direction this country is headed
        Should strike fear in the heart of everyone,
        Especially knowing that Islamists
        Believe that if ‘any’ other belief (including non-radicalized Muslims) cannot be Converted,
        They should be annihilated.

        “…I am one of them.”

        youtube: Obama Admits He Is A Muslim


        Americans will wake up soon, one way or another (but it’s getting very late).

        This video is 5 years old, the percentages have since increased everywhere, can you recognize the trend happening in the USA?



        “The process of settlement is a “Civilization-Jihadist Process” with all the word means. The Ikhwan must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and “sabotaging” its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.”

    • you can thank your parties for that, they only give to the upper echlon w/tax breaks & loopholes so they end up paying less than 2% in taxes, most receive huge refunds, tell me who is letting this country & it’s citizens down, congress is only catering to the wealthy they could give a dam less about the average hard working guy, why are they not fighting for the little guy as far as taxes go, because of the money poured into their election coffers & when billionares live like kings, they have no clue how average people struggle & they don’t care, they have set themselves up pretty sweet w/all the trimmings while the average guy is taxed out of everything………..

      • shut up with the rich tax breaks crap, the rich pay by far the largest share.

        • The rich also make by far the largest share of the salaries and profits in the country. They deserve to pay the largest share of the taxes. At the moment, they are paying a smaller present of the taxes than at any point since the 1950s. They should be ashamed.

        • The rich are getting far richer than their productivity warrants, sucker.

    • What a shameful statement from an American citizen.

      • What shameful actions from an American president.

        • the heck with the RIGHT WING!!

          • I’m guessing the right wing makes your car payment

          • He turned it in during the cash for clunkers program

          • were tired from banging your sister.

          • well in ALL fairness we did pull a train on YOUR MAMA!


        • Shameful? That he respects the traditions of this country as a melting pot from many lands? Do you realize that amongst all industrialized economies, we have the healthiest median age, meaning that we have a good labor pool? Are you aware that immigrants all immigrants bring more to this country than they take, this includes immigrants from south of the border. hubcapUSA, how many generations back does your family go for you to find when they immigrated?

    • boo boo redneck!


      • redneck? you racist prick!

        • SORRY .. BUBBA!


    • Yeah — with only two years to go he’ll have to rely on the Leastest Generation to continue fearing their shadows and smart people to finish the job.

    • Actually it is hate mongers such as yourself that are causing the downfall of our country. PS I hope the nurse sues you for using her as your identity.

  • The only people who oppose President Obama have yet to articulated why they Hate, Obstruct, and slander the twice elected President of The United States of America? Not that anyone is waiting for an answer, the President has a country to run.

    • “the President has a country to run into the ground.” There .. fixed it for you.

    • Have “yet to articulated” what? Are you one of the stupid democrat base Gruber was talking about?

      • The word according to Gruber… Another Fox News viewer. Please change the channel to National Geographic to see other type of Elephant droppings every once in a while.

      • If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough. Albert Einstein

        Don’t name call without facts, improve your argument (Rant).

    • Because he’s an arrogant, self-serving pig, a liar, (you can keep your health insurance… yeah right!) he is a Muslim sympathizer, he hates this country, he hates the middle-class and shows he is superior to us all, he spends, spends and spends- and Obamacare, if I was forced to take it, would make my deductible $4 grand! Oh and if you don’t take Obamacare, and have no other insurance, the IRS fines you… yes, IT FINES YOU until you have insurance regardless whether you can afford it. Again, F*** the middleclass! Obama gives no one $*** about anyone but himself and that awful Harridan he’s married to…. to hell with those pigs. how’s that?
      Stop voting for people’s skin color and genitals.

    • The job of the President is to faithfully execute the laws that Congress has passed. It is not to single-handedly “run” the country. It is one thing to not enforce a law that a President finds unjust or unconstitutional. It is quite another to implement actions that are not contemplated nor authorized by law. To not deport is one thing, and something I can even support. To issue work permits and social security cards is quite another.

      • Immigration is Not The Presidents job. The comprehensive Senate Immigration Bill has been sitting in the House over 500 days. No debate, no amendments, refused to be brought up for vote as is. Meanwhile a National security disaster now exists. A hand full of House radicals are Obstructing the orderly function of Congress. The Senate Bill would pass in the House if brought up for vote, and is deliberately being Obstructed. Because of The National security breech, The President must act to secure the Nation from terrorist House radicals that have deliberately jeopardized the safety of the Nation. The Presidents job is to protect and defend The Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

  • Many on here think you can just deport millions. I have some questions: How? With what? At what cost? Do you think the INS can just walk up and say, “sorry son, your dad is deported” at the point of a gun (try that one on worldwide TV)?

    • Busses/their own feet. With guns and soldiers. At a high cost most likely, but we need to do something to secure the borders before we can fix a broken immigration system.

      • Do unto others Eric. Enjoy that bus ride to reality. They serve you, clean your dish at your local restaurant, clean your home and keep the economy going by his employer paying him a lousy wage. Any wage increases will come out of your pocket as a consumer. Will your son / daughter take over his/her job for less than minimum wage when your Soldiers and Guns load the bus? Do unto others Eric!

        • Do what unto others? You don’t make any sense, this is why people didn’t vote for the democrats in the midterms.

        • I agree that it has been entirely immoral of us to essentially invite these people here to do this work for us, then give employers (both businesses and consumers) essentially a free pass while demonizing the illegal immigrants. We need to legalize these people and provide authorization to work — but certainly not give them a path to citizenship any different than what any other legal immigrant would have, which may mean having to leave the United States to legally adjust their status back in their home country.

          On the other hand, it is despicable that the President would not only use the power to defer prosecution in order to effect some small justice, but also use extremely dubious interpretations of “executive authority” — interpretations he would condemn were they used by a Republican in a different context — to not only defer prosecution, but positively provide legal benefits and status. His legal role is to execute the laws of this nation, and perhaps to *not* execute them when justice demands — but not to make up new laws out of whole cloth.

  • I’m sick & tired of being told voters in large numbers disapprove, that’s not true but the lies continue from the republican side, that’s the only thing they know how to do

    • Then you are suffering from alethephobia.

  • “Many of us are confused by the U.S. midterm elections. Consider, right now in America,
    corporate profits are at record highs, the country’s adding 200,000 jobs per
    month, unemployment is below 6%, U.S. gross national product growth is the best
    of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) countries,”

    “The dollar is at its strongest levels in years, the stock market is at record highs,
    gasoline prices are falling, there’s no inflation, interest rates are the
    lowest in 30 years, U.S. oil imports are declining, U.S. oil production is
    rapidly increasing, the deficit is rapidly declining, and the wealthy are still
    making astonishing amounts of money.”

    “America is leading the world once again and respected internationally — in sharp contrast
    to the Bush years. Obama brought soldiers home from Iraq and killed Osama bin
    Laden…So, Americans vote for the party that got you into the mess that Obama
    just dug you out of? This defies reason.”

    Canada has outspokenly said..“When you are done with Obama, could you send him our way?”

    And they’re right. Apathetic and delusional voters alike allowed Republicans like
    hog-castrating psychopath Joni Ernst to rise to a position of authority, Mitch
    McConnell to keep his job, and a majority that seems to believe the best and
    only solution to our nation’s problems is to rid itself of the Affordable Care

    Unfortunately, the midterm elections will prove to be a hard lesson for voters: You get what you ask for, and sometimes you ask for total destruction.

    • Wait, so things were great before and just NOW they’re going to go bad? Nice partisanship prog, that ship is sinking.

      • I just called my financial advisors…They say my ship is floating high!!

  • An absolute scumbag. He is beyond wrong and yet still won’t listen to the people.

  • ‘The ends justify the means.’
    Nazi party supporters, Germany, 1933.

    “Look… I wish that we could make it all transparent, but I’d rather have this law than not.”
    Democrat party supporters, America, 2013.

  • “Bring me your tired and your poor, bring me your huddled masses yearning to breathe free” I don’t think it reads get the hell out. Good for Obama for standing strong for America’s most treasured values. Some of those illegal aliens are fighting in the US military and coming home to be deported. That stinks ! and so does closing this great nation and making it a sanctuary of the privileged few. We are a nation of immigrants- it is what makes us strong.

    • At what point do we stop being responsible for all the poor and starving children in the world? Or do you mean the American taxpayer is responsible for supporting all of the despondent people of planet Earth? A noble endeavor, I just want to be sure this is what the democrats are arguing for.

  • How quickly we seem to forget that, the last time Democrats controlled DC, they couldnt pass immigration reform. A majority of their OWN caucus opposed it. NOW that they have a chance to put the “blame” on Republicans, all of a sudden its politically “in-play” again. Wake up, folks……this is political theatre at its BEST. Unfortunatley, thats ALL weve gotten from this admin…….lip service and false promises.

  • Connynny………. a true right leaning fella….does it matter if his wife were ;ugly’ or his kids were ‘ugly’… why do I care whether he is married to a beautiful or ugly wife? Ugly children or not? If that inf were left from this writing – would that make him a better or less man? bad guy turned good?… you must be joking. This is nonsense that takes away from the point he is traying to make

    “He is married to
    his beautiful wife, Laura Lee Baris, Producer and Assistant Editor at
    People’s Pundit Daily, and they have two beautiful children. Blessed
    with both a boy and a girl, Rich is a former bad guy-turned-good only by
    the grace of the Almighty Creator”

    • AlethePhobic

  • There should be a retro apology for Richard Nixon. WE ARE SORRY. YOU WEREN’T SO BAD AFTER ALL. With Obama’s actions compared to Dick’s, boy scout versus Mafia hitman.

  • This is why presidents should be limited to one 6 year term.
    We would rid of this dictator wannabe!!!

    • One term would free the pres from the distraction of campaigning. I can support this. I can also support term limits and cameras on police. But people in hell want icewater, we don’t always get what we want.

  • Hey right wingers..

    Obama stepped right over your “LINE IN THE SAND”

    And YES! We Dems support him!

    • Judging by polls not many of you. I wouldn’t remind people about Obama and red lines.

      • Obama in 2016!!!

        • Why the hell not, can’t get any worse.

          • You haven’t seen the list of potential 2016 TEAplectic candidates.

          • That a play on epileptic? And people wonder why nobody voted for democrat candidates in the midterms.

          • Still a struggle without the $0.50 centers? You can play with epileptic all you want. I sense your jealousy.

            Now show it with your reply.

          • Lol, make me.

        • Please tell me you are joking.

          • If he ran..WE BOTH KNOW HE WOULD WIN!

            Joking…be glad I am! for your sake!

        • Alethephobic

      • Judging by the polls all you TEAplectic nabobs rely on President Romney should be kicking off his re-election campaign.

        How’s all that going?

        • Wait, is that a play on epileptic? You should mix words that rhyme, you come across as less chromosome heavy.

          • Tossing in a few fifty-cent words only impresses the TEAplectic dolts that don’t read your post and sense the struggle you had using them.


          • Struggle is real doe.

            You seem to have a very minor erection for the TEA party and their supporters. It’s a litmus for spotting blind progs such as yourself. You passed buddy!

          • And you’ve quickly moved to uber-personal attack mode.

            Call my mom a name and save your tiny, tiny, tiny, dic –er– mind the time.

          • Oh flag it if you’re so hurt. Gotta love the progressives these days.

          • {sigh} Now I feel like I’m beating up a little yellow bus rider. have a nice day.

          • Does that give you an erection too?

          • Why’d it give you one?

          • True. Some progressive do flag comments that they don’t agree with since the down vote was taken away so that they remain hidden awaiting moderator review which overwhelms moderators.

    • He did “Poison the Well”… A good thing as the Well was full or Rats. ObamaCares!

    • News flash. It makes no difference what Obama does. In Jan both houses will defund it making it irrelevant.


        GO FOR IT!


  • Noticeable lack of anyone who knows the law here for sure. Be sure to get that spleen vented — all those overpaid folks that get you all so riled up need you be empty to start a fresh day!!

    Romney 2012!!

  • At what point do we stop being responsible for all the poor and starving children in the world? Or do you mean the American taxpayer is responsible for supporting all of the despondent people of planet Earth? A noble endeavor, just want to be sure this is what the democrats are arguing for.

    • A reasonable concern. It would be wonderful if we could use the hundreds of billions of dollars spend on blowing each other on the worlds starving children. What a shame that is not reality. Your right there are limits to our resources and prudent decisions have to be made. Let’s hope that we make the right ones.

  • 20 years from now



    • Unless they get those parts removed, too.

    • Let us hope that you are wrong and more moderate Republican’s will prevail, but I would agree that the current Radical Republican Party is pretty damn scary!

      • It doesn’t make me happy to say that..

  • Its not that they are from Mexico or any other country. Its that there have been millions pouring into this country at an increasing yearly rate for the past 35+ years. Also stage two of Obama’s plan included increasing legal immigration 150%?!?!?!? He must believe there is a labor shortage and our country isn’t already overpopulated, and of course it is overpopulated. Duh.

    • Only on basic cable news.

  • Over immigration has always been used to push wages lower.
    Politicians get paid off by corporations to do it at the suffering of working class people.

  • why is this so hard for congress to understand when the emperor has only 1 rule; “do what I say”

    • Yep, get all 3 branches on your side or enjoy gridlock. The circus of American politics. Get your message out and rile up the base!

  • OK….Now the local governments will be picking up the tab for educating, feeding, health care, day care, welfare benefits for the illegals and the knee grows will even have a harder time finding a crappy paying job…thank you Oblamer….

  • The “voters don’t approve”. Given that only 30% voted in the election, I wonder what the reaction would be in a democracy.

    • I wonder when democrats will learn why midterm elections are important? It has something to do with there being 3 branches of government, something about checks and balances. Partisanship turns this into gridlock, but if your message is important enough you can elect enough people in all 3 branches who will agree with it.

      Pure democracies tend to favor those already in power. Something about wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for lunch.

  • Reagan…….amnesty. Bush 1……………amnesty…………….Obama, a path to citizenship. Wake up and smell the everclear you’re drinking.

  • I have no faith in our government anymore. The ones in power now do everything for thier own good, and if they were to be voted out, they’re replaced by the same. Divide we fall.

    • Term limits are a start.

      • Exactly…get rid of career politicians.

        • I don’t see progs or conservatives in power doing that anytime soon. So grab some popcorn and enjoy the circus.

  • Too bad.

    • Saying that to a crowd of angry protesters is a good way to catch a brick in the face. Try not to go heel digging now.

  • I don’t care if illegals become citizens it’s being ruled by executive order that is the issue here. The president should wait for the new congress to send him immigration reform.

    • Yeah, why not force it through with Obamacare?

    • yep

  • Would you rather be ruled or governed by government?

  • At this point, what use to be called the “democratic” party, has sold their souls and lost their minds. Willing to hand over our democracy to a create a KING because they choose PARTY over COUNTRY.

  • This is not a racist issue. Rewarding people that break our immigration laws by granting them citizenship is a dangerous precedent. Why not grant amnesty to those who receive traffic violations? Assault? Murder? Where do we draw the line? The laws are in place for a reason. Rewarding people for breaking our federal and state laws is not right. It does not matter where you are from. If you come here illegally and do not respect our rule of law you should be deported, end of story.

  • Elections have consequences.

    Oh, you know, unless you’re the king, then you can just do whatever you want.

  • Any law or executive action that gives any ethnic group different rules than other ethnic groups is extremely racist. Every ethnic group should have to follow the same laws and abide by the same Constitution.

  • Both parties continue to screw over the middle class regardless of whether they are willing to believe it or not.

  • The economy worldwide has been getting worse, not due to any president or politician, but due to people living beyond their means for way too long and not realizing it until it is too late. Those who, myself included, can afford a studio apartment should not be trying to buy McMansions it is only half the real estate agents fault if someone is actively trying to purchase property they can in no way afford.

    • You left out all those loan officers that got us into all the trouble a few years back. They get a nice commission for each loan they write and, once approved, they don’t give a damn what happens or whether loan is paid back. They got their commission!

  • Illinois, for example has had 1 Republican (Ryan) and 1 Democrat (Blagojevich) governor put in jail for corruption.

  • If he grants this blanket amnesty, it will be one of the two worst decisions of his presidency (other was expanding the Medicaid roles). When I voted for him I figured he was a middle-road democrat and the alternative (party of Cheney/Bush) was even worse. But with passage of time, now I’m not so sure. It seems we either have to choose between candidates with reckless war-making tendencies, or a free-lunch-for-everyone-mentality. I long for a third path! Ron Paul, or maybe Rand, where are you?

    • It is possible, though not a given, that Rand Paul could run for president in the next election. It doesn’t really surprise me when Obama is focusing on illegal immigrant amnesty instead of other important world issues, such as international Putin’s role in the genocides and deportations of Crimean Tatars, the illegal occupations of parts of the sovereign nations of Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine, suppressing the media with lies and perhaps the most important one destroying the Islamic State terrorists completely, which strikes from the air obviously will not accomplish. They must do this before they gain more territory. I personally am a center conservative independent who votes based on individuals, not parties and usually vote about 50%/50% as the majority of the members of both Democrats and Republicans are very corrupt. Obama is easily the worst president since Carter. When Obama releases job reports, he never states how what percent of the newly created jobs are full time. This is likely because a very low percentage of these new jobs are full time.

      • Sorry Tim have to disagree with you on the international scene. We can only do so much there. Russia is a nuclear power and we can’t exactly dictate to them. Its a difficult and sensitive thing! As far as ISIS well we could have gotten aid to the Kurds somewhat faster, but to hit ISIS really hard with ground troops takes the support of other countries, including the middle east, IF we are to achieve anything really sustainable and lasting. Otherwise we’ll have another situation like in Iraq. These other countries just don’t like it when we start dictating to them and it never works in the long term.

  • lol at the DemocRats, your president is a Dictator

    • Unfortunately, he is the president of Democrats, Republicans and Independents. I cannot wait until 2016!

  • This is the time for true Americans to protect their freedom from a dictator, revolt now!

  • This will bring more illegal immigration. How could it not? Amnesty means that illegals can freely pursue employment. This will displace Americans from their jobs. It has to. This will bring a strong downward pressure on wages. Wages are already falling. We do not need this. This will accelerate the decline of our standard of living, and the incredible strain on our economy and infrastructure.

  • Obama is trying to push his amnesty plan through himself because he knows it doesn’t have the support of the majority of Americans.

  • Amnesty does not equal “Reform”. Easy way out of a hot spot the Fed is in because they refuse to enforce their own laws because it may hurt some feelings.

  • the author is a fool. Unlike Reagan and Bush Sr, Obama’s executive order will offer amnesty to none.

    Also, since the plan has not been released or even described yet, the polls showing some people dont like it are really only a measure of how stupid the right wing is, not a measure of whether or not people like the plan.

    The right wing racists in this country, (that is, the entire right wing) have made up their minds, back in late 2008, that NOTHING Obama did would be acceptable. So polls showing people dont like xyz that he is, was, or might be doing, are really irrelevant unless they also include a break down by party affiliation. nothing the republicans/teabaggers say has any value.

    If every answer a person gives is “no”, no matter what the question is, then pretty quick, their answers become meaningless.

    whatever, screw the right-wing mouth breathers. just a bunch of coward, whiners, mooches, and fools that dont know what it means to be a citizen.

  • We are a nation of LAWS NOT MEN !!!

    The fact that YOU are willing TRUST such ANY president with the POWER to MAKE LAW, and IGNORE LAW is FRIGHTENING to me..

    What the HELL is WRONG with you with YOU PEOPLE???

    Remember history, Chavez in Venezuela was ELECTED in a democracy and PEOPLE LIKE YOU gave him TOTAL POWER.

    Also, HITLER was elected too, however, his WORSHIPERS surrendered to him and HANDED over their democracy..

    Remember also that, if THIS is ALLOWED to STAND, then NEXT president can simply decide to WAVE TAX laws for MASS groups of people, he could IGNORE enforcing ANY LAW and what will STOP HIM or HER???

    What we have here, today, with Obama, is CRIMINAL in direct violation of the constitution and his oath of office.

    Obama needs to be LEAD AWAY IN HANDCUFFS and forced to do the PERP WALK.

  • Solution: The independent counsel law that was created after watergate needs to be modified.

    Currently, ONLY the attorney General can DECIDE to APPOINT an independent counsel to investigate presidential CRIMES against the people.

    What do you do when the attorney general is nothing more than political HACK for the president and simply REFUSES to EVER appoint an independent counsel?

    Answer: Change that LAW to ALLOW a majority vote in BOTH houses of congress to have the power to APPOINT an independent counsel to investigate specific criminal allegations committed by the executive branch.

    Right now, a president, like OBAMA, openly VIOLATES federal LAW all the time and this is a CRIMINAL ACT just like if Martha Stuart violated tax laws, she went to PRISON, right?

    Obama MUST be LEAD AWAY in HAND CUFFS, given the PERP WALK, BOOKED and fingerprinted, and charged with TREASON.

    We are a country of LAWS NOT MEN, and NO MAN is ABOVE THE LAW..

    If a president is ALLOWED to BE ABOVE the LAW, then there is NO LAW

  • SOLUTION 2: Congress should CANCEL ALL State of the Union Speeches until the president reverses his ILLEGAL and UNCONSTITUTIONAL violations of LAW.
    The Congress should send Obama a formal letter informing him that he is NOT welcome in the PEOPLES HOUSE as long as he REFUSES to violate his OATH of OFFICE to “FAITHFULLY EXECUTE THE LAWS of the land”

  • Solution 3: Congress should remove funding for ALL presidential trips and VACATIONS.

  • Solution 4: Pass a continuing resolution to fund the government AS IS until next year.
    When the NEW congress is sworn in, send Obama BILL after BILL SEPARATELY with
    funding REMOVED for his various FAVORITE things.
    Let him VETO each BILL..
    The congress will fund the government perform its constitutional duties ON TIME with each appropriation bill.
    I would send him STAND ALONE bills on immigration.
    for example

    Do we want a KING???
    DO we want an EMPEROR ???

  • What we have HERE is a coups d’etat

  • The congress has a “sergeant of arms” and he should be instructed to ARREST the President if he attempts to ENTER either house of Congress. He should be treated as nothing more than a common criminal for his TREASON

  • It’s OBVIOUS to ALL now that Obama does NOT believe in DEMOCRACY AT ALL..
    Our system REQUIRES a president who RESPECTS and ACCEPTS the separation of
    powers and the LIMITATIONS IMPOSED on his OFFICE for GOOD REASONS.




    The PEOPLE have just ELECTED a CONGRESS..
    It is THE WILL of the PEOPLE that OBAMA needs to be RESTRAINED.
    Obama has PROVEN he is DECEITFUL and wants to RULE with ALONE

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